Creative talent application graphic

I didn't do next graphic in that small amount of time. Nope. I just want to publish unreleased graphic that I made for "Creative Talent" contest. It was unreleased becouse contest runner said that we can't publish application graphics before results. Is something like my old "melishes" graphic design - I combined pink and black so it looks a bit glam rock. Well ok. I must say that in nearest weekend I can't do anything becouse I changed my real Image (now I wear glasses. Lol. I have also new hairstyle) and i must get accustomed.

So here is model graphic:
I tried to make very custom looking wallpaper behind her so I spend much time on designing the look and choosing right hues and saturation. I also do a little experimental dress shading. I added not only black and black shades, but also green, blues and red ones. Hairstyle is not my best one but you must remember that I made it almost a month ago. :p

And here you have two versions of final layout product:
Here is full pose and the half-pose shadow. I think that I decided for good font and those "reflections". I'm not very proud of lamps right now but I passed so who cares. :p

It is secound ver. I made it becouse I thought that before version don't have as much details visible as this one, but jury decided that 1 version is better.

And another synthpop inspirational music:

Opinions? What can I do better?


Practising shading on different materials,
I made the pink originally but I made a few others just to see how they turned out.
I tried to shade like it would be like in LE.
The dress is inspired by Topshop Unique Spring 2013 Ready To Wear.

No reason.

click to enlarge


New graphic (well, kind of)

Hey remember the graphic i last posted? with the blue dress?
Well, I saw the latest scenery backgrounds and really wanted to use one in a graphic!
So, I edited the graphic, changed the hair - brown to blonde, dress - blue to black, lips and nails - pink to black.

And Voile!

what do you think?
Khol X

A song to go with the graphic;


New graphic!

Hey guys!
I've made a new graphic. I plan to use this for the RNTM magazine.

What do you think? Anything I can improve before I'll publish this in the magazine?
Hope you like it, it took me quite a few hours of work!

xoxo Rafael


A Little Design

The top half of the dress is a J.Mendel dress and then I added a dark skirt but injected some colour. I'd probably buy this on Stardoll if it was released as LE (if it was better graphics lol) but it only took about 20-30 minutes so I'm not bothered.



Tainted Love

Hey guys. :D
I'm new here and I just want to say "Hello" to everyone. On stardoll my nickname is aga19988. My name is Agnieszka but my art nicks are Inez and Jagienka. I came from Poland. I love making graphics,singing, reading books and many other things like that :p . I make graphics since April 2011 and it's my 124 graphic. So many numbers. Yep. 

The following graphic is made for contest on blog Stardoll-i-my.

So here is model graphic:

I made fur for the first time, I would love to hear some constructive critic about how to make it better. I'm not proud of legs and hands but I think that hair look pretty well.
Here is the whole graphic:

It should look cold and snowy. I made it with "Magic Circles", theme which is following me for very long.

And at last inspiration song which I can listen for hours:

It's similiar to one of Rihanna songs, doesn't it? :D

What's you're opinion? Do you see any big mistakes in my english? :p

I am a quitter!

Just wanted to wave my last goodbye on here as well. I left Stardoll a few weeks ago, but then I stumbled over the (very) few finished pages for Strut Magazine. I left open the question if I am going to finish it completly and here's the answer: no! Still I wanted to share the pages with you. Unfortunatly it turned out that the covergirl was very unreliable, since I didn't get at least one answer for the interview. Oh well, her bad... no graphics with her! Anyways, I hope you like them and maybe you'll hear from me from time to time. But for now: byebye x

"Darker Than Normal, You Might be Death!"

(title quoted from the story I'm currently reading:)In relation to my darker skin.)

FIRST: I'd like to say Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! I spent the whole day cooking and baking for my family and it was a huge success and a lot of fun! I hope some other people had similar experiences!

I love how she has bigger hips than normal:]
 I did that on purpose!
The white jacket is over-sized and I did not finish the fingers so I cut them off:D
Not sure about the collarbone, but I was studying some other collarbones from graphic designers(Alice and Nika) and tried to follow correct anatomy which corresponds with this pose.
Not the best, but it works, and I'm okay with it!
No shadowing here except in the graphic itself. I did it like it would appear in a photo shoot-all the lights pointing at her!

