Vida de Boneca

Such a cute pic! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)



Graphic I made for the lovely Mathilda foe her blog Dress Up Secrets I kinda enjoyed making this graphic and I love the final result.. But I think that my photoshop hasn't been working really well lately.. 
This is how I see it on photoshop:

BRIGHTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL -at least that's what I think- 
Idk what is happening, if you know what should I do I would be so grateful if you let me know!
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See ya!


Purple | R E Q U E S T

Been getting myself back into graphics as I had a little more time this month. I've just completed this request for AudreyHepburn. - and I'm pretty pleased! I think there are some aspects I could have put more detail or work into, like the shoes, but I really like how the top and parts of the skirt have worked out particularly at the waist. And the hair's not that dire, for me anyway! Haha =D