Small Blog Update

1. Sparklewand12 is now a co-owner, as I don't really have time to make graphics and I need some help to manage the blog.

2. NEW BLOG LAYOUT! Usong the graphic I made a while ago.



Look at Me Being Awesome!

Though today isn't so awesome because I'm sick, I finished a graphic:D

While the dress is a plain blue dress, the jacket is a mesh, which was supposed to be part of a line I WAS making, but I got WAY too busy for it and trashed the idea. But not the clothes! They're gorgeous:D
I also changed my medoll, and I love how I'm like, the only person using those lips:]
Comment on my lips and design/graphic! I'd love to read your words:)


Rushed graphic for RNTM

Well, I think the title says everything...
Today I made a graphic of myself for RNTM. I'm using it for the banner as well as for the Cycle 5 Opening video. Anyway, it's a remake of an old graphic that muffins97 made for me about one year ago.

Old graphic by muffins97

New graphic which I made

 Comparing the two graphics you can tell that my doll's face has changed quite a lot over the past few months. Anyway, I'm not that happy with my graphic as it's very rushed. I spent most of the time on the sweater but now I think that the folds are too ... much.
But I hope you won't realize the flaws of this graphic so much in the video, haha.

What do you think? I know I could have done better but I just didn't have time and I still don't.
xoxo Rafael


Practice + experiment with hair

My last post was portraying toxic's new header which was umm 'not completely failure' graphic. So keeping in mind all the comments I practiced another graphic today:-
What do you think of this one? Well I think it is better than the one for Toxic. The hair was an experiment with how different I can bring an ombere technique into the graphic. It was a delibrate idea of not shding the hair. You can see some shading ,but it is not complete. I dont think this kinda ombere is a good idea :P Next up is the skin ,no shading there too cuz I was practicing clothes that explains it
Anyhow I can see many mistakes but overall I guess this can be one of the best graphics you have seen from me! Am stopping here cuz am so tired because I am fasting, and another half an hour to go for breaking it!
So Adios


Toxic's Header

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
Am back with yet another graphic. This time it is for Toxic's header:-
That is not the exact pic with the background! Its different! well wanna chack out? click here! hope you all follow as well as apply as a model?
As I have finished the graphic I can see numerous mistakes! Especially the right hand! and well the neck and the face is not so detailed but I was lazy so "whatever" :P anyhow I do love the hair cuz I think it has improved tremendously!
What do YOU think of the graphic? Please feedback?
- Afrin



I'm back with improved shading skills!

Hey guys!
I know I'm a bad writer. I only wrote two posts ever since I got a writer here and then stopped posting. I apologize for that but I had hardly any time for graphics in the last few weeks. School, problems in family and other stuff kept me away from Stardoll. But now I've got more time for Stardoll and graphics and I promise I will post regulary now. :)
Anyway, I want to present you a graphic that I made the last two days which I'm very proud of. Have a look:

This graphic is inspired by the H&M campaign with Lana Del Rey. The original size of the graphic is quite big because I took an higher quality than usual (150 dpi instead of 72 dpi).

I think I've really improved, don't you? I worked on my shading technique and I guess I will do all my future graphics this way. Thanks a lot to Lindsey who was a huge inspiration for me, especially how she makes hair helped me improve my own shading skills!

What do you think? Do you like it? Anything I can do better?
Please tell me!

xoxo Rafael!

Guess What: Unofficial Spoiler!



My first jacket!

So I completed a graphic request today, and it included the first jacket that I've ever made into a graphic! Can you believe I've gone this long without making one?!?! I certainly can't!
I don't think it's my best work overall, I think the hair is pretty poor, and the skin at the neck could have used a little more work, but I only had today to work on it as I have no free time until Christmas(literally crying at the thought!) 
However I think the jacket turned out well, and the jeans! I'm not 100% confident with denim/jeans really, but I think these ones came out fine =)

The graphic is going to be used for a header for a blog, so this version with the background is just a little extra!

Let me know what you think!

Love K xxx

New Blog Header

Hello all! I think I just felt my first ever earthquake about an hour ago. Since I now live in California, there's a much greater chance for that faulty "fault" (haha) to give us some time to break into the surface... okay, now that was bad... or didn't even make much sense, but if you know how earthquakes are formed, then yeah.

Anywho, the real reason I'm posting is because I have been working on a new header for my graphics blog, which for any of you who care, it has been very unactive... how sad that I am such a terrible blog owner? Lets see what I've managed to scrap together!


Its more of a Spring-ish theme, but I guess that's okay, so I won't have to change it any time soon! What are your opinions on the banner? I personally am not sure if I like the skin shading, and the skirt is okay... but I'm pretty happy with the shirt and hair though. And I think the text didn't come out too horrible this time either. So, all in all, I'd say its not too shabby.

Comments? Please?


Practice: Hair

Hey guyz & gals!
How are you? All good I hope! Am great! Especially when I got my loooong awaited graphic tablet! YES exactly!!!!! I got it at last!
So with the tablet I thought of practicing so I got it yesterday and I was confused with it but today Thanks to Mandie I got the confusion corrected :P That was silly stupid mistake!
anyhow heres what I practiced (practiced it is not the exact thing i wanted it to turn out as):-
So what do you think? Its hair as said and I think this has turned out good afterall! :D
feedbacks? :D


New header for ...

Been working on a new header for The Stardoll Lookbook, and here it is:

I can see many mistakes, particularly in the hair, but as a whole I really like it for the blog - I think it suits it and fits the vibe =)

As always, let me know what you think!

Love K xxx



A completely unofficial spoiler, but it's returning, can you gess what?


Perfectly Petite;]

Do not judge me! I haven't worked on graphics for over three weeks due to school work/after school clubs/etc..It's been a busy week and I'm glad the weekend is here!:D


Anyways, because of no continued practice, I think this is one of my lesser good graphics.
Anyways, enjoy:]


Miu Miu =)

So I recently helped out with Rebelle (see post below) by making a graphic for it, and here it is(I added my own text and background here):
I really like the hair - it was my first topknot believe it or not, and I think it worked out nicely =) I also really like the bow addition at the neck =)

Let me know what you think!

Love K xxx

Rebelle Magazine Graphics

Hey dollies I'm back with a ton of graphics to show you all!,

I just released the 1st (refurbished) issue of Rebelle Magazine !

here are some of the graphics;

Click Here to see the whole magazine with more graphics.

what do you think?

Khol X


Keeping up interest =)

So I'm really busy with Uni - it's my 3rd year and incredibly important, so graphics have been pushed to the back burner. I have been working on something, but it's for a project so can't be released or shown yet - so while you wait, I thought I'd post one of my half-done graphics that I doubt will get finished! So the arms and legs are pretty much done, the hair is like 60% done, and the rest in unfinished!

If I can, I want to finish it just to prove to myself that I can start and finish things - but it might have to wait until the Christmas holidays!

Love K xxx



Hey readers!
So i made a new graphic after a long time which I am pretty happy about:-

I made it as the background of my graphic blog with a different header..Visit the blog? Follow it? Like it?


Taking requests

This post is to notify that afrin_98 is  taking graphic requests..anybody in need of a banner , graphic , whatver just contact me thorugh my guestbook..or just comment under this post! oh and pls so visit creative-sd.blogspot.com the competition started...and well going good...hope you all follow! :)

9 Days

Hello All! Once again I forgot a day, but today I happened to make a graphic (for something you'll find out later about), and decided to make it as the 9th day. Anywho, here it is:

Model is iidorkiedino