I'm thinking of changing my skin color to a tanner color, but of course I'm keeping the lips I have now!
I just can't ever decide on a permanent look for my doll...


Old Unreleased graphic

I made this at the end of the summer holidays along with two others as a request for a magazine, but I think the magazine isnt going to happen anymore, may aswell show you! There were two others, but looking at them now, I feel it's not my best work :/
I'm not sure who the model is though, she's beautiful! The hair is short and spiky cause thats how the magazine owner wanted it.



Glamour at its high

Hey Dolls!, I haven't posted in a while as I have been very busy with no time to do graphics! :(
Anyway, the good news is that I'm here now! With a fresh, new graphic.
And Also, I will have 3 new graphics to show you all after the winner is announced at SNTGD Which I am in the final 2! :)

So, here's my new graphic;

What do you think?
Please tick and comment :)

Love Khol xxx

Invisible Pillow!

Here is the invisible pillow...

(That neck is mocking me with it's ugliness...)
That was the invisible pillow.

Thank you....


Graphic for RNTM Magazine

Hey guys! :)
I've finally managed to finish a graphic which I had started two weeks ago. I'll be using the graphic for the covergirl photoshoot for 'RNTM Backstage Magazine'. The model is mathildamath. (I noticed that I'm using her doll quite often for my graphics O.o)
I didn't really have much time for graphics this month because of stress at school. But I hope I will finish the magazine very soon, I will then show you the graphics.

Anyway, here's the graphic.

This ain't my best work. I'm not sure about the hair, something just doesn't look right, but I won't change it (no time, too lazy..)
I'm quite happy about the dress, I think I'm getting better at clothes shading. :)

What do you think?? Comment please! :3
xoxo Rafael

Update: I won't be using this graphic for the magazine any longer. I somehow have to agree with the people who commented, it simply looks cheap and tacky.


Wow, it's been a month!

I can't believe it's been a month since my last graphic - but I've just been so busy, it's quite good that I've managed to do one today, I went shopping this morning, and decided I might as well take the rest of the day off studying and planned to do a graphic, which I've now completed! It's just a little something for the header of my graphics blog, and it's not my best work - I am definitely a bit rusty with my tablet! 
The skin is a bit messy, but it's not too bad, the hair is a bit iffy in some places - I love the two little chignons(so adorable!), but the bit kinda under them toward the middle of the head itself is a bit ... weird, I think I was a bit too happy that I was making a graphic when I was doing that section!
Anyway, I like the image on my graphics blog header, it's much better than the last one, more modern and definitely shows my skills more than the other one(the hair on that one ... lets just say "spew"!!!)

Anyway, comment away =)

Love K xxx


Graphic Request

A friend of mine, Tania (cooldeer123) asked me to make a header for her blog, and I gladly accepted the offer. I haven't done headers for other persons before so I was kind of scared because many people would visit her blog and the first thing popping up is the header. I kept asking my self: What if it's not good enough? What if people don't like it? But then I started making the graphic. At first I thought it's going to be a fail and I should quit before it's too late. But then I decided to make a blazer instead of a dress and in my opinion, it turned out gorgeous. Plus Tania's medoll is gorgeous.

To be honest, I think this is the best graphic I have ever made. I simply love the blazer shading. The skin shading is alright too, even though I could've worked better on it. Oh and I almost forgot: this graphic is a SPOILER. If you come to think of it, you can see the model holding a magazine. It's my FAME Magazine and that was going to be the cover of the Fall/Winter Issue. I'm not sure I'll publish it though.

The hair is not stardoll-based, as usually because I just can learn that technique D: But I believe it turned out really well (in my opinion). The little purse/clutch (whatever that is) she is holding looks simple but realistic.

"Elegance is refusal" are Coco Chanel's sayings. I saw it on Tania's blog and decided to include it in the banner. But this is not how the full header looks. This is just a banner, much more like a preview of the header.

I would really appreciate feedback, constructive critz and your opinions :)

Not So Great and Pretty Great!

