Some red wavy hair.

Yup, this used to be sea-themed graphic but I didn't finish it, because I'm terribly busy at the moment (reasons here). Okay, so about what I'm talking about: 

I love hair, haha. Original picture is from Rihanna photo shoot for Vogue, I think.

My Profile/ SDNTGD Task Two

Here's a recent "graphic" of some hair practice. 
This has to be one of my best, but please critique.
Again...I love your words:D

Also: This is my graphic from the second task on Stardoll's Next Top Graphic designer.
It was chosen fourth and when it became a PNG file, all the shading was lost.
It really sucks, but whatever.
Looking forward to the results on the third task!



More hair!

Ok, so I'm getting much better at procrastinating from studying! I decided to do more hair work! To really get the shape, I had to add a face, and then I had to shade it as it looked super weird - so just ignore the weird eyeless face!

So just considering the hair, does it look ok/improved?

Any constructive comments welcome =)

Post title - Seasonalhotbuys

4 da L0lz 0kk
ya just in case u haven't seen it on my blog



Hair + Face Practice

Have done one exam now, only 6 to go! The one I'm studying for now is incredibly boring, so spent my regular breaks working on general technique, mainly for hair, but also enhancing the face - note that I used different techniques for opposite sides, so it does look a bit very mismatched! I also did the lip colour myself, I would have gone for something crazy like blue, but decided to keep it plain in case I wanted to complete the graphic!

Constructive comments?
Love K xxx

A Spoiler for Splendid

I recently was assigned to do graphics for splendid and I made the graphic for the spoiler.
Give me your opinion:)



SDNTGD Entry 2

Hey, so just sharing my 2nd task entry - although not gonna lie feel rather ashamed of it after seeing the other entires.
You can click on it to enlarge :)

Task 2- Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer

     Ok, I'm still in total after-shock from the results of SNTGD, but maybe you already know...

I won top photo of the week!

     Now I'm chilled out a bit (a bit to excited?!), and ready to show you this task's entry. Maybe you've already have seen it, but I want to share it to all of you still!

(click to view full-size)

     What do you think? Give me feedback in comments, I appreciate it!


Magazines you should read: April 2012

VOGUE magazine:
Bright, edgy and on trend, which resembles the real life Vogue and all it's glory. The graphics are breathtaking and look professional and are the main focus of the magazine. There is not much writing in the magazine, but the graphics make up for that.
FOUNDER: Lollypopsa/ Carolina

Fierce and funky with a spring theme! This magazine ticks all the boxes for trends and what to wear in the spring. The graphics here are also phenomenal as you can tell a lot of time has been spend on them.                                                                                FOUNDERS: mvm2807 and Gayula
This magazine is not in English, so I can't really comment on the writing. The outfits that have been put together are street style and look like something I would want to wear out. It has great tips on outfits and styling, and it also includes suite and furniture suggestions. The magazine does not lack in quantity as it consists of 39 pages! The magazine itself if bright and funky and the graphics are beautiful!                                                         Founder: KatyaCharm  
This magazine consists of previous unreleased issues put together to make 1 magazine. It's bright and looks professional, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The graphics are amazingly detailed! Although the magazine is short, it relies on 'quality, not quantity' and pulls it off by a long shot!                                                                          Founder: xxlovexx


A Drawing of ME!

From a Sucky picture to a beautiful drawing here it Kasey Noelle,
in the sketch!

I did a sketch of my face and posted it here.
Although the hair is like, four times darker than it's supposed to be, it's supposed to look like the waves I wore today.
(FYI: it's supposed to be sketchy-like.)
The eyes really resemble mine. They're green with sea-foam and yellow specks in the middle.
I did this on my tablet in about 5 minutes.


Blind Hair Models

The hippie

I didn't draw any eyes for these models.
Every single thing on this post is hand-drawn!
I'll be using my fat-lipped, blind lady for my future hair modeling!
Each hairstyle continues more, but I cropped the picture because the body is part of a graphic...

I think the first hair-style is my favorite.
Give me your comments please!


Absolutely Darling: Continual Fashion Line

This is the start of a design line called Absolutely Darling.
Hopefully, I'll be able to make a fashion line out of Absolutely Darling and enter it TTT Fashion weekend, but if not, I'll be posting my designs here and on my graphics blog:

This collection is fall-based with summer colors and now here's the first design:

The shoes are lace-up pumps with a white heel. Their coal-black but have a gray tint to them.
The hair is something I've been trying out, so give my your opinion!
I know I need to work on my shoes, but this is just to showcase the design:)
My favorite part of this dress is the lacing in the center. It took forever and even if it isn't perfect, I love it!

Comment please!
I love your words...

Shading From A Different Angle

     Hey, all! So after a quick visit to MDM, I found a lovely arrangement of graphics made by the brilliant, Lana (forevergorgeous). It inspired me to try her new graphic styling with legs, which you can see her's HERE.

     Before I show you what I've been experimenting, some of the legs I've noticed are quite similar to the legs in the MDM graphics, but I can assure you I used my own reference pictures, not hers (if any were used). So if you are going to bag and say I'm copying, no, I'm not.

     Now that you've seen all, let me know in comments which one you like best, 1, 2, or 3. I personally like 3 the best, maybe because that's finally when I got the hang of the technique. Never the less, I want to hear your honest opinions!


