Spoiler part 2

I can't wait to show the full graphic for you guys. 


Coral Christmas @ The Stardoll Lookbook

For the brand new header at The Stardoll Lookbook =) Not a perfect piece, but it brings a fresh vibe to the blog.


Courreges SS16

Made for my project TRENDMagazine, modelled by JanetteLow



Hey people. This last few weeks have been crazy for me! I got a big request to finish and I've been working on it nonstop.
Everybody that makes graphics knows that duplicating the pattern of clothes is not easy. But so far I think I'm doing a great job and that makes me so trilled to keep going. Not to mention that the amazing person who requested the graphics is loving it!

I can't wait to post the final product for you guys to see *-*
But that's it for now.



I quickly designed this newly posed mannequin earlier today and thought I would share it with all of you here.

You can click here to download her for FREE!

Would you like to see more mannequin uploads? Perhaps with different poses? Leave a comment if so.

Jailer x


TGGD Cycle 2 Header

Click to enlarge! Got to choose my own theme for this task, went with minimalism - check out the task details *here*
This task was due almost a month ago now and I was the only one to submit something unfortunately, I've checked and it's ok to publish.


Yiqing Yin Couture

Very quick graphic, hair's a mess, but love the dress^ Model - sinneya.


Officially open


I have a pleasure to invite you for my new blog created for the graphic designers (in general).
If you have a graphic blog and you want ur blog to be added as a link - contact me ;) 
(In general posts are written in polish, but everyone's welcome, therefore if there'll be a need to translate them just tell me)
Currently there's a lottery with some valuable stardoll clothes.
All u have to do is to write a comment with ur stardoll nick below the post "Loteria"



Was running a little on limited time for this task, so a few things need more work, namely hair, but overall I'm pleased with it^ Won 'Best Photo' for this entry, and it brings joy that the model was so pleased to see herself in a graphic *kisses to you*



Made as a prize for Seleniu, features on my rejuvenated project, TRENDMagazine



{Click to enlarge}
Not really a fan of this one, but I think the graphic itself is fine, I like the skin and clothing shading.



I was granted the absolute pleasure to co-produce and design Nimka's outfit for a recent red carpet event. It was once again a time consuming, hectic, but nonetheless exhilarating experience to bring her incomparable vision to life. The look was heavily inspired by Chanel couture, cake frosting, ice glaciers, and princess ballroom style with an angelic Galliano twist. 

Here is the final look;

(Click to enlarge)

Also, some details;

What are your thoughts?
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Haute Couture

Click to enlarge^

Designers: Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Alexis Mabille, Ralph&Russo, Alberta Ferretti

Personal favourite: Valentino and Ralph&Russo

For full spread visit HERE

LOVE Magazine Issue 1




TGP Cycle 2 has officially RELAUNCHED. You can apply to compete now by clicking the link below.



Saint Laurent

{Click to enlarge^}
Can finally post this - my task one entry to The Greatest Graphic Designer, and it's a good way for me to dust of my skills and get back into it after a long time off for my studies (still studying, but my course is so close to being done!)
The task was to pick anything Saint Laurent, and I didn't want to just go for runway, so I picked this very pretty ballet themed shoot and I'm happy with it! Sure the hair looks like a makeup brush ontop of her head, but overall I'm pleased with my work and pleased I managed to produce something like this with as rusty a hand as mine, haha!
Let me know what you think in comments =D xx

All hands on deck

Things happen when you're bored and on break 



Old unreleashed graphics

It's been very long since the last time I made a post, let alone make a graphic or log into stardoll. I am no longer active or am planning to be but I still have some unreleashed unfinished work from Escape Magazine, which no longer exists...So here it is:

(Please do note; all of the above graphics are about 2 years old)


Ancient goddess

Hey, hey :) Here it's me again. I decided to publish another one of my latest graphics. 
Actually it's an old request. The things I like the most in this work is the shading of the robe & the majestic face. Lol. What do you guys think?


Angelina | R E Q U E S T

{Click to enlarge - but I warn you it's massive, I totally didn't realise how huge it was until I previewed it here!}

I accepted this request in like February and I've only gotten around to putting the work in now (oops) but I'm sooo please with the outcome - it's a lot of skin for someone who has been out of practice, but it mostly ended up pretty well! Normally I don't keep the original background but this was pretty specialised and all the Stardoll chairs weren't quite right for it so it really does look best like this! I'm incredibly happy with this overall, can't stop smiling =D

Let me know what you think in either the check boxes or comments =D


Blues | Practice

This weekend I put aside some time to make a graphic - and I hope to try this every weekend so I can stop getting rusty like I am already! Chose a model from my model call on facebook and Isabella8103 was perfect for the look of the image I had chosen:
I think it looks better at this smaller size than the full one, so this is what I'm publishing! It's not great, but I do like certain aspects of it - the shoes were silver and I have attempted some sort of effect, it's not there yet, but I think with some work it could get there! And the collar was some sort of angora fur I think and very light and fluffy which I found difficult to replicate. However getting to do a graphic is a joy in itself so I don't mind some small errors so much^

Let me know what you think in the comments =D

Brace yourselves summer is coming

Sorry for such a long break. During last time I was busy with... hmm.. nothing, so I decided to make some graphic and... Here it is, my latest work :) I love the face and the dress. I hate the hand. The rest part is average in my opinion.
What do you guys think? Leave a comment and see ya next time.