Here's the : 
Not so Great

Awkward arms, bad hands, eh/okay legs.
 The kinda like the dress, but the shoes look cheap.
Though, i love the hair:]

Here's the:
Pretty Great!

I like the legs, i like the hair, I like the shoes,
 I like the hand, I love the dress, I love the whole scheme:D

I really, and truly think this is better than the one above, but tell me what you think! This one took about two hours and the one above took about four. Double the time, double the mistake.



First Custom Pose

As you might know, I've always used reference pictures for my graphics... until now. I know the stomach and legs are from stardoll (My base image was a printscreen from the beauty parlor), otherwise I drew the arms and hands. I'm really overjoyed of the results, although the shading is not my best. I just want your opinion on the anatomy of it, though, since obviously I'm aware the skin shading sucks...

Anyhow, here's what I've been working on

I'm most thrilled that I drew the hands myself-- they look pretty realistic to me (proportion-wise... but I'm not sure about the shading once again...). What is your opinion about it?


Another graphic

I made another graphic. I had about 5 hours before going to the airport so I decided to make a graphic for Alex (conectt3) because I'll probably won't see her for a few weeks, plus it's winter soon and I know how much she loves winter (; Here is a graphic for you.

click to enlarge

It probably isn't my best graphic but honestly I love it. The hair might not be everyone's favorite part as I made it using a technique which is, let's say, not Stardoll related. A great graphic designer of Deviantart taught it to me a while ago. I like the socks (or whatever they are called). The dress is simple, very simple and don't have a lot of shading. The skin ... Well the skin seems alright to me. Tiny flaws here and there.

But that's probably just me so that's why I want to hear your opinions.
Feedback and constructive critz.


Graphic Request

Today I got a graphic request from MssUnitedStates. She didn't request something specifically so I took the liberty of making something I wanted to. That's why I liked her request: it was up to me to decide what to draw. I got a random idea of what to draw and this is the result:

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of the model's face (not trying to be offensive) and I didn't like the eyebrows specifically so that's why I changed them. I changed the eyes a little bit as well. Overall, the face is pleasant and lovely. I've had a lot of fun making the drawing. This skin tone is really nice and it was a pleasure for me.

The hair. I'm satisfied with the curls but I'm not sure about the upper part. Looks a little odd to me, even though when you zoom it in, it's really nice.

The dress was a pain in the neck for me, the ornaments particularly D: Won't do such designs for a while, that's for sure. However, the shading is really simple: one layer of highlight and one layer of shading. Looks simple but realistic to me.

The skin shading was my favorite part and I think it turned out pretty well. I especially love the hands. Best part of the graphic in my opinion.

The background in unappealing but I think it suits the dress quite well. Honestly I don't like the hair color but it fits the medoll's face nicely.

Now I'll just wait for the payment :L
What are you opinions on it? Constructive critz please.


Wow. Not only is this my first post on The Graphic Vault, it's also my graphics post in 5 months! I've been out of the loop for so long, but I'm glad to be back - it's been so long since I've enjoyed making graphics like this, but since I had some downtime recently, I thought why not?

This piece has a bit of background, being that it's inspired by a round over at Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer, and those of you who follow it might know that I made a rather passionate comment regarding the round. I tried to take my own comments into consideration with my own work, especially with the outfit - not something over-exposed, but something fashionable that proudly showed off some big skin (legs). :) With bonus kitty. What's not to love? (I may have overdone the feline theme... or maybe not. You can never have enough cats. FACT.)

(click to enlarge)

The jumper is a real one by Markus Lupfer, the ring inspired by YSL, the skirt my own, the shoes quite obviously the infamous Jeffrey Campbell Lita. The hair is in fact by one I saw on Stardoll on the Harrods' promotion page, and I liked it so much I had to do it my way!

Anyway, I hope I didn't drone on, and more than that I hope you like it - it's nice to have somewhere new to post!

Just a very quick note ...

