The post title doesn't refer to the graphic in any way at all - it refers to my reason for falling out of a graphics mood! I have become addicted to watching old episodes of the British hospital drama, Casualty. I've always been a fan, I can remember watching it from when I was about 5 years old, and my parents always watched it before then. So from about 7 days ago I've seen about 30 episodes! I picked up with one of my (and my sisters) all time favourite episodes where one of the paramedics is thrown off a 20 story carpark which is in series 18, and I'm well through 19 now, these episodes date back to 2004, it's hard to believe they were almost 10 years ago! The show has kinda calmed down now on the killing off/injuring staff members, but my sister and I agree that these episodes are the better ones!
Anyway, off with the ranting and on with the graphic:
Model is Rosahanaha who signed up on my graphics blog as a model for my practice graphics. I really like her look for this image, her features appear quite soft and I really like the brows! I think this is an ok graphic, I think my last one(here) was better, but I definitely put more effort into that one than this one. And I think it's better than the one I did before the last one(here), so a steady middle ground is fine! I like the legs, but the feet and ankles need more work, but for my first try at barefeet I'm happy - this is something I'll work on more before NTGD though, you never know what sort of things you'll need to do! I really like both the hat and the dress, but again I think I could have been better with the details.

Let me know your thoughts!

Love K xxx


are you excited for x apparel? well you should be, and if not, then here's a spoiler to get you weak at the knees

and remember, "less is more"


New girl in town

Hello everyone!

I'm Cathérine but you can call me Cathy or mathildamath aswell if you like. 
And as you might have guessed from the headline, I'm a new writer on this blog. So happy&excited!
I'm really looking forward to reading your comments, I hope that they will help me improve.
I'm on an internship at the moment, but in some weeks, I'll be posting for sure.

(I tried uploading a graphic but, unfortunately, my internet connection is too weak, if you can't wait, click here)

xoxo Cathy


New writer

Hello everyone!
(this is a 666th post including drafts, perfect start)
My name is Lina, I'm 14 years old. I started drawing about year ago, but I never had my own projects like magazines or just graphics blog. It's because of my sluggishness haha. I hope that Graphic Vault will give some motivation to me to draw more pictures.
Some of my works, old and... old:

Thanks for your attention, guys!
Hope see you soon



So many of you know that I was in the final three for SDNTGD season three. 
Unfortunately, I had some problems with my hand and wrist and was forced to drop out.
However, I did have all my reference image set, my colors picked, and was beginning the graphics. 
After the competition ended and jack had gone off with his prize, I started to work on the graphic again. I finished the magazine cover during the final week of my recovery, but I never got around to finished my Last Friday Night graphic.

Here is how far I got.
There were four more characters in the graphic, including two medoll look alikes.

This is the graphic for the cover. I really love the arms and the white of the jacket.

This is the magazine itself. Kiss Magazine.

And then I did a request about two days ago for Lindsay1323.
I thought I liked the hair, but I actually don't. It looked nice when I did it, but now it looks messy...and I don't like it.


Remember the Foot?

Exactly what I asked. Do you remember my beautiful foot? I do, and I'm many do too.
I originally made it for a blog I was going to open, but I decided against it until I felt the time was right.
I'll make a new graphic for it because I just can't wait to show you this beauty.

The model is me...of course since it was my blog!

See the foot down there...That's the foot.
Personally, I'm not a big fan of the hair, but my sister said it looks nice so I'm not gonna argue with anyone about it:)

Basically, I love this graphic.
 It's my absolute favorite to date and that's saying something because I've been working on a lot of different and new things. I just love love love it!



so i spent forever making this graphic for the cover of x but now i dont even like it AND luis got deleted so he can no longer be my cg :(

i just think it looks a little too, bleh. it's not really my style and i just dont know
leave your comments though! tell me what you like/dislike, and tick a box!

love y'all



D&G, Prada, Chanel and Celine

Been working on this for the past 4 or 5 days, it's not for anything in particular, just a little practice graphic, and it can help me work on my skills in prep for NTGD - I'll need to be on top form to keep up with the other contestants! The model is ...Singstar... who signed up to be involved in practice graphics on my blog. I really like all the clothing actually, I think I've not done too bad a job on that aspect, and I really like the bag, though I think I could have done the clasp better. I love most of the skin apart from those darn knees(and that tiny pointed bit on the right elbow)! They just didn't work out quite right, I hope to work on those in my next graphic =) The hair is alright, but I think I've done it too basic, it definitely could have been much better.
Overall I am pleased with how this turned out and I look forward to hear your thoughts!


