The Inhumanly Lazy Human Being is Posting Again

Update: I'm planning on making maybe a few more graphics during the remainder of my summer break, and I decided to give y'all a chance to have your doll's face featured in one of them. For free.
All you have to do is either post your username in a comment, or contact me directly on Stardoll (Princess_Kiara1), also let me know if you've got a problem with your doll's skin being (excessively) exposed, or if any type of drug-ish themes (nothing hardcore tho) offend you, because if that's the case, I'll spare your doll for a more "casual" graphic, that is if I decide to use your face, ofc. But just let me know if there's any type of problem with any type of subject whatsoever, because I'm really not looking forward to offending anyone in any way. Or do I?

Is that how you use caps in an English title? Yes? No? Whatever?

Anyways here's a little something, and don't let the fact that there's a middle finger thrown up in the air, prevent you from looking at the graphic as a whole...because that seems to happen a lot.

This one certainly isn't finished, there's like a hell of an amount of tattoos left to be drawn, but guess what, I'm a very lazy human being, so this shall do for now.

Just to point it out, I KNOW one arm seems much thinner than the other, but I guess it's just the pose? Because I swear to satan that's exactly how it was on the reference photo, but I guess after not putting much effort into graphics for 2 years in a row my shading game got weak, and shading everything completely off of scratch might not have been the best idea yet, or maybe it's just the fact that I kinda didn't care about the shading there since both arms were supposed to be heavily covered in tattoos. 

However, I was thinking about fixing it for the purpose of publishing it on here but guess how lazy I am? Lazy enough to have left it the way it was. Ha.
Somebody knock some motivation in me.


  1. Anonymous29/7/14 17:45

    I'd like to enter my doll to be featured in a graphic. My username is ALLYE99. I'm alright with anything in the graphic, just do whatever you want.

  2. I love your tattoos and hipbones so dreamy!!

    Me @seasonalhotbuys :P

  3. Looks good! I love the bow tattoos :D And I'd like to be featured in one of your graphic, as long as it hasn't got to do something with drugs. My username is mathildamath.

  4. My username is kadet12 :)

  5. I would be super happy if I got picked >o<
    My username is Dont_read_it

  6. Hi, I would like to be a model
    Doll´s name: Rei1981

  7. Wow, i have posted my name like twice and this wont work! My name keeps disappearing.


  8. Gosh those shoes! I'm really jealous of your shading technique lol
    Also I'd love to be featured in one of your graphics ^^ My doll is Aeon_Flux_96

  9. I would love to be in a graphic of your's. My stardoll username is SoulGina.

  10. Amazing! And if you decide to make a more casual graphic, my user is Natalie_hearts_