Just letting you know that I've labelled all posts with the Stardoll username of the author to make it easier for you readers to find all the posts by each individual =)
So if you want to see all the graphics that Ceaara has posted, all you need to do is click on the label "missceaaria" and you can find all her posts, or if you want to find all of Lindsey's graphics, click on "LoveGossip4Life" - so simple!
So writers this means you need to remember to include the tag of your username in your posts.
You can find the labels section just to the right hand side under Media Partners. 
As well as usernames there are other labels too, such as themes, types of graphics etc. so you can browse loads of things. Though please note not every post will have its theme or type tagged on it - I might do that tomorrow =)

Hope you've had/are having a lovely Sunday!
Love K xxx

Header of my Graphics Blog

Just finished the graphics I've been working on for a while now. I had to finally change the old header of my graphics blog, which I made ages ago with a new one. It's not the best graphics I've made but yeah ...

Here is the graphic, with my old medoll face:

And here is the one I made the header from:

The scarf is really odd I think but I like the hand shading, the hair and probably the buttons on the blouse.

Well, which face do you prefer better?
Constructive critz and opinions on the graphics are welcomed.

I'm in the Trunk, in the Trunk...

I really focused on skin shading and I think I did really good. I used a previous hair-style and just some smaller clothing because I didn't really want to spend so much time on it. Those are active-wear stretch short(I have a pair similar in RL) and a plain black tube top. 
The wedges are from Christian Siriano's payless shoe collection.


Long time no post

It's been a while since I last posted AND since I made a graphic ... Well, right now I'm working on a project + graphics for it and as well as on my graphics blog header.

For now, I'm gonna show you a half of the header for BEAST. Just finished it and I think it turned out pretty. I've tried out a new hair technique but I'm not sure about it ... I'm gone practice a little..

Well, it would be nice to hear your opinions and constructive critz ...

Just want to make clear

Hey, so as the new co-owner here I just wanted to make a little reiteration that I will not tolerate swearing here on The Graphic Vault. You may say "But it's freedom of speech - I can say what I want!", but swearing is vulgar and quite frankly unnecessary language. You can express yourself perfectly well without using swear words. The first time a swear word is used you will get a strike/warning, the second time another strike/warning, and the third time you will be removed from the blog. You may think this is drastic, but I think   bad language is just not required here on the blog. There are also a number of young readers of the blog, casual swearing is not something that they should be seeing as it could be a huge influence on them not only in virtual life, but real life.



Good Morning Sunshine!

There are two versions of this graphic. 
The first is one without some small details and the second is with the details. I'm not happy with the pillow, but the sheets are something of which I am.

I made the hair, and everything besides the hands. For the hands i used a reference image. I originally tried without the image, but they looked horrible, like pink twigs bent at off angles, but here they are.

The model is someone I made up, but I'll be using her, myself, and another model I made for my graphics. She just woke up after a hardcore night of partying with her best friends. 
I am really proud of the collar bones and I'm gonna stick with that technique for my models. Those who say it isn't "correct", I'd like to point out that everyone is different:]

But yeah, please comment! 


Spoiler for HAUTE

Long story short-- there's going to be another issue of HAUTE this winter! Are you excited?

Anyhow, I really love how this came out, I really don't have any complaints! Obviously there's the background, I know it doesn't really fit, nor does the text though, but I wanted to keep it as close as I could to the theme for the Winter `12/`13 issue. What are your opinions on the graphic? Gosh, I think those legs are so sexy! (:O) Thanks to Nika on one of her graphics for helping me shade close to correct as I could ;)


Trying a New Beat

I've got a new sketch book, which I'm so excited to fill! But before I got it, I made a graphic! I tried something new, which was using the Stardoll skin colors, and not my own made skin colors. I really think it turned out pretty good, but I still prefer my own. I might keep the highlight colors, but not the shadows...

Anyways, here is the graphic! 

The T-shirt is actually one I have in real life. 
Lips For Kisses is something my friends and I have an "insider" about. 

Expect another tomorrow, because I am not busy at all this weekend!


Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween :-)
I do realise this is a day late. It's November now, how time flies!
I did have a coloured 'halloween effect' version up, but I prefer the original so here it is!
Super pixelly but it's only a screenshot of it. Nowhere near done. Thoughts?