good things come in small packages

(pretty sure someone on here used that for a title before but oh well)

okay so i'm currently working on something which i LOVE doing and that is constructing a face for a graphic

i wanted something unique but classy and here's what i came up with

the image is 150 x 200 hence the title

opinions? i personally think the lips need a little more depth which is hard to do without making them look overly glossy but i'll werq on it

let me know what YOU think


Graphic for mathildamath

She requested this banner for her new project and here it is. Hope you like it!

Header of Me!

Made a new header, but don't know when to put it up. 
Probably this weekend.

Blonde like me:) Fits my personality completely. 
Simple, smooth, but so deep in color and rhythm

What's really cool about this graphic is that I posed for it. 
Yes, I'm chubby, but whatever. 
It is supposed to be that way because it's for My graphic blog:)

My Entry for SNTDG

Wow, it's been a long time since my last post. :/
Anyway, this here was my entry for the 2nd task of SNTGD and I thought I'd share it here on the Vault with you...

I got quite positive critique for this graphic and I'm glad the judges liked it. Nevertheless, I also want to ask you how you like it? Is there anything I can still improve?

By the way, the model is actually me (some people didn't even realize it ._.) and not only the judges but also some other people in the comments mentioned that my doll's face doesn't look very male.
Honestly, is my face really annoying/not male enough to model for a graphic? :O

xoxo Rafael

ravish me red

emmahunt4, i good friend of mine, requested a banner for his blog phresh fashion, here is the finished product

click to enlarge (its very big)

the pose is from a vogue (?) shoot with beyonce i think and i REALLY like it

bye (for now)

p.s: visit and follow phresh fashion!!! 

Requested Graphic

I mainly used this graphic to practice hair and payed all attention on it, so please excuse if you see some flaws in the overall graphic. Anyways, this graphic was requested by Kirsten (you can still request graphics on my graphic portfolio) and I hope she likes it!


Blog Banner for Stardoll's Appearance

Hello all! In the past few days I have been working on making a new blog banner for Stardoll's Appearance. After so many hours I finally (!!) finished the graphic.

 (click to enlarge)

 I'm really quite happy with the results. I took Mikel's advice and used a darker color instead of just black (I used the color of my medoll's eyebrow and then lowered the opacity the the desired effect), and I'm actually really happy with the result. I love the collarbone, its simple yet effective, which is something I really like. The only complaints I have with the graphic is the hands, but they were hard to work with anyways. I really like the hair, after going back to an older style, I think it paid off. I also love the shopping bag and purse, I'm glad I put those in too.

And then there's the logo:
(click image to go to blog)

I pretty much redid the whole blog, but I'm glad I did, it was getting a little too boring for me. But, you'll just have to check out the rest for yourself! ;)

Comments? Critique??

New Writer

Hi Everyone, I'm Eamonn, also known as FashionnGirl. (with the period)
And I'm extremely excited that I have been accepted into 'The Graphic Vault'.
Like every other graphic designer here, I'm here to show you all my hopefully
wonderful creations, and I would really like to hear a lot from you all.

Encase you're unfamiliar with my work, I have laid out a few of my best and
latest - again, I hope to hear from you! (: Eamonn Collins.

Once Again :)

Hello dear readers...Remember me? I  hope you do remember :) Well if you dont...my name's Afrin :)
I started writing for TGV once again..which explains the title :) I am currently participating in SNTGD because of which am kinda not making random graphics but to start of with here's a very very quick graphic..beleive me i did not even spend half an hour on it!
Am sure it loks odd ....it lacks the finishing shading and stuffs! :D
anyhow its just a quick graphic!

Guess who?

Hello again!

This graphic isn't finished yet, but, i thought I'd show you what I've been up too..


I am very fond of the eyes.. I don't know why, but i do like them!

Of course the forhead is covered by hair, i just haven't got up to it yet! 





Hello Again! Here is just a quick hair I made, and it obviously needs a lot of work.

New Writer!

Hello! and to begin, I must say I am not any good at introductions.
I am Anya, owner of new W-Russia.
I began graphics two months ago.

Here is some of my previous works for W that have been spoiled:
(Click To Zoom)

(Click To Zoom)

Please do leave critiques, comments & tips!

Anya. xx


hair practice: imitation

as many of you probably know; i suck at hair. so i took it upon myself to practice by attempting to imitate the technique of the new tress up and here's how it went

left is stardoll's - right is mine
i for one am happy with the results
i'd love to know what everyone else thinks?

the only issue i face now is applying this technique to other hair graphics, god help me


New Writer!

Hello Everybody!

I am so very excited to be posting here! I have longed wanted to be a writer on this blog, and now i have the chance!

My name is Emma, and i love graphics! I have been away for a while but i am back now! And ready to start my graphics again! As well as being in SNTGD!

I will now show you my latest graphic! I am very proud of. Please give me lots of comments. Xx

The model is Kora522, She is very stunning and suited this graphic very well.

Comments? Critique?



Can You Keep A Secret?

That's a huge hint to this edition of "Guess Who!" Can you guess who this actress is?

I really like the outcome of the graphic! It certainly one of my better celebrity graphics! I really like the skin shading, and the hair is pretty good too.

What do you think of this?

Edit;; Here's a version with effects:

Lindsey Goes Business

The graphic takes the term "Business in the front, party in the back" 
literal with this background:D

AND if you didn't see this on my graphics blog here it is:)
Totally adore this...so much that I edited it to be my blogger image!

Can't really see the shading on the sweater:/


Hello! Modeling Opportunities Here!

Hello There! 
As you all know, I'm currently in Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer Competition 
and while I may have a large mass of models I could make(as in arrange the faces in my beauty parlor), 
I would love to have some super unique models to use for my graphics. 

