Soooo I did something...

...I finished the graphic that I posted a day or so ago. 

I feel as if the graphic has a message, but it's not necessarily a positive one, like, you know what i mean? idk.

Feedback would be dearly appreciated. If anything about this graphic offends you, besides the fact that it's not very Stardoll-friendly (lol), just don't look at it, simple as that.

And once again, as mentioned in my previous post, if you wanna model for any of my upcoming graphics (free), leave a comment with your username on either this or my previous post. Or just contact me on Stardoll




I started this graphic 2 months ago but due to many reasons I never finished it. I was planning on using it as a spoiler for Escape so I decided to finish it this morning but a minute after I opened the file on Photoshop I realised that I didn't feel as excited about it as I was when I started it, which was of course expected given the 2 month gap...

What do you think about what has been done so far?

The Inhumanly Lazy Human Being is Posting Again

Update: I'm planning on making maybe a few more graphics during the remainder of my summer break, and I decided to give y'all a chance to have your doll's face featured in one of them. For free.
All you have to do is either post your username in a comment, or contact me directly on Stardoll (Princess_Kiara1), also let me know if you've got a problem with your doll's skin being (excessively) exposed, or if any type of drug-ish themes (nothing hardcore tho) offend you, because if that's the case, I'll spare your doll for a more "casual" graphic, that is if I decide to use your face, ofc. But just let me know if there's any type of problem with any type of subject whatsoever, because I'm really not looking forward to offending anyone in any way. Or do I?

Is that how you use caps in an English title? Yes? No? Whatever?

Anyways here's a little something, and don't let the fact that there's a middle finger thrown up in the air, prevent you from looking at the graphic as a whole...because that seems to happen a lot.

This one certainly isn't finished, there's like a hell of an amount of tattoos left to be drawn, but guess what, I'm a very lazy human being, so this shall do for now.

Just to point it out, I KNOW one arm seems much thinner than the other, but I guess it's just the pose? Because I swear to satan that's exactly how it was on the reference photo, but I guess after not putting much effort into graphics for 2 years in a row my shading game got weak, and shading everything completely off of scratch might not have been the best idea yet, or maybe it's just the fact that I kinda didn't care about the shading there since both arms were supposed to be heavily covered in tattoos. 

However, I was thinking about fixing it for the purpose of publishing it on here but guess how lazy I am? Lazy enough to have left it the way it was. Ha.
Somebody knock some motivation in me.



i love having fun with graphics, and this was probably one of the most fun to make

i adore how this turned out, im actually in love with it! to say i did it in just a few hours i think it looks pretty good

leave a comment!
tick a box!

love y'all :*


sneak peak + tgp info

it pains me that i cant share all the x graphics with you just yet, but i am excited to share at least a little sneak peak of something else that im currently working on

i did say "little sneak peak"

i've started using different techniques in all my work now and in my opinion its paying off, i'm really starting to enjoy graphics again

one other thing

applications for the graphics project will be closing on monday, so if you wish to apply, you should do asap! you can click here to apply 

lots of love and silicone kisses



Hello All,
Not sure if you remember me too much, but I'm Emma, owner of Cute.Miss.Lola (now that i'm older.. this is such a corny username!). I have sadly grown out of stardoll.. as i have become older and Ive tried new things. I only come onto stardoll when i am bored.. or just want to check how things are going. As for my graphics.. IVE LOST MY STYLUS PEN!! I'm so disappointed because I'm really in the mood for graphics right now!

- As for this ^, this is an unfinished graphic from 2012-2013 i think! let me know what you think ... :')

Anyway, if you want to get in touch with me, email me on stardoll :-).

best wishes




UPDATE: i stupidly forgot to include the application form on the blog post, it's now there so you can now actually apply - sorry about that!

(old graphic, i'm aware)

long time no see! and that's because i've creeping around in the woodwork thinking of ways i could really give back to the graphics industry, and thats when i began organising this brand new competition for aspiring designers; the graphics project.

here's some more info (as can be found on the official blog)

"The Graphics Project is a competition created for aspiring graphic artists to build a reputation and succeed within the industry. Following a tough selection process, 10 artists are chosen to participate in numerous challenging tasks, at the end of which our highly respected judges analyse and criticise their work - each week, the contestant who pleases our judges the least is eliminated, until we are left with our final pair who then battle it out in a nail biting finale to snatch the crown, the prize money and more importantly, the title of Ultimate Designer. Who will reign this cycle? It's time to find out; let the project begin."

applications are now officially open and i hope to see some amazing designers take part in this up and coming project.

lots of love

jack xxx

(ps: i would like to thank kim (xxlovexx) for giving me her blessing on using the format she originally created with sdntgd, i am extremely grateful for her support)


Some unpublished work

First of all, I would like to apologise for my absense. I haven't posted something here in ages and that is due to many reasons. Some of my graphics are either meant to be kept a secret until the release of Escape Magazine and others were just thrown straight to the bin. But I have two pieces of my work here worth showcasing:

A request graphic featuring justicelover94

My entry for SNTGD task 3, which of course never got to be published as the competition was cut short before even the semi-finals.

All opinions and constructive critism are welcome!


Happy Independents Day!

Happy Independents Day to my American friends!



I'm proud of that face. 
Hope u won't be disgusted because of boobs on my work.