Take me to wonderland

It's kinda old graphic that I found in my computer. I made it few weeks ago, but I never post it. 
Okay, quality is not the best. 

Sneak Creep: Sesaonalhotbuys

Sneak Creep

    I thought I'd post a little creep of something that I'm working on for a friend. There is more to the graphic and I think ya'll would love to see it. I am almost done but couldn't wait to show you all. This is me just trying to keep the blog active I know everyone is working on big projects & "TSDGD" Or whatever its called and fashion lines etc.


Wow! Funny/weird!

This isn't a new graphic, but just something that happened today related to graphics!
Ok, so I posted the graphics I made for Rebelle Magazine, and that included this blue YSL dress:

Well Stardoll just released new Voile, and guess what I spotted?
It's the same dress in a pale yellow! It's so weird to see something that you made into a graphic appear on Stardoll!
I should have my next entry for Stardolls Next Top Graphic Designer up at the weekend once they show them all on the blog =)

Love K xxx

Editorialized Banner

     One thing I haven't told you all is that I've been working for Lia (liajm) for her lovely blog she's recently obtained, Editorialized! I'm quite happy with the final results of the banner!

     This was the original size of the banner before resized. I also had a version before the final product, which I will reveal in a moment. First of all, what do you think of the banner? 

     Now that you've seen both versions, which one do you prefer? Is there one thing on one banner that you don't like on the other? Let me know, I truly do love criticism (you know, that's the only way us graphic designers improve ;) ).

     See you all soon, I'm planning to work on lots more graphics including task 2 for Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer which I'm totally-super excited to show you all (Yeah, yeah, I'm just another one of those hopeful contestants!


My SNTGD Entry:)

This totally stunned me, but I was chosen as the top photo of the week!
Oh My GOD.
I am absolutely freaked out! Everyone seemed to of done SO MUCH better than I did!
I just couldn't believe it!
Now, Here's my entry for the contest:

UPDATE: here's the original, for anyone who wants to compare. I tried to be very detailed in the designing of the feathers and skirt.

Comment, please:)
Thanks Again!


Been A Long Time Since I Came Around

I wont be releasing much after this, since I am working on my mag, etc, except SNTGD tasks.

A Face I started, but never finished the body....

More soon, <3 Lige


New Graphic

Hey, so this is what I've been working on pretty much all day! And I'm really happy with how it turned out - apart from the hair, but we'll just ignore that for now!!!

You can click to make it bigger too =)
I think some sort of woodland background would look quite nice, so I might update this later with a background added.

So what do you guys think?

Oh - it was inspired from this picture of Abbey Lee Kershaw in Vogue China:

Love K xxx

My "Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer" Entry

So this was my entry for the first task. I knew the head didn't look right, so expected criticism for that. But what I'm most happy with was the hair - which I drew myself!!! Major achievement!!! I think for my first proper hair, it turned out really well!
I'm amazed that with my entry I managed to survive the first elimination, and can't wait for the next task!
I've already been working on my general technique with a new graphic, which I'll show you later once it's done :)

Love K xxx


The Start Graphics: Seasonalhotbuys

Don't Bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.
-David Ogilvy
One of my earlier graphics
One of my early graphics

        We all have to start somewhere, right? I thought I'd post this to show I've come a long way. You don't just become a "great" graphic designer over night it takes time. I did this back in 09-10 I then stopped making SD graphics because I lost interest. I still loose interest but I do SDgraphics here and there to keep improving. I use to use the burn and dodge tool! I look at it now and go xD I was sure lazy; Just put your time & efforts and people will see it in your work. Haha don't laugh at my old graphics to much! I'm not even embarrassed that I made these because these graphics show I've came a long way. One day You'll realize that you've improved drastically like I believe I have. 


For portfolio

I made this graphic for mine portfolio long time ago. Hair are a bit messy and I know it, but oh well. 

Raffle winners! (First three graphics)

Raffle Winners!

Made by Sparklewand12

 Made by LoveGossip4Life

 Made by MissCeaaria

The team have worked very hard on these, so enjoy your graphics! The next three graphics will be released for Rafi101, Iluvladygaga232 and Justicelove94 when I have received them!



Graphic for model search

So after the success of the first issue of my magazine Rebelle. I'm starting to plan a 2nd issue,
But it is going to be bigger and better, I have decided to start a search for the magazine's future models.

If you are interested, apply here to be a model.
Also i am looking for some new graphic designers.

See you soon,
Khol X


Stardoll's Fashion Star

Stardoll's Fashion Star

A new unique fashion competition which is run by Elite-girl where clothes designers compete against each other for the final prize by submitting their own outfit. They are looking for Designers, retail consultants, graphic designers and media partners, so go ahead and check out out! Click here.

BTW, the raffle is now closed, and the graphics will be posted along with the winners in due time.



MissCeaaria - Graphic

Model: SaraBelieber11

Based off an image I found on tumblr, i found some more litas! I was going to use it for the raffle, but there had been no posts in a while, so I just decided to use it. The hair's glitchy, but oh well.



Pulse Magazine

PULSE Magazine

A fresh new magazine by Lige07! The spoiler looks amazing and he is looking for models, graphic designers and writers, so go ahead and sign up! (Click image)