Remember me?

Just managed to finalize one of my 15616574846511231548154 unfinished spare time graphics.

I lovelovelovelovelovelove the hair. The rest... oh well, just wanted to finish it off.
The model is Jainijain. Just saying.

Love you! :3
(don't be too harsh)

New graphics ;D

Hey! ;D

Hello Céline

Hey Guys, Just posting a practice graphic.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE Céline!
So my appreciation is to make a graphic of the gorgeous trademark bag.

Do you love it?

The Insane Nerd

Totally have no idea where the idea to make this came from, but I REALLY like it!
Finally, I get to put all that education to use like putting my math work on as tattoos and checking my muscular system diagrams for the correct positions on the muscles! It seemed like I really dived deep into my mind to make this and It just kept egging me on to include more blood, or rip those muscles apart, or even make her cry blood!
My favorite part of this is the ripped cheek and the sewed on bloody(I'm just gonna say fabric) pencil. It's so demonic looking, but also...dedicated. 
She's very dedicated to her studies:D

Anyways, here is The Insane Nerd.

Notice the wicked smirk slightly forming on her lips. Yeah...She's crazy... 

Not too proud of the skin shading. I changed it from how it was in the reference image to something more straight-forward.

Somethings I'd like to point out: 
-Please don't rip your skin off.
-Math is your friend.
-Not all nerds are deadly.
-Blood would probably cover your face if you rip the skin off your cheek.
-Sewing pencils onto your chest can kill you unless done by a trained professional.
-If you're crazy enough to write math problems all over your arms...please see someone about that;P

Thank you, my lovelies:)





i'm sick of the awful weather, so i made this nice bright summery graphic

i hope it brings summer into your life

love you all xxx

What was Supposed to Be...

The entry I originally did for SDNTGD task 5, but never turned in:)

This was originally what I was going to turn in, but I didn't really feel the right vibe from it.
The model is Mikel (aka: Seasonalhotbuys) and the outfit is obviously from Roberto Cavalli Spring 2009 ready-to-wear.
I love the dress, love the "Bathing Suit" underneath the dress, and adore the hair. 
The concept is an underwater ad... and I think I did pretty good!

Thanks for reading:)




Little Sneak Peek :D

A sneak peek of graphic which I am dying with. :P I am not sure if i can publish sneak peaks on GV, can someone tell me?

First opinions?



Requested graphic

Graphic which i have made for viv1993 for a graphic request.

I am happy with jumpsuit pattern and shading and legs. I am unhappy with hands and nails.

I decided on quite modern design of page with usage of purple and pink (I am so happy that Vivienne is not unhappy because of pink :D). Well for template
I mixed gradient with pattern on jumpsuit. Whole thing should look like this:

Not much text but I am sleepy and my only task for now is to go to bed so that's all.

Inspirational song:

Any opinions? Mistakes in English?



as most of you may know, i am ridiculously shit at shading/drawing hair, SO i decided to start practicing

here are a few styles that will be appearing in graphics due to be released soon!


i like to think im slowly improving, although i still have a lot more work to do.

i'm very determined to conquer hair once and for all!
leave a comment and tick a box, i'll love u forever

(ps: if anyone has any tips/tutorial links, they would be greatly appreciated!)

Spoiler baby!

Yup that's right...another toxic spoiler. I am improving right?
The face was like that...i mean like its an artificial model which technically does not have a face! I just made that up.
Anyway this is a dress from 'Rihanna for River Island" I LOVE IT <3 yup that's right! A big fan :D


The Transformation of Carrie Bradshaw!

Okay, yes I know It's actually Sarah Jessica Parker but I miss Carrie Bradshaw too much! (I'm a massive Sex & the City fan)

I was browsing through dress-up dolls today and clicked on Sarah and I immediately disliked how stardoll made her. I know the shading is good etc. But they reminded us that She is now oldish, I want to remember the young and radiant Carrie Bradshaw, not the grown up one!

So I took a screen shot of the face, Opened up gimp and started to transform her to how she should really look. I can't believe stardoll actually included her facial lines and wrinkles :(

Stardoll's (left)                      Mine (right)

I tried to make her as young as possible, I hope it worked.
Oh and don't judge the hair, I'm having a really bad time trying to find a good technique but it seems nothing works for me :(


Who's that girl?

