Here is a tiny yet insightful spoiler for the upcoming issue of X Magazine

The 4th issue will be debuting September 10th.

Thoughts? Comments? I'd love to hear what you think!



I think it's fair to say this blog isn't as active as it once was, so I'm taking this opportunity to accept a few new writers.

If you would like to apply to be a contributor to this blog, please click here or on the "JOIN US!" tab. Only apply if you are willing to be active and post regularly - I am currently reviewing the members of this blog and planning to remove those who are inactive.

Also, I changed up the blogs appearance a little bit, I felt it was well overdue for a change. The current banner is only temporary, I will be creating a graphic for the new banner - which means I am seeking a model! If you would like to be the new face of TGV, leave a comment on this post with your username and you will be considered.

PS: I would love to hear your opinions on the new layout/theme!


it's my pleasure to inform you all that i am now the new admin of the graphic vault! it feels amazing to have this opportunity and most of all to be able to share it with all of you.

for the time being, i will not be adding or removing anyone from the blog, although in time there may be certain adjustments made to the writers list. im also hoping to revamp the blogs image very soon

if you have any questions about this change or suggestions for the future of the blog, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via stardoll (exodus27) or skype (jackjailer), i would be happy to hear from you

here's to a new era for our beloved graphic vault


Tiny Preview

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! x

So Spice Couture is basically the only thing I've been working on since June. Wow ...
Since I'm going to release the Prêt-à-Porter collection tomorrow I thought I'd show you a little preview :D

So ... what do you think?
Have you spotted anything that you like yet?
What are your expectations for the collection?

Rafael xx


Lets put it down to a vote

Who do you think would be best to take over The Graphic Vault
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As I'm not exactly active anymore, I think the vote should go to you guys. Please bare in mind this is not a popularity contest, please base your votes upon who you think would be active and enthusiastic enough to take care of the blog, thanks guys!

If any one else whats to nominate themselves, feel free and I will add you to the poll


This was yesterday's look. (My internet was down yesterday so that's why I didn't upload it)

This is today's look. A Raincoat-type cape!


Look Illustration (:

To ensure I have this 30 look collection completed, I will create and upload a new look everyday to make sure I complete it. We all know that I'm horrible and finishing my tasks?! lol Let me know what you think. Once the collection is complete, I'll give a brief description on each look and the general inspiration and concept of the entire collection. Let me know what you think of the look below (:


VIS SS15 Collection

(L-R; Candy Two Piece, Lavender Oversized Top + Collar, Peach Top + Patchwork Jeans, Sky Shirt Dress, Abstract Amy Body)
(L-R; Daisy Slip + Collar, Candy Minidress, Cobalt Gown + Collar, Patchwork Dress, Mint Peplum Dress + Collar)

Designs by Jack Jailer
Graphics by Jack Jailer


Please comment with your thoughts!



*common-"long time no see"-text*

Look what I found in the backs of my computer. It's a graphic of Lupita Nyong'o, which was the last one that I finished back then in January. (January, wow.) The reason why I created this graphic was because I adored and still adore her dress from the Oscars. I stand corrected it were the Golden Globes. Do you remember it? Unforgettable... It turns out that the dress is the only part of the graphic that I really like. Her face isn't very close to reality, still I don't think it's too bad.
Anyways, just wanted to let you know that I am still there and planning on doing some more graphics soon. Therefore I need some models. Comment with your username if you are interested.





new mannequin design

i designed a very simple mannequin (heavily based on the le mannequins from stardoll), here she is;

the dimensions are 500 x 1000px and you're very welcome to use this if you wish! i dont mind if you credit me or not as its not really my original design, just an updated version of stardoll's

you can look out for this mannequin in my upcoming project which will be revealed soon...

love y'all xx

ps: my stardoll account was deleted...again, but you can find my new account here 


Long time (very long time), no see! It's encouraging to see that people are still posting here, I'm subbed to TGV on Bloglovin so I still see posts every now and again. As it's the summer holidays, I thought I'd attempt to log back into my deactivated Stardoll account after 4 month to see if it would actually work, and to my surprise, it did! I've been focusing on my education and I have my own blog, which is pretty active too.

I was thinking of putting someone else in charge of this blog as I am never here, what do you guys think? And do you have any suggestions?

P.S If any new designers wanted to join the blog, I have updated the 'Join Us' tab, so add your details there and I'll take a look



Gotta love Coco

I have been doing bits and pieces of graphics since my summer holidays began in May, some of them I've publised, but a lot I haven't, either because they're for a specific project or because they really are just bits and pieces of an individual graphic - this one was intended to be like that! I chose it to practice hair with, because honestly when I start up a graphic I get terrible anxiety over whether or not I can complete it because I really struggle with hair, even when I've made careful selection so that the hair is something I find achieveable, and I think it really effects my making graphics altogether. So I did the hair on this first and seeing as it's not too bad for me I ended up just doing the rest of the piece - and decided to tackle my 3rd real face (the first was for my Task 1 entry to SDNTGD, and the second I didn't complete but published here) which was meant to be Coco Rocha, now I don't think it looks like her particularly much, but I guess there is a little likeness if you look really really hard! I also really dislike how I've shaded and highlighted the top, but oh well. And I decided it was time for a fresh look over at my blog, so you can also see it on the new header over there =)



Designs by Jeremy Scott (recoloured)
Face custom made by me


Shameless Self Promotion ... Again!

Well ... I've been working on this project for a long time now. And I thought why not be so careless and post it on TGV? So yeah, you are invited ...

See you at the show! (... hopefully ... maybe ... or maybe not)

Rafael xx