New Project

So you guyz (some of you) should remeber my previous post asking if i should be starting a new Magazine or not? But well first I though to but then an idea struck me! I was always more interested to start a game or sort of a competition but  almost all are out, but now I've created a new Competition for people with Creativity!
The banner is not original...Well you'll hopefully see why! Anyhow here is the link get creative
So are you going to sign up? Let's see who's got creativity!
Note:- This is not a graphic sport...its something different  so people who do not know graphics can take part too...Just visit and you'll understand!


Unfinished header

Hey, well, I haven't finished Splendid spoiler yet as I've started working on a header for my lookbook.
I don't like it at all, but still it's okay ;/
only hair to go

What do you think?


A bit of advice here?

Hey Readers!
Well as you all know i previously had a magazine named "Toxic" but unfortunately it had to be closed but when i wanted to open the mag again google deleted my account! So however I was a bit disappointed! But right now I want your advice!
Well wighing my positives and negatives....I cant come to a decision..so I want your help right now!
What do you think should i start another project or continue doing random graphics?
Right now the reason behind why i want to start a project is that recently i havent been getting any requests...when i used to do the worst graphics..there were people in line but now..anyhow what do you think....

Graphic of myself

Wow, it's been a long time since my last graphic, more than 2 weeks! I just kinda got tired of it. But yesterday I was bored and made this:
You can click to enlarge, but it doesn't look as good when it's big.

What do you think?



Mirror Mirror

God it took me around 9 hours no break ... Well, only a small coffee break 'cause I was falling asleep D: But yeah, I've just finished this graphic and I can proudly say that I'm proud of it (okay that was weird). So yeah, have a look:

If you're still trying to figure out what's written on the background, it's "MIRROR MIRROR". I was kinda inspired by "Snow White and the Huntsman" (movie). To be honest I think the small mirror she is holding is a mess but I like the rest of the graphic.

This graphic is also a spoiler for the upcoming FAME Issue but the spoiler itself is a little bit different. Check it out here.

Please leave comments saying what you like and what you don't, what should I improve and what's okay.
Thank you very much.

A blog you need to know about.. #1

While looking at graphic blog, i stumbled upon one which caught my eye..
Migonetta (KATIE) 's Graphics
(Click image to go to website)

The blog banner is made by someone called 'Solien', who is very talented!

Her stardoll graphics are also very beautiful...
(Click image to go to website)

I just felt she needed more recognition for her work as it is outstanding!


P.S. I might make this a weekly thing. Promoting graphic blogs that deserve more recognition feels like the right thing to do!


Real life

PResently real life graphics are totally in trend I guess! anyhow most of them I believe are women or girls...even I do them but recently I thought of doing a boy! well nothing jumped into my mind other than him:P well it took me only 1 hour..so you can see that it aint so good! the hair is pretty odd! :D
Guess who it is?

Metal head

Hey readers!
So the title am sure is original...it actually means a metal or machinic kind of head ...
the graphic:-

Well quality of the graphic is pretty stupid since it aint sooooo good...but the idea behind it I really like it! The best part is the metal head...the artries and viens etc...
What do you think of it?

Old Graphic

So this is a graphic I've made a while ago and it was supposed to be part of an editorial in the upcoming issue of FAME but then I decided to re-do the entire magazine since my techniques have changed a little.
So this is the graphic:

To be honest I don't like the graphic :L But I do like the hair even though it's a bit messy.
The pose is awkward ok o.o The shading seems okay but it's a bit too bright.. The dress is okay but for a photoshoot ... No. The should have been a little bit more complex or something..



Got Boredom?

Here's something made purely from bored. most of it's scratch made, except the legs. the sweater took forever getting right and even then I'm not sure if the wrinkles are good enough. 
Hopefully you guys appreciate the work that went into it:)

The model kinda reminds me of Heidi Klum...
Not sure why...
The face was a candidate for my medoll's face change, but I didn't really like it then, but now I kinda do!