Hey y'all (I'm in an american mood),

Got another spoiler for you dolls!

Well, before you say anything, Yes I'm completely aware that this graphic is a poor quality piece from me. (my world is broken *cries*)
I started to realise it was looking a bit odd (the shadings blurred and flat) It's because I used a small reference (I normally use references over 1000 pixels)
But I adored the reference and I NEEDED to do something with it.

I loved working on this graphic as I love the person it features, OOH and also those gorgeous hotpants are from my upcoming collection of ACID. 

Do you know who it is yet?

First person to comment who it is gets a big hug from me (you know you want it)

There are numerous clues throughout this post.

Happy guessing Y'all!

Khol X

hours later....

hmm I was kinda in the mood of graphics so......

Do you think am happy about this one? NO. I love the hand shading <3  and the face shading is different from the usual type of shading. What do you think? Should I go forth with this style of shading?


Currently working on this. If I EVER complete it , I'll post it here :P

If I could...

have those shoes I would never take them off...


Experimenting with colour (UNFINISHED)

Long time no graphics! This is the first time I have made a graphic since OCTOBER 2012! I have recently downloaded GIMP to see what it is like as I was getting bored of Paint.net and thought I would need a fresh start. It's not really Stardoll related at all but it's still a graphic! This graphic is obviously unfinished, and I have a long way to go! It's inspired by the work of Minja Lee, who is an amazing graphic artist and I used this photo of Chanel Iman as a base, the colours are pretty much improvised.

The graphic is going to be the header for my RL blog (I don't want to post it here), but i'm posting this graphic because I need help! I have completely forgotten how to shade faces :( 

Anyone got any tips on how to shade faces using Gimp or face shading in general?



a lot of people who read and comment on this blog are graphic designers themselves, so i thought it would be useful to make a handy guide to making excellent graphics! this guide will contain tips no one dares to cough up, so that you can make graphics that don't look like bad oil paintings.

"that dodge and burned graphic looks so good" said nobODY EVER. the sole rule of graphics: do not use dodge and burn, or you will burn in hell.

posterising your reference gives you a rough guideline for shading and highlighting. the crafty tool for suave designers (such as me)

a rule i remember, shading opacity should always be higher than your shoesize, considering you don't have weirdly small or large feet. under shading looks a thousand times worse then over shading, although over shading also looks like crap.

minimal harsher layers look better than many soft layers, that's the way the GOOD stardoll graphics do it. but always remember range distance, if something is closer up, you need more layers. 

don't use white to highlight skin, it gives a frosty or glossy effect, which is MUCH better suited for clothes. instead, fill the area with a colour a few shades lighter than the base.

don't be a lazy ass bitch, if you're not going to put 100% into a graphic; don't do it. a graphic is a piece of artwork and should be treated like a masterpiece. you should always deliver your best and never skip corners.

making small graphics in between bigger projects is a great way to boost your skills and practice things you're not good at. no graphic is ever "pointless", as every graphic you make is metaphorically taking the next step to becoming a master!

no designers are good at everything. we all have our weaknesses, so make sure you know what yours are and work work WORK on them. never give up on something you're not particularly good at, because with time and patience, you WILL improve.

there's a myth that photoshop makes you a better designer. while photoshop does have more features and tools than other programmes, it will in no way make you a better designer.

always put a superior level of thought into your graphics. never settle for an "okay" reference, always find something that lights up something inside you. be sure that you are confident in the graphic and take your time in making it a beautiful piece of work. if you ever need help, there are plenty of tutorials  you can look at, and designers you can enquire within. don't be afraid to add your own personal twist and always persevere and try your absolute best!


yeah, erm...



requested graphic #1

I feel really embarrassed to post it here. Especially with Khols's amazing ,mind blowing, awesome banner.  Iam probably the only designer who hasnt seen much improvement :(
anyhow here's the graphic:
This is a requested graphic. That's it . No more further explanation.

Blog Update - New Banner

*Khol kindly offered to make a new blog layout as it's spring now, so thankyou Khol very much! It looks amazing!