Once a luscious blonde socialite turned hideous monster,Khol had the world at her finger tips. Hitting the cover of every major magazine in Dollywood, she was at the top of her game.
That was until she took a fateful step into the world of realty.
The lot of land was one of magnificent beauty. Rolling acres of green meadows and a large marble mansion atop a hill surrounded by clumps of blooming apple trees. 
After being shown the entire property, Khol placed bid on the house and in return for being the only one to offer for it, she gets the house. Within the week of moving in, she leaves with no explanation and the house is put back on the market.
Digging deeper into the past of the area, it turns out that the house is placed on an ancient Native American burial site. Those who stepped onto the land were cursed and forever doomed to remember where they stepped. Thus, the whole left of her face was transformed into a hideous skull in memorial of the dead who lay. This blonde bombshell ended up doing a "high fashion" editorial for Vogue Magazine and then going into hiding to live out the rest of her life as the girl nicknamed Skele-khol.

Now about the graphic.
I originally had short blonde hair on her, but changed it in favor of going more toward that "editorial" feel and stay bald. To me, high fashion is weird, so that's where I came from with the idea. The skull was actually really easy to do because of the anatomy class I took last year. The color came from a random real skull picture I found online.I didn't use a reference picture for it. I used the fur again because I didn't feel like doing anything major while I'm sniffling and coughing through life at the moment.
So yeah... I just went really basic with it and did a partial skull and blended the color into her face. Then I did the facial shading to match the skull's, very sharp and structured. 
And that's about it.
 It turned out nicer than I thought!:)


Not satisfied...

Took a little break from making graphics. Basically didn't create any since the end of SNTGD (oh wow, already 1 month ago). At first I thought this one is going to be good, but now I am just like... nope. I really like the face, but that's it about the graphic. Really need to step up my game again!

Oh and: SPOILER ALERT! hahaha

Bloody Insane!

She's gone crazy.... 

Insane Aislin sports a vintage dyed fur coat and genuine pearl earrings.

Basically, she went crazy after inhaling a poisonous gas on an island and after going home, the voices in her head began to encourage her to scar up her face, eventually leading up to her ripping her mouth open on the night of her date with her boyfriend. He comes over to find her like this and ends up getting blown up on by her. She get's defensive and the voices get louder and louder until they're screaming in her head.
All while she's got a nice smile on her face...

The insane woman is Aislin. 

In one of my previous graphics, I was working on her things and I basically tried the same here. I tried to do fur a different way, a more realistic way. I also tried the whole scar thing on a medoll because no one has yet. I think I've seen the whole sewn mouth thing, but I'm not sure. I don't think anyone has done it to this degree. I put slight bags under her eye, but they're very small. 

I think I'm starting to like the realistic idea with stardoll graphics more now when I put a story with it. I think I'll try to do a realistic hairstyle next time.



What Was Hsyteria RTW...

love the hands!
This is my favorite graphic of the whole line!

This was the first spoiler for the line. 
second oldest design
This is my favorite outfit from the line.
newest design
 This is the outfit from the spoiler.
oldest design
 This is the outfit featured on that graphic a few months back.

My new concept is a lot more well thought out. I appreciate it much more. In the new line, I'll be using some of these concepts and some older ones. This line was inspired by housewives throughout the decades. They are the rock that holds the family together and I tried to convey that throughout the designs. I'm not gonna give you all the ones I finished, but here are the few I will reveal of the old line. 

My favorite models for the line were Kim and Elle. They had great features that really worked with the makeup style.

How time has changed..

Hey Guys! 
So a few days ago, Kirsten posted a graphic comparison which inspired me to revisit an old graphic.

Exactly a year ago, I got eliminated from SNTGD Cycle 1 for that awful graphic (left) *vomits*
Several months later I won Cycle 2 and another several months later here I am showing you my improvement!

As you can see, They are wearing different items, basically the reference had a gold sequin dress. The black suit was awful, I have no idea why I even attempted to do that. I also made the dress on the left! I quite like it *blushes*

So, what do you think?
What have I improved on the most?




Blogger was messed up majorly for a while and during that time, I had an epiphany!
I have scratched the whole line from hysteria!
Now, instead of 
Ladies in White
Native Mother
A Native American inspired line with a hard metal(literally) fusion.

Check out the line at hysteriafashion.blogspot.com.
I'm currently looking for models for my couture line coming this winter, so don't hesitate to sign up!

Anyways...I was working on something different. 
I'm getting into digital design because I feel like Stardoll is really limiting my abilities.
Here is one of the few pieces I've still working on.

Crazy lady holding my face from behind as she antagonizes me...
She needs a manicure!

I had a mind freak when I did it.
The basic idea around it is that she's a doll, of course, who was kidnapped and right now, a woman named Mon(not gonna tell you her real name), is interrogating her. Apparently, the kidnapped woman(me,hehe) was sleeping with her ex-boyfriend(the kidnapped lady's current boyfriend) and I guess the crazy lady doesn't like that fact he moved on...
Oh well...Hope I live!