New Graphic

The title isn't original at all but whatever. I can't think of something else.
But yeah, I have a new graphic, which took me around 6 hours with no break D: But I just finished it and I'm happy with the result. Here it is.

Well, I'm not going to comment it as I'm pretty tired ... Okay, I know the skin needs a little bit more shading but ... yeah, whatever. What do you think? Am I improving ... slowly?

graphic + update

ummm am actually leaving to Khobar today but before that I thought of doing a graphic...well I actually thought it would be useful to increase the storage of recycle bin...but guess what it did not!
I persoanlly like it! its one of my best definitely (not bragging but just making sure it is) ...Wondering what Fiero is? actually half way thorugh I was kinda disappointed that I wont be using it anymore so instead of not using it I decided to start a new project Fiero..and yes I did....dont worry it wont have an ending like Toxic did....i'll try my best to keep Fiero at its best...:D The graphic has a lot of flaws but it seems less in number , comparing to my older graphics...what do you think?
Do you like the graphic? please rate and coment..!!


Blonde in Blue Dress

Yeah, the title is odd but I can't think of something better. It also describes the graphic pretty much.
So yeah, here is the graphic I had just finished.

Reminds me of Charlize Theron o.o But no, it's not her. I just watched "Young Adult" o.o
I've tried a new hair technique but I'm not sure I'll stick with it, unless you like it. I could have worked better on the lips, maybe and as well on the skin ... I like the background ^.^ Coca Cola :P

Also the nails could have needed a little bit more work. But yeah ...
What do you think? Feedback?

The Pink Fish

Hey everyone! I'm swamped with make-up work, but I managed to get this in.
This is for a blog I'm reopening called the pink fish. You can guess what it's going to be about, but i'm not telling:)

I really love the concept I came up with and the way I'll be writing is something new to me and hopefully easier to understand rather than my older writing. Hopefully I can get it open in November, but if not, it'll be a Christmas opening! Merry Christmas!

OH! and I'm looking for models for The Pink Fish. If you want to sign up, fill the very simple form out here, extravagancestardoll.blogspot.com or kngraphics.blogspot.com(my graphics blog.)

Here's the form:
Medoll Name:
Portfolio(not neccessary):

Thanks! Now, here are the two banners for the pink fish. I prefer the second, 
but if you like the first, please tell me why:) this is a scratch made graphic, meaning I made EVERYTHING. No reference photos!

And the model is from my older modeling portfolio:)

I really like the legs on this one, but not so much the dress.

I prefer this one:)

Please no negative opinions!
I know the flaws they have, just didn't have time to fix them:)


Splendid spoiler

Hey. I'm still working on Splendid spoiler, and this is what I've done so far:
I plan to finish it tomorrow.
And, oh, please visit Splendid Magazine's blog to read the news about upcoming issues etc

Btw - I cannot change the blog's background, font and so on (all that stuff except header and other pictures), does anyone have the same blogger problem? ;/


Changing my blogger pic...

Hello readers...
I was thinking of changing my blogger pic from a long time..but i dont want to use a graphic which i already did for some other use...so anyhow i made one today!:-

I made two versions with difference in background only! well personally that was the only background i could come up then since i was lacking creativity then !
well about the graphic I am pretty happy with the result...it's not so bad! and moreover the whole graphic's main focus point would obviously the hair since it is like a blowing in the wind kinda pose! am pretty happy with the hair since  I am usually bad at it...I think I really did improve on this...but there are many flaws in it as usual! and yes I did try out a darker opacity and it did not work...it looked awful so I stuck with this..!
Which should I opt as my blogger pic?

Now that's a total fail

Title says it all. This is a graphic I've been working on. A graphic of myself, kind of. But it turned out to be a total mess and you can't even say I have finished it :L Have a look yourself.

I didn't remove the outline D: The shading is so badly done and the background is ugly.
It took me a while to make the nose because it was either to big or too small. Now it's too pointy but whatever. The hair color is much darker than my own but it still works. The shirt ... I don't even own a blue shirt o.o That's much of a self-portrait ... Not.