*I also added a link to follow TGV over at Bloglovin' as Google Reader is closing down some time in June. I'm not sure what will happen to Google Friend Connect, but there's an extra option to follow this blog if GFC does close down. You can follow via Bloglovin' by clicking the link in the Sidebar.
(To import all your blogs from Google Reader to Bloglovin, click the link here)

*I would just like to say thankyou to everyone who is supporting this blog (writers, readers) and are keeping the blog going. TGV has finally received 8,000 views in a month, and 100,000 views of all time is just a few months away! If anyone has any suggestions for new things to add to this blog, feel free to comment below!


New Banner!

Hey Guys! I made the new banner for Cearia, what do you think? X

I don't like winter!

Okay, hello dolls. I made new graphics for patrycja_2000. T-shirt and hair is very pretty: D Some sat on the graphics but it was worth it.
Like to you?

{Insert Cliché Title Here}

Sticking with the cliché theme, how about we start off with an overused British (probably not at all used by our English neighbors) saying....

Ello Govna!

Ok...I'm slightly obsessed with that phrase--just slightly. If you count saying Ello Govna every five minutes slightly, then okay!

Anyhow, that's not what I wanted to post, though. If you remember my most recent post here, then you'll know I've been working on a graphic featuring Kasey (Martusia_!44). Nearly twenty-four hours later, and finally (!!) I'm finished! Oh, joy--

"Shut up already and post the graphic already!" Someone chirps.

If not the, then it's near one of my best graphics--up to date! I'm thrilled with the results, and honestly have nothing bad to say about it. Maybe I could have shaded the left leg more, but for the most part its not too shabby. My favorite part would probably have to be the jean jacket, it looks just so realistic!

And for those who are wondering, I made the background myself (excluding the buildings, that's from stardoll). I thought it was about time that I actually try and make a background, considering the majority of graphic artists use a filter or a stardoll background. I honestly can't recall someone making their own backgrounds, other than K.A.T.I.E.

I'm not too sure about the visible hand, it looks maybe a bit masculine? Or maybe it just looks small. I'm not sure. But for now, I don't plan on changing it. All in all, the hard work paid off. I'm pretty sure I spend half a day on the graphic in total...how sad I don't have a life (hehe).

Comments? Critique?


will never be completed (probably)

this is one graphic that will never be completed.
well am kinda bored so am gonna dump here something :

My drawings if you did not recognize!
what do you think?


Body-less Kasey

Consider this a sneak peek for my next graphic.

I actually love the hair, but I'm not sure if the dip-dye is too harsh. I might lower the opacity a tad, just so it doesn't stand out too much. But, what can I say? I love ombre... enough to style my own hair using this fab trend. Since lately I've gotten a ton of comments of people saying they miss my old style of hair, I tried to make this hair (shading) fairly similar to THIS one. I think its safe to say I succeeded.

Anyhow, what do you think? Did I do alright with the face shading and collarbone? I'm trying to tone down my shading to not look as harsh, either.

OH, and the model is the lovely Kasey (Martusia_144). I just love her medoll, and obviously Kasey as a person too. Our chats definitely make stardoll more interesting ;)

Comments? Critique?

Sketching #1

Ok so this image is huge but whatever. This is just a 30 minute or so sketch i did of Cara Delevingne in the colour version and the dripping lips version. As I said it's a sketch not a graphic so it isn't meant to look polished with shading to perfection. idk i don't really enjoy making graphics but sketching is pretty fun. it's nothing amazing but it was fun to make and i guess i'll start posting my sketches even though they aren't really graphics but WHATEVER 

Sexy ;D

Okey, I add new graphics ;D Sorry but I can not write a lot.
Kisses ;*

pick up the gun

i myself am a feminist, and i felt like making a graphic to represent that and female empowerment itself, in the most "me" way possible

note the armadillos for added "YES"

not gonna lie, i'm in love with this graphic. i'm very fond of the shading especially on the skirt. i feel like this was some sort of breakthrough - i just really like it

what do you think?
click a box and leave a comment


New graphic (random)

New graphic :D
Am happy about this one ignoring the hair :D
Anyway I am soooo bhappy just got a new laptop :D (HP envy touchsmart along with beats audio{the real one}) isnt this amazing :D :D :D
Anyway this is not a daily diary. What do you think of the graphic?


