LookBook: Edition 1

This is going to be a monthly thing as I don't have as much time for graphics as I used to. It is also exclusive to this blog! Here's the first ever edition:


*If I get mainly negative reactions, I probably won't continue with this.


FEMME Summer 2012 Spoiler

Hi, sorry for being absent from this blog. This is what I was working on;
The graphic is gonna be used for the FEMME Summer 2012 spoiler. It's not completely done yet, there's still text being added and stuff. 
It took me about two days to finish this piece, which doesn't mean that I was working on it 24/7, lol. And I'm aware of the sand on/around/between her fingers looking crappy.

So yeah,..what do you think of it so far? Click the graphic if you wanna visit the official FEMME blog.



Do you miss anything?

 Belive me, it's look better without face...
 and I love to write short posts. haha.


I add face and glitters. Which version do you prefer?

Header for Extravagance Stardoll

Today I was speaking with Lissy about her blog.
Since I was basically the only writer who kept writing,
 She gave me the blog and permission to do with whatever I wanted to.

Today...it received a makeover.
I'd appreciate you going to check it out, but i won't ask because that's not the purpose of this post.
the purpose of this post is to show you the header I made for the blog along with the new Logo.

Here's the header:

To me, the dress kinda looks hooker-ish. But I saw the design pattern and fell in LOVE!
It's like wool, but made of mixed silk thread. 
Definitely beautiful.

and here's the logo:
I think I might make the logo a little larger.
and brighter.

Anyways, I've been busy with requests and such, so I'll be posting the requests here also, with permission from the owners.



Unused Graphic Banner

     It always gets to me when I complete a graphic, but there is just something that gives me the chills about it. Whether the clothing doesn't go with the skin tone, to the background turning the atmosphere into a chilly mess, it happens to me often. This happened to me recently.

     I've been planning a giant makeover on my blog, and after multiple pose ideas and attempts, I came across one that particularly spoke to me. I was in love with it after I created it, but then it slowly turned into a nightmare of a graphic. I'm not exactly sure what changed my mind, but I wanted to challenge myself just a tad more. For that reason, I'm showing you all the unused Stardoll's Appearance blog banner.

(click to enlarge)

     What do you think of it? What turns you off in this graphic that I decided to abandon? Comment below, and use the "Reactions" widget attached to the post below to help out. This way, your help can allow me to furthermore improve on my graphics.

-Lindsey (LoveGossip4life)

Latest Request

Hey everyone :D

Here's my latest graphic, it was a request from HevaTheBleva.

I like it, but thats my opinion :) what do think?

Taylah :)


Long Time No Post!


I don't have much to say.. enjoy? :L




Well, My name's Kasey:)
Some of you may know me from my personal graphics blog, 


I've been doing graphics for exactly a year.
I use Photoshop and a bamboo tablet.
My main tools in graphic design are the burn and dodge tool.
I use the available features on them in order to make it simple, but just as effective as any other designer.
I think my best feature on graphics is the hair I create.

My techniques are combinations of my past graphics and modern twist. 
I look up to designers such as Lana and Sofi. 
They are what I consider the best in the business.

Here are a few recent, but still older graphics:

(Model: Supa_star4real(Debbie))

(Model: Kasejen)
Here's part of a future fashion line I'm making. 
This is a simple clothing line, with floral accents.

 (Model: Graphic Designer Lindsey(post below))
Here's another section of the fashion line, called after-prom party.
It's a selection of dresses ranging from short, or elegant.
It incorporates colors of popular prom dresses, as well as simple shoes.

And Another New Graphic Designer...

     Hello The Graphic Vault followers! Some of you may know me on stardoll, or have seen my work on other blogs on the stardoll network, or even a small chance that you might have seen me as another face you walk across in the real world we call reality. I am Lindsey, as many refer me to as LoveGossip4life on stardoll. As I may recall, yesterday the new writers were revealed for the blog, and I was ecstatic to find out Ceaara chose me as one of the two new recruits.

     Like the rest of the bloggers on The Graphic Vault, I will be sharing my newest graphics I whipped together, though I'm most excited to get your opinions on my graphics evolution over time. I'm also excited to get started posting on The Graphic Vault because making graphics is one of my biggest passions and/or obsessions in life. I truly love the aspect of art, and that is why I applied to write for the blog in the first place.

     Without further ado, I'd like to start by showing you all some of my more recent graphics, however I promise there will be loads more!

     Expect more within the week or next week, and if you'd like to see even more of my work, visit my official graphics blog HERE.

-Lindsey (LoveGossip4life)

Dash Magazine

(Click the image to go to the blog)

Upcoming magazine made by Hollyoaksrock*.