Vida de Boneca

Such a cute pic! I'm really happy with how it turned out :)



Graphic I made for the lovely Mathilda foe her blog Dress Up Secrets I kinda enjoyed making this graphic and I love the final result.. But I think that my photoshop hasn't been working really well lately.. 
This is how I see it on photoshop:

BRIGHTER, MORE BEAUTIFUL -at least that's what I think- 
Idk what is happening, if you know what should I do I would be so grateful if you let me know!
Leave a comment and tick a box :)

See ya!


Purple | R E Q U E S T

Been getting myself back into graphics as I had a little more time this month. I've just completed this request for AudreyHepburn. - and I'm pretty pleased! I think there are some aspects I could have put more detail or work into, like the shoes, but I really like how the top and parts of the skirt have worked out particularly at the waist. And the hair's not that dire, for me anyway! Haha =D


JC De Castelbajac | U N F I N I S H E D

I was planning on dong a little lookbook style set of graphics from this collection, however I really won't have time sadly, and I started this so long ago that my desire to complete it is waning - so I've decided to publish what I did finish, even in it's unfinished form! The original size image is huge, but you can view it if you like. I'm very happy with the elements I did finish actually, which was everything apart from the coat!


Self edit

Hey my beautiful people! Some of you already know I don't play stardoll anymore.
I'm still taking requests, btw I just started 3 for this month, soon I'll be posting them here ok?
Today I just wanted to post the edit of my dolls face. Yeah I don't play but I still love my doll and I like to use her face as model sometimes.


Many of the designers on this blog rose from being a part of Cycle 1 of TGP - now it's your chance! If you're an aspiring graphic designer, or just think you have what it takes to win then apply now!

Info on the contest can be found on the blog.




Graphic requested by Pablo. When he showed me the references I was blown away and ofc I was terribly scary of doing this one specially, because there is so much skin! 
But well to be honest I kinda like it. I'm so satisfied with the chair.
What do you think? Tick a box or leave a comment :3



This was my outfit for the coveted X Awards Black Carpet event. Has to be one of my favourite Galiano looks to date, and it looks exquisite in all black.

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The title does nothing have to do with the post, but Nimka told me it doesn't matter soo....

Anyways, here's something I've recently been working on: a graphic of me, wearing nothing but a blazer and a cigarette in my hand.

xoxo Rafael


Street Style

Last week I did this graphic for blinnes and her friend, minaj131. I tried to finish it as fast as possible, so as you can see - or not - I used the same leg 4 times, cause we didn't want to make the dolls walking. Plus, both them have the same left arm, I just had to change the colour.

References: Left / Right

The most hard part were the bags, for sure. They weren't very clear on the picture but I'm kinda proud of them, specially the green one. I like the final result and the way the background contrasts with the clothes (Louis Vuitton btw). Guess that's all I have to say about this one. Hope you like it!
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Hey guys, how are you?
So, I did this graphic for my dear friend Luiza (blinnes) and is the first time ever that I take a black & white photo as a request. Since this one was very simple I decided to do it.

I don't usually re-use any graphics because that's not fair to the person who paid for it, but I did a second version of this graphic (colored) because I intend to print it and put it on my bedroom wall. I thought it made more sense to have the face of my doll.


Miss Dior

It seems like I am really obsessed with Dior lately, most of my recent graphics were either Dior x JLaw ads or Chanel runways. So this time, I was totally STUNNED after seeing Dior's latest ads with Lawrence. I had to make it. And I had to save more pictures because... well, it's never enough. So, except more Dior from me. But the thing which is coming right after this is not Dior at all... is X Awards enough to say?


Face it

A little gift for the doll SoniaBellaStone :)

New Look!

The Graphic Vault proudly presents the new banner, by yours truly XxSophiie.LuvxX

The Banner should be a representation of the owners personal style, so I chose to make something quite extravagant but with a very simplistic style to it

I also loved the androgynous style of it! It's quite a demure statement but it should still be considered

There's not much to the graphic, I think its quite appealing to the eye and I fell in love with it! Plus after some recent event's it's nice to have a darker skin doll featured in the banner of this wonderful blog!

I'd also like to announce that from today on we will be renewing banners every 3-4 months, and the creator of the banner will be the contributor that has the most viewed post during this time period, designers don't forget in this blog we get hundreds of views a week, and it should be considered an honor to feature your work as the representation of our graphics community 

As always please leave a comment, thick a box! I'm really excited to know what you guys think!
xo. Pablo 



I had the pleasure of styling both myself and n1mka4eva for the Stardoll Fashion Week red carpet. It was such a fun event and the reception of my creations was overwhelming!

Let's start with Nimka's look, she wore customized Chanel with Meadham Kirchoff socks and shoes;

Head to toe look


The outfit took over 4 days to finish and consisted of over 1000 separately placed jewels. The end result was certainly some of my finest work.

I wore custom designed sweater, miniskirt, and glasses with Jeremy Scott FW11 shoes and bag.

Head to toe look

What do you think of these looks?
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