Its a banner for Kyliegiselle . She said she'll add the text. Only one thought , I wish i found this much time for my SNTGD task! . Anyhow what do you think?


My Accessory Vault/ SDNTGD Task 4

This is where I put all my excess accessories that I make in some graphics. The purse, dress and shoes are all from my most recent SDNTGD task. The shoe is a Manolo Blahnik, the purse is a signature Balenciaga, and the dress is a structured Balenciaga.
Of course you saw the boots on my task 3 entry. The sunglasses are featured in a graphic for my old magazine. They're actually way better looking than what they look like in this image, but I can't show you the other one;D

Here's my task 4 entry:

I really love this, but one of the judges commented that the font was "too young" and I disagree 100%. This was supposed to be a fun page in a scrapbook-exploring my discovery. 
Not some high-fashion editorial about Spain. 
Thank you, though, to the judges that didn't think it was a bad attempt at something creative!

Sneak Peek!

Hey dolls, I've got some some sneak peeks for you!

So as you may already know, I'm Working on my fashion line ACID and as much as I want to show you everything I've done, I can't because I want it to be a surprise. However, I can show you some sneak peeks!

I can also reveal that The collection will not be on a cliché runway/runway pose, It will be catalogue/online store style.

Please please please follow the blog HERE to stay updated throughout the production process.
I do not know when the collection will be released, But it wont be too long.

Kisses for you all,
Khol X

One Too Many Pearls

(Such a creative post title, I know ;D)
My slight arrogance aside (did I really just call myself arrogant?!), I created an evening gown for Rafael's Next Top Model, which I decided I'd take part in this year. Cross our fingers I'll make it past the first round, however, to say the least, I'm fairly confident in my entry. I especially worked hard on the hair--to which I was pleasantly happy with the final results. I love the dress, and I could certainly see my own self wearing for my prom. I would practically feast on those sparkles.

What do you guys think of it though? Hit or miss? I'd love to hear your opinions!

sntgd task + exciting x info

so this week's ntgd task threw me off slightly, each task gets more difficult, but i suppose that's the point of the contest. i'm really starting to doubt myself under the talents of other designers, my rope is burning close to my ass

anyway this is my graphic for this weeks task, which was to portray tokyo.

(it's quite the big one, click to enlarge!)
i got second top photo this week. i don't know, but i'm just disappointed in myself. i suppose i could have tried harder.

before this turns into my online diary of thoughts, let's move on

production for the next issue of x is moving along well, a concept has been grounded and editorials etc are being planned. i can exclusively reveal the issue shall be released sometime around may/june.

