im sure many of you saw rihanna's truly iconic look at 2014's met gala - i did! and i decided to put my talents to the test and recreate the look as a graphic

here's the finished result

in all honestly im in love with how this turned out, and the response to it on my twitter was insane, i've never seen so much buzz over one of my graphics before!

but i want to know what you think!
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love y'all <3



i noticed that i am so sick of all the boring stardoll smackers, so i decided to do some scavenging around and managed to find that some of the dressup dolls have much more luscious lips!

i took the ones i liked and blew up + re-shaded them myself

please feel free to use any of these in your own work, they're a great alternative to drawing mouths (which i sometimes find hard) and as they are .pngs you can just paste them right on!

what do you think?
would you like me to post more mouths?
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kisses xx