I hesitated about posting it here because, well, it's not worth it but yeah ... I'm ready for all the criticism.


Underneath Stardoll Banner

Yes, my "mystery" graphic from before is for the seasonal Underneath Stardoll banner! I'm really quite happy with the results, I think it is different from previous banners, especially considering there is one lone medoll in this one. Never the less, I am happy with the final results!

(As always, click to enlarge)

I think the outfit is my favorite part in general-- it looks like something I would wear.

What are your thoughts on it? Anything you'd change about it?

New Graphic (Snippet)

I've been working non-stop on multiple graphics for HAUTE this week, including a banner for a certain blog. You'll figure out soon what it's for, though ;)

Anyways, I think showing you a part of it before it's been posted onto the blog is suffice. Here it is:

I really like the shading of the feet and shoes, which is usually my weaker point. I really like the full version, but you'll just have to wait to see it!


Face shading tutorial

Hey guys, it's Maria again. I've just posted one of my summer tutorials on youtube.

So I have two more tuts (hair & skin shading), but I'm lazy to post them now ;p
+ now I'm working on Splendid magazine autumn spoiler, and it's almost finished so I think I will post it here today. 

xx Maria

P.S.: Sorry for stupid quality, I'm downloading a new video app now ><

New art/spoiler

Hey dolls, yesterday I unveiled my new Art Haus Controversy
Well I'm back with an exclusive teaser for the upcoming edition,
I know it's not exactly a stardoll graphic, but there will be stardoll graphics in the edition.

Here is the teaser, please follow the blog! X

What do you think?

Khol X


Okay this one is old but ... Balloons

The name of the graphic is "Balloons" because, well, it's about balloons O.o Anyways, the graphic is kind of old and I do realize how badly done is the skin shadings but that's it :L

But I still like the balloons :3 They remind me of lollipops. I also kind of like the dress but I'm not sure P:
The background is Stardoll obvious and I also tried that Friday Night effect we have on our cameras on Stardoll :3 But I'm not sure it turned out how I wanted it to.

Overall, I like the graphic.
Feedback? :L Thank you.

I also just finished this one P: How did it turn out?
I used a reference made by someone else so full credit goes to them.

I like her lips and hair but ... does the blush (which is supposed to be blush) look like a bruise? :|

Something to look out for

'CONTROVERSY ' is a brand new Art Haus owned by two bad bitches - Nikhol and Jack.
Watch this space, it's about to get Controversial.   Don't drink the kool-aid!

It will consist of creative graphics and writing, not a magazine, not a blog, you can call it an 'Art Haus'

More info soon!

follow follow follow!!!


Modern 70's Print Jacket

I love this:)

If you don't, well...I'm sorry.

Totally Gorgas!!(pronounced GOR-Ghas-synonym to gorgeous)



Transformers-Robots in Disguise!

Soooo...since I'm bed-ridden with a yucky sickness, I was watching Transformers 3-Dark of the Moon!
and a model many people may know was the leading lady, so I was going through Google, after reading her profile/bio(which I do for most characters I don't know much about) I was looking at her modeling portfolio and saw a pretty nice picture I wanted to try and recreate. I really loved the angle her cheeks were at,
so I spent about three hours doing this:)

Click to ENLARGE!

I swear those were the lips on the original picture! I swear!
I lightly shaded the left side because that was where the light hit her face most. 
Let me just point out this:

I didn't use the reference photo for those pieces of the graphic.
 I did them by myself:P Self drawn...it's beast.

Anyways, the eyes were the most complex part of the graphic because I couldn't figure out where to set them. But jeez, those lips got on my nerves. They look WAY to big for her face, but she is known for her big lips:P

Oh well, opinions would be appreciated!

Strut Magazine Spoiler

Just released the first spoiler for Strut Magazine! How do you like it? I am pretty satisfied with the outcome though I had a hard time drawing the eyes without making them look creepy. Oh, and btw: I am still looking for models! ;)


WIP/Unfinished/...Awkward Graphic?