oh and,

A̴̘̯̭͐̌̆̐̋͒ͫ̿̃̕ ̧̘̪̫͚̎ͫͦͣͨ̓ͬ́T̪͍̉̈́ͧ̄̈́E̓ͪ͋͞҉͉C̹̹̬͕̘̙̹͕͉ͫ̋ͤ͋̐̓ͩȞ̝̦̝̟͔͉̙̌͆̾̕͞N̷̳̜̫͚̖̗̭͋ͦͧ̆͠Ị̵̼͉̬̜͔̎̄͘C͔̹̥̞ͦ̌̒ͬ̏ͯ̀A̤̖̻̬̪̙̰̩̥͂ͨ̽́͢͠L̠̺̲͇̯͔ͩͦ͒ ͑͛͌ͥ́͆͒̽͢͏҉̣̗̭͈̼̠̠̝F̢͓̗̞͓͂͡A̤̞̍ͤ̿̈̕U̢͔̫̼̯̩͇̰͚͑ͯ͋ͭͣͦ̀L̢͖͚̘̆̆̾͆̇̆̇̐͘T̪̥̆ͯͧ͢͟͠ ̷̘̝̥̠͗̄̔͒̀̚̚͜H͓̫̰̱͍̼̬͍͊̏̇̈͑͋̋͡A̺̯̙̯͓͙̦̱̰̾̐̄̈̇̏͒̀͡Ş̷̧͔̙͕̝̩̱̺ͨ̈ͣ̉̚ ̷̴̱̟̝̪̀̃̈̎Ȏ̴̴̮̱̱̯̤͓̮͑̏̚C̛̛̖̜̫̳͖̋̀C̢͈͍̪̦̦̺ͯ̓Ų̖͓̦̗̘̙̩̐͗ͅR̙͉͎͈̲̞̰͌̔ͨͪ͡Ę̠̭̺̳͖͉͐̐̌̓̓̅ͯ̑ͬ͠D̜͎̯̦ͮ̇͋̊ͧ͡͠
̥̮̮̝̍̊͠D̖̘̺̠̖ͭ̂͂̈́ͥͥ́͑Ǫ̲̣̭̪͕͇̤͉̿̈́ͮ́ ̸͈̦̠̺͙͓̪͚̃͆̇N̪̖͍͚̳͕͆͂͒͜͠O̵͚͎̠ͨͦͭ̅̋̌T̢̳̻̻̰̝͔͑ͨ͜ ̲̼͚͎͖̿ͭ͆ͤ̂͛͜A̷̢̬̤͈͚̯̯̎ͧ̐͆̋̚Ḑ̲͕̻̟͕͊͑̈́͜J̫̪̮̜ͬͨ̆̋̃ͫ̃̓̚U̯̯̙̙̲̥̟ͮͭ̄̽͊̓ͤS̒̇̂̇ͩ̂͠͏̰͕͙Ṫ̬͉̲͓̦ͪ̄ͦ̓͆̇́ͅ ̺̝̟͉̞̪̗͖̇ͤ͗̑̇̔̾̇́Ỵ̨̭̩̩̣ͪ́ͣͧ͡Ȍ̜̭̮̤ͮ̆̓̂U̡͈ͩ͗R͉͚̋̒ͭ̊ ̔͏̹͖̦̣̕T̸̳͓̱ͦ͂ͬ͊͆͐E̴̢̤̩̖͋ͭ̀͘L̴̨͍͔̻̞͑̇̀̔͌̃É̶͔̠̞͗ͣ̐̓̂ͨ̆̀V̶͇̝͇͎̣͍̪̌ͪ̊̈́͛̏I͇̖ͥ̓ͧ̎͗̌͊̔̕͝S̡̼̦̥̘͎̱͇ͪ̽ͧIͫ̂͒ͣ̽́̃̈͜҉̫̖̺̳̩̭̱͘O̫̦̪̻͛̔ͨ̂̈́͂́N̖̻̮̯̖̟̯̪͙̉͒̓ͨ̽̀ ̧̲̦̱̬̿́͘S̻̗͍͓̈́ͧ̂̓̏́͢E̪̤͍̯̠ͬ̆͒̉T͓͇ͭ̈ͨ̑͝
̡̦͚̌ͪͮ̀S̤̙̲̥͕̎̂̒ͧ͒ͨ͗̾Ṭ͕̹̤̣̜ͯ͢A̩͇̫̼͗ͮͬ̅̏͘Ŷ̧̭̩̟ͤ̓͊̚ ̱̥̻̄̕T̳͎̬͙͒̂U̧͎͚̼͚̮̭̣ͨͤͫ͒̏̈́͋͢ͅN͎͈̹̭̰͎͙̝̫̅ͯͫͪ̔̒ͯ͟E̸̺̞̦̐ͨḐ̨͔̳̗͔͈ͪ̈̿̍̿̉ͦ͜


Beauty Shot

Hey everyone! 
This is what I've been working on for the last few hours. It's now finished. The skin took me the longest.
I originally liked the hair, but now it's like ... O.o
I think the whole head part looks awkward, but I don't know. What do you think?? :3

By the way, I like the shimmer on the nails.
xoxo Rafael


Put your pretty dress on

I made these graphics about a month ago for 'Escape' but a week after I decided they were not going to be inculded. I do not really like them now as I have changed my technique a bit and I'm happy I did. My works turns out x10 better than what you can see below. The models are kadet12 and kaszimir13:

Escape will probably be releashed somewhere in the the frist 3 days of April!

And something irrelevant that makes me very happy: 30 seconds to mars finally releashed their first single 'up in the air' from their new album! I heard it on tumblr but there's no video on youtube or so to share it with you :/ I'm so happy though omg