back in the game

this is just a short post to let you all know i am now once again taking graphic requests. a queue will be set up in my presentation, and you can see more information on my services here 

i also wanted to thank all the people who have supported me up until this point, and who i know will continue to support me in the future - thank you all!

if you would like to cut the crap and get an early place in the queue, the best way to drop a request to me is via skype, you can find me @ jackjailer | alternatively, you can leave me a message on stardoll, if we are not yet friends just send me a request letting me know you wish to discuss a graphic. my current active stardoll account is jackjailer

thank you guys and i look forward to taking on some requests



Title of my post refers to when I actually started this graphic! That's dreadful I know - I have this tendency to name graphics with the date when I'm making them, I have even older ones than this, but I was browsing through my terribly messy graphics folder and found this unfinished one (I had literally popped the head on the picture and put a few colour swatches in) and decided I wanted to finish it this weekend! So I did =) 
I wasn't even sure who the model was, so had to do more searching of my files to find out who - her doll doesn't belong to the same person now and also looks different so I hope she doesn't mind! 
Anyway, I am actually pretty happy with this apart from the shoes and the bottom shade on the dress. The hairline is questionable, but I'm pleased with the topknot. Considering I've been out of the graphics loop for so long, I don't think it's too bad - much better than the last one I did for The Stardoll Lookbook header! 

So let me know your thoughts! 

Love K xxx


Justin Bieber

lovelovelovelovelove <3



I'm not a huge fun of this band, but I like hard rock/heavy metal music as they play.
It's probably the longest graphic I've ever done. It has taken a lot of time. Ufff.I'm very happy it is already finished :D

Is there anyone willing to buy? Any offers/bids?


Look from my A2 (A-Level) Art & Design Course Work

Hi Everyone, finally I'm able to create lots of more looks as part as my course work for Art & Design. As You can tell, this is basically my first structured piece I've created. & as part of my new year's revolution, I aim to create more pieces that are outside my comfort zone. I am also going to try and create Stardoll-based graphics too so keep your eyes open for that in the near future. 

Oh, and I've created a Facebook Page displaying all of my styling work, graphic work & more so check that out too if you wish: https://www.facebook.com/eamonncollinsdesigns


Been a while!

It's been far too long since I posted here! But as I said on my last post (back in September, oh dear =/) I have had my focus on uni, I was so stressed it was unbelievable, but got a great rest over the holidays =) Anyway, today I just sent live my little 2014 makeover on my blog The Stardoll Lookbook - and here is the graphic I made for it:
You can see the slightly larger version over on the blog if you'd like =)

I will also happily be the first person to say it's not really a great graphic for me, the shirt is kinda average, I hate the bangle and the hair ... lets not go there, we all know I am outright awful with hair!!! If I could I'd totally puke on this one! However I am kinda happy with the look it has and am happy with it on my blog for now =)

Let me know your thoughts! 


it saddens me how dead this blog has become. i intend to change that and revive what was once a haven for artists back to its original state.

on that note, here's another graphic i completed during my absence

this graphic was inspired by the true beauty that is neelam johal. if you don't know this gorgeous girl then i suggest you google her now - she's dominating the industry at the mere age of 18, watch ya backs

i used a very different method for the hair, one which i find works well for me - please do not complain about how the hair has no highlight; i am aware of that.

as always, i welcome your comments and criticism!
feels great to be back, love y'all xx

ps: i have some pretty exciting news to share with you all soon.