Onto the actual graphic. I find the bags under the eye a little weird and the hair was a last minute thing, but I ended up kinda liking the crazed look. Her nails were inspired by those gross zombies ones on The Walking Dead. The duct tape is a little crappy, but it's my first time drawing actual duct tape(it's not just a color)

My favorite part of this whole graphic is the eyes. They are the exact color as mine when I cry. They get super bright green with red blood vessels in my eye.

I'm thinking of continuing with the graphic story, but I'll probably start with the beginning and post it on my graphic blog. I think it'll be fun. Coming up with new stories and exploring my creativity through insane scenarios...Fun:)


Request - with potential hair success!

Unfortunately due to attitude and being sworn at by the requester for no reason, this graphic has been removed - apologies to everyone for this disruption.

It's so good being bad

The panties are transparent/sheer. In this graphic I tried to practise all my weaknesses: skin, hair and fur (which I've never drawn before). I think it turned out pretty good but the right hand is kinda off idk

What do you think?


NTGD - Reminiscing

With the applications open for cycle 4 of NTGD(if you haven't applied and might be even remotely interested, APPLY! It's a great opportunity and could lead to good things!) I decided to apply - I took part way back in cycle 1! Seems like a long time ago, but it was only just over a year! I was remembering back to making my first task entry, and it honestly seems like a few weeks ago, not a year =) Over cycle 1 my graphics improved a lot, and I think they've improved even more since then, hopefully if I am accepted into this cycle I can improve more. So I mentioned task 1 - that was my worst entry for the competition, and I have decided to remake it! The original is on the left and the new one is on the right: 
The old one - lets just not go there, it is bad, end of! So so bad! 
The new one - it's not amazing or perfect but it sure is better! I prefer how I've done the bikini, it's not much of a difference, but I think it just looks that little bit nicer, same goes for the bangles, I think they look a lot better than before. Skin shading is the main area where my technique has changed. Now I think it looks a bit smoother, whereas before there were just kinda bits here and there(I'm not sure I've conveyed what I meant very well). Hair ... myyyeah, not a fan. It's better than the original but I still don't like it, I think it's just a hard style to get right in the first place. I'm reasonably happy with the highlighting, I think it looks ok, but it's the shading I need to work on more - defs my task for the rest of the afternoon!

Anyway, thoughts? Improvement from cycle 1?

Love K xxx


Putting the Detox in Queen

Hey Guys, remember when I said I was trying new techniques, Well I put them into practice and here is the result!

Obviously its QueenDetox aka Jack (The queen of graphics also)
click to enlarge if you wanna be a total nosey bitch (just kidding)

I know its not perfect but I will get better :)

What do you think?

Khol X

Graphic blog makeover

I decided a while ago that it was time my graphics blog had a makeover - the previous header had an old look of mine, and tbh I wasn't that fond of it's overall image! So here's the new header:
 I gave the blog a little re-shuffle to go with it too, if you want to check it out, click here

Overall I think it gives the blog a nicer appearance. I'm happy with how the bottom half of the graphic came out, and I'm reasonably happy with the hair - it still needs work, but is better than some of the hairs I've done before. I'm not so happy with how the sweater came out, I tried it a few times, and this was the best go, I feel like it's missing something but I just can't quite put my finger on it!
Anyway - overall I'm pleased with the look it gives my graphics blog =)

Thoughts? Advice to do better next time?

Love K xxx



model: cooldeer123

I really like this but idk what the hell is going on with the chest?! I did it 3 times and I'm still not satisfied... I also think that this time there's more depth and I'm closer to making the 3D effect.

p.s.: The flower crown is LE and not made by me.


Banner request

Hello beautiful girls , so i did this banner since i'm free to do anything after the magazine and i did a banner for ...singstar... i don't know why i just can't make anything in time it took 2 days because i'm soo lazy to do anything , whatever here's the graphic!

those are the steps (click on them to enlarge) , so the hair didn't turn pretty good i'm bad at hair sadly i hope i get better soon at making hair..  okay what do you think ?!






This is a practise graphic to improve my skin shading technique as in my last post the only feedback I got was about how the skin was shaded odd. Of course, everyone who said so was right and I was glad they did tell me because they helped me see what I couldn't on my own. So, thank you!

I really like this. It is also shaded exactly as in the reference photo. What do you think?

Super Simple Summer....Graphic....

I haven't really posted in a while and that, my darlings, is because I'm working on my line.
Though many of you know this.

Anyways, I got bored with the organizing and designing that I decided to do a super simple summer graphics.

I particularly LOVE the left hand and mid-section. The hair is defo not my favorite and neither is the jacket. I honestly don't like the jacket at all. Only because I despise the color white on outerwear. 

This took about three hours to make, with a ten minute break.
I think that's pretty good timing!