The graphics are looking good so far, and I love the hair. They are looking for writers, graphic designers and models, so if you are interested in any of those go ahead and sign up!

I wont be continually making graphics for a while, but I am working on a something exclusive for this blog. :)



New graphic designers/writers

I have to admit, it was hard for me to choose, because I wanted to pick people with different abilities. Each person that signed up had good qualities, but as it came down to it, I chose two:


To all the others that signed up, if and when I need new graphic designers, I will contact you!




I've been really inactive lately, sorry for that.
But here's a graphic I finally managed to finish.
It's about insecurity, what almost every girl feels at some point.
No model, didn't want the face to show.
Anyways, I hope you like it.

Another Realife Face

8 Hours of work.... Enjoy - By Lige07


Here's something I made last night, it's for a project I'm on :)

There are quite a few 'sharp' bits, like at the knees, but I couldn't be bothered fixing them as it was like 1am!

Love K xxx

Step by step..

Another graphic and I don't know what to write.. again. Hmm... that shoes. They are really not my favourite. I miss heels, but a lot of people (that I know) love it. I don't know why.


Food For Thought

Hello. Lige here once again, here is a sneak peak of a banner for a new project I am helping with. I am now doing custom faces, etc. Please comment with detail (The background is only temporary, not being used for the project) xxoo


Missceaaria - Banners I made

And TTT FW begins today! Click here to join in on all the fun!


Dubistdie request a graphic

Hey everyone!!

i no its been a while since i have posted and im sorry, i've had lots of homework, but during the weekend i was able to finish of my latest request from Dubistdie. here it is:

i actually really love this graphic, especially the hair! i know the feet are a bit out of proportion but they were really pissing me off! I actually hate making feet/shoes and hands cuz i suck at them, but anyways. I also drew the pose on my tablet, YAY! im improving! hahaha :D what do you think? :D

Taylah xo :D

P.S Happy Valentines Day for yesterday! <3


TTT Fashion week is almost here!

Spoiler for TT fashion week (Click the image to go to the blog). This has been anticipated for a long while since SFW has disappeared out of the blue. It has a collection of magazines, fashion lines, stardesigns and something special too!! We are all very excited!

Missceaaria - Request

My third request I think? I wanted it to be a bit girly, and I wanted the hair long! Not sure about the chest area, any opinions?



MissCeaaria - Graphic

Woohoo!! We've reached 70 followers, hurrahh!!
Anyways, back on topic:

It's okay, cause I always avoid creases as I am so bad at them, what do you think?

Model: Rockinellee


It's Nicki!!

My first time doing a real person! ITS NICKAYY!! The shirt looks a total mess, but its supposed to be lace, I'll improve next time lol.




I haven't neglected you, sorry for not posting in a while! I am working on something so I will post what I've done so far...

Guess who it is..?

Last Request

So although I've closed requests, I'm just catching up with ones I hadn't done yet, this was for a blog header, but I've decided to just post the pose here :)

You can see the full size image by clicking on it :)

Love K xxx



So here's a request I completed last week and haven't posted yet:

I know the neck is a little on the thin side, but other than that I don't think it's too bad :)

EDIT - here is a larger version of the pose:

Lots of love,
K xxx


Yes! The time has come! Hiring 2 more writers.
I don't think many of us have time for graphics at the moment, so I am looking for new graphic designers.

Sample of graphics:
How often will you be able to post?:

2 will be chosen on the 20th February


Latest Graphic - request

Hey guys!!!!

I have finished my latest graphic which was request by Lozzyy. os stardoll. It was for her blog: Sweet Stardoll Secrets. :D It's pretty simple but i still love it :D here it is:

(Click to enlarge, it big!!)

what do you think???

Taylah XoX

P.S i am no longer ss on stardoll so can anyone else suggest how people can pay me (for their requests) while im not ss, cuz i cant use my bazaar anymore :/ 


Graphic Request

Here is todays graphic, which was a request for Dancaholic98, she wanted a half-body pose of rozhina as the model, and it will be a header for her blog(she's adding text herself):

Love K xxx


More graphics work :)

So seeing as my hockey practice was cancelled this afternoon(Yay! The pitch was frozen!), I decided to make a graphic :)

I can't decide if the head size is right, so I'd love some quick comments to let me know if you think it's ok, too small or too big!

Thanks, Love K xxx

Another Graphic Request

So I got my second request, and here is the finished product:

I think it turned out quite well, and I think the pose really suits the attitude in the face!

EDIT: Ok, you can't really see it well as it's got a transparent background, and the text is a similar colour to the background here, you can see it better on my graphics blog :)

That's all for now,

Love K xxx