I've been working on a randomer for the past two-ish days of a real life celebrity. I'm not sure if I'm going to finish it, since its pretty much going to be used for... nothing. Anyways, I thought I'd show it to you all to see if you can guess who she is.

Remember to click to enlarge... but be warned, its huge!

Anyways, I was too lazy to put background or even do proper cropping, but whatever. I really am pretty happy with the results, although I really dislike the lips... The face shading looks pretty similar to the original reference picture I used (I've done a couple of other celebs, just I haven't shown you them/uploaded them). I just don't really think it looks like who I was going for.... but I still like it.

What are your thoughts on it... and like I did before (plus an "ongoing" trend), guess who this is!

 AND for those of you who care, this was a graphic that I did to test out my tablet-ing skills... gosh, this is the first time I've used it in like... forever!


Is that a Tyra Look-a-like?

I made this a while ago in the holidays, but it needed a few touches, it was supposed to be the new vault banner, but maybe i'll leave it now until January or after..?
My reference picture was not Tyra Banks, but it certainly does look like her! I wanted to do a non-stardoll graphic as they are pretty dull at times. The hair looks okay I guess, but I love the face and make-up

What do you think?


Am a photoshop Gal!

Hello readers...
OMG can you beleive it that i actually worked with photoshop....wow am amzed by myself since you people dont know how i "work" anyhu....What do you think of the graphic? first time in photoshop with real life anyhow how is it?
BTW Toxic is officially deleted! :D


COUNT Spoiler + FAME Spoiler Graphics

So since COUNT Magazine isn't yet out, I shouldn't post graphics that I made for it, but I'll do post a blurry version of the spoiler (;

So here is the COUNT Spoiler, which you probably saw on their official blog.

You can click on it to enlarge.
I'm the creator or the model and fence. The background is a Stardoll interior. You can notice the hairstyle is slightly different from what I do usually as the model is wearing a head-band. Overall I like the graphic but I'm not satisfied with the hair technique I used :L Should have used the other one but oh well ...
Also, in the graphic version that is going to be published, the model has a different hair style..

And now the new FAME Spoiler.

I'm quite satisfied with the outcome even though I do realized that the writing shadow is odd O.o
And now you must be thinking "Again the stupid hairstyle?!". Yes, again D:
But I didn't feel like drawing a pony tail or curly hair so here you go :L
I'm not quite satisfied with the dress whatsoever, nor with the model's right side of the cardigan.

I finished this one last night at like 2:00 am and I didn't want to leave it for the next day so I just hurried up a little bit :L

So yeah, what do you think?

Looking for a bit of advice here =)

So I've been doing work on shading and stuff recently, like experimenting with my skin shading technique - and I'm so indecisive about it! I can't decide about what to do about it really, my recent stuff looks like this:
I like the neck and the arms+hands, not the legs so much, I can work on that, but I'm not sure if it's the technique I should keep using, or go back to the one I used before, like for TREND:
I quite like this, I think it looks quite nice, like there's nothing that major wrong with it as a technique, but I tried it again earlier today and it just didn't seem right doing it like that!
So I'm really looking for some opinions on which skin shading technique that you guys like better and why =)
Looking forward to your responses, Love K xxx

Graphics that were supposed to be banners

So these graphics were supposed to be banners for FASHION but since there were about 4-5 writers and I didn't have much time, I decided to do not make them anymore.

However, I managed to make one for me and to my first writer, Ashley.

So, yeah ... This is the usual hairstyle I use but I'll try to make something different in the future :3
So yeah ... What do you think?
Personally I like Ashley's better ^^

New graphic

Yeah, the title says it all. I've made a new graphic and I'm really proud of it!

I have used a reference image that I really like, I'm in love with that dress!
And I've just realized that I haven't posted any Stardoll graphic on this blog before, so to compare, here is my previous one:
I have improved quite much, haven't I?



well i cant think about a title atm!