Please apply below by just stating you name, age, and username:)

Thanks so much and the models I do use(I'll notify you) are welcome to 
put the graphics as a blogger profile image and in your portfolio.


i never thought i would actually end up on this blog but ok here i am

thank u to khol for spending many of her recent living moments trying to get me here

posting a graphic would be a good idea for my post so here's a recent piece i worked on

i really like this but there are things about it that bug me. opinions?

also, anybody got any ideas who it is? points to whoever gets it right first

BYEEEE (for now)

Winter contest graphic

I am sick, and my head is hurting so I won't write as much as I can. Sorry.

I made this graphic for winter header contest on blog Uzależnieni. Even if on left showed graphic it looks like... spring or summer one. I tried to repair this effect with color balance etc. but I am not sure of effects.

Generally I think it's looking good. I am happy with dress pattern, doll's face (which belongs to my doll and I specially changed for this header). I don't like body shading and hair.

Template at bottom header was made by wieczko6.

And sneak peeks:

Russian Music. Yes.

What do you think of graphics? Can you see mistakes in my English?


Recognize this dollface?

any guesses?

btw: you currently can request graphics on my graphic portfolio


Oh my gosh, I love the hair! Not so sure about the skirt, other than that, I love, love, love this graphic! Its certainly one of my better works.

What do you think? Any room for improvement?
Vote and comment! ;)

Another Day...Another Graphic...

Here is the graphic I made in about three hours. 
Not a big fan of the purse and pants and hands, but everything else is pretty good looking:)

and here it is in black and white!

I think I prefer it in black and white.

I honestly love the sweater, but it's a little messy when you zoom in. The purse isn't a favorite because I wanted to follow the reference image but I ended up making it look like a smooth leather instead of the patent leather it was made of(shiny leather if you didn't know)
Oh gosh, I'm so good at making hair! That's one of the things I can say I'm really good at and no one really says anything different:D


Look what I've found

Just been going through my older graphics and I found some that I made for a magazine that will never be published (at least the blog doesn't exist anymore...)!
But I guess they shouldn't be wasted since I spend blood, sweat and tears on them and I was so proud of my work... 6 month ago. haha. Today I just looked at them and thought about the improvement I made within these 6 month.

Anyways, I give you the permission to laugh! :D


A Question Worth Answering

This post isn't graphic-related, however I wanted to get your input. Anyhow, I was questioning my medoll's look. I like it, but I kind of want a change. That's where I changed my medoll's lips...

Your job is to vote which style you like best. Either you can comment in the comment section, or use the "reactions" toolbar at the end of the post.

Lets use 1 as "amazing," 2 is "not my style," and 3 is "it's ok."
Does that make sense?

Or feel free to say 1, 2, or 3 in comments for which look you like best.

My fifteenth Birthday

Today is my fifteenth birthday and name-day also Today I renamed and changed adress of my graphic blog. By the way I changed appearance and stuff like this.

I am really satisfied by how face and fur looks. Dress from reference photo was self-changed by me. I left only original shape of dress. All those laces (it looks like laces? I'm not sure.) and folds was made by me the things that I don't like are nails and necklace strings, but I'm happy about how it looks.

Can you see strange English mistakes? What do you think of graphic?

Fashion Frenzy // Pretty Awesome

 Excuse the lousy title, I couldn't think of a better name for the post. Anyhow, I've been on and off working on a graphic, which I really happen to like. Without further ado, here it is:

 And then one with effects:

I personally like the one with effects more, since there isn't as much flaws in it from the first version. I don't really like the jeans, either they need more layers, or its too darkly shaded. Either way, it just looks rather strange.

I'm not sure about the shoes either, but never the less, I'm a huge lita fan. In all, I'd say this is a pretty fashion forward outffit that I made ;)

Also, I finished a graphic request from a while ago. Here's the finished product:

As usual, click to enlarge.
I really like this graphic, although the shading could be less harsh, especially in the hair. This is for dubisdie's blog: The Awesome Stardoll.

So, what do you think of both of my graphics?


I'm not sure who the model is, but she sure is happy!
For the hair, I just used an older piece that I didn't want to tweak:/


it's been a while

..but I finally found the time to do a graphic just for fun. The model is Bonnie Strange - probably the only real "It-girl" Germany has! Anyway, I love her and I loved that shooting. Hope you like it too! :-)


New graphic!

Well, here's the confusing part, It's not actually mine, It's Jack's.

As he is not a writer here, he really wanted to show this graphic to a wide audience,
so here is what he said;

I want to say thank u to khol for posting this on my behalf she's such a doll

but yeah anyways i've been working on this HUGE piece for around 3 days, about 30 hours probably in total with a new technique too and here is the finished result

most of the time was spent on the jacket and skin shading so they're the main points that i hope you notice

opinions on the overall graphic? what do you like/dislike?

thank you xxxxxxx


Graphic Request

A few days ago I got a graphic request from MssUnitedStates and she asked me to do a graphic of Kaszmir13. Patrycja's medoll has an extremely light skin but even so, I enjoyed a lot making a graphic of her medoll and her skin tone is now in my Favorites list. Here is the graphic:

The original size is 1500x2000. So, the only thing in the whole graphic that I dislike is the background. But I couldn't think of anything more original and nice. Well, it somehow works for the graphic, I guess..

I'm really happy with the legs shading and I pretty much like the blazer shading. The hand shading is okay too  but probably a few more layers would have been better. The blazer buttons could have been better shaded as well ... The dress is probably my least favorite clothing piece in her outfit and I could have added a few more shading layers. I like the hair and the color of the hair too.

Patrycja's doll is overall gorgeous and I enjoyed making the graphic.