As the title suggests...i cant think about a good title ...its late almost and its 2:00 am so gonna make a post hastily!
some new graphics i have been working on:-

the first graphics is actually a header for my graphics blog...should i put that on?..actually it was having the head and hair but it was actually blurry so i decided to crop it off! Second one i was actually confused should i ever use it or not..but am happy with it ...third and fourth one were just practice for hair...my hair did really improve right?? lol
P.S i dont have any interest in reading what i wrote out there so if any mistakes pardon me!

I did it!

This is the banner for the blog! Click the banner to go to the blog. Please follow and apply :-)

New header!

I barely spent three hours on it, so pardon if you think it's crap.

I have school pictures/art/theater tech stuff going on all this week, 
so this will probably be the last graphic until Saturday:)

Here is the graphic seperate:

Is it okay? I put an older hairstyle I made on it.
I like the colors and if you saw the whole banner, you'd see they all work well with the lettering:)

Anyways. here it is. Wah-Lah!


Now I need some good advice.

I've been weighing the pros and cons again and yet again... and I couldn't come to a decision.
I am thinking about making my very own magazine. One part of me says: "Oh no, not another magazine". I feel like they sprang up like mushrooms lately. But on the other hand, I am sick of making useless graphics - all in vain. I've always been wanting to create something with them and to be honest: I've been pretty dissatisfied with the latest magazines... but I have self doubts. Would I be able to create something that draw and delight readers? Wouldn't it be better to look for a job as a graphic designer for another magazine? But why should I make work and then let someone else get the main credit? Oh my, it's a dilemma in my head. If you have a opinion about it feel free to tell me. Maybe it will help me with my decision making process.

Bright Dress

So I was asked to make a header for The Awesome Stardoll And More and here's what I came up with:

I'm quite happy with the overall outcome but I can see sooooo many mistake and errors!
I tried a few different backgrounds, but wasn't really happy with any of them, this was the best of the bunch really!
I'm happy with my work on the hair though, at first I was dubious as to whether it would work out ok, but I think it looks reasonably like hair in the end!
Definitely not happy with the hands or any of the skin shading really, definitely having a bit of an off day where they're concerned! But as long as the customer is happy, I'm happy =)

Love K xxx


Don't you just love it when ...

You're browsing some blogs and you see that your graphics have been taken!

Yes, this blog - Rare Items On Stardoll has decided they wanted one of my graphic for themselves, and who is this blog run by you ask? None other than "Helpful Stardoll", that annoying(in my opinion, I don't know about anyone else) blogger going around offering help to us graphic designers - the blog has been made by putting together posts of tutorials that other users have done. You're offering graphics help to users and you don't appear to be able to make graphics yourself ...
Why the user decided to take this graphic is beyond me as it's not my best work in any way - but still, it's stealing and shouldn't be tolerated! I'm just pretty angry about it!

Sorry for this rather unpleasant topic for a post, I'll be back to uploading my graphics soon =)

Love K xxx


Behind the clouds, the sun is shining...

Finally I've thought of a good title for a graphic post! :)
Well, I haven't been making that many graphics recently as I was on a class trip, but I made this on the way back in the bus (driving for 10 hours can be quite boring, you know).
The main focus is the rays of sunlight, because I wanted to try to do a graphic with a different sort of lighting. The original photo was of me holding a dandelion, I'm too lazy to find it, but it's quite similar to this graphic.
This is the original version:
I decided it was too choppy so I tried to blur it:

I think I blurred it too much this time! I like that it underlines that the sunshine on the dandelion is the focal point. but the rest is too blurry.

Which version do you like better?

Oh, and it reminds me of this song from my favorite movie:


Cover of the Issue that won't be released :L

So I was planning on releasing CHANEL Magazine this Winter but then I closed it and yeah ... The covergirl was supposed to be jelinna and I finished the cover graphic and added some writing lately.

It's not my best work but whatever :L

This is how it was supposed to look like. To be honest I don't like the dress :L Looks much more like an over-sized sweater. I like the skin but the neck skin looks kinda weird and ... messy?

The background is wintery so I like it a lot but I'm not too sure about the hair. But it works in some way..
Well yeah ... feedback? :L