Guess who?

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share a little something with you,
My first non-stardoll graphic!

It took me approx 1 day and a quarter,

This person is my biggest inspiration and I love them SO much.

What do you think?
and who is it?


Old Graphic:)

Hey Everyone! I was going through some old graphics and deciding 
which ones to keep and I found a really awesome old graphic that I made in March. 
Here it is:)

I really like this, but tell me what you think:)
And of course, click to enlarge.
The model is my sister, Jennifer:)
 I designed her medoll and you might also recognize her from my last SDNTGD task. 
She modeled there too. 
I've been really busy with graphics but when I get tired of focusing on one thing, 
I'll post an old graphic here. 
Okay, so thanks! Have an awesome day!


Sneak peek!

I'm sorry I haven't posed in so long, I just haven't had anything to show you/anything worth showing! But I've been working on my new magazine, TREND, and I have this little sneak peek to show! I really can't wait to release it, so stay tuned and I'll let you know when that will be!(when I know - haha!)
It'll be hard to give comments as it's quite small - so you don't need to bother if you don't want to!
Love K xxx


galactic - seasonalhotbuy

keeping active heres a little piece of a graphic I'll release when i have the time to sit down and
choose fonts etc. Choosing fonts is actually harder than it may seem.


Khol's Banner Graphic

Khol(Hollyoaksrocks*) ordered a header from me for her blog, the Stardoll closet, and I finished it yesterday. Here is the graphic:

This is a different background from what she asked for(transparent)
and the heel of the platform I originally made is darker to contrast the dark background.
(looks better with a white background--Just saying:))
I really like this graphic because it challenged me. The shorts have to be my least favorite out of everything. They look like a tie-dye skirt.


Guess Who?

 Hey Y'all,
I have started my real life faces again.

But can you guess who it is? ABBEY LEE KERSHAW! As this will take ages, I decided to show you this preview:

Lige, xx



Kinda like this. :-)
So, I tried to make this graphic look sort of Stardoll styled graphics with really simple body shading, and I quite like how it turned out. As you can see, the collection coming soon will be LE classics, which I am half way through to completion now. I also like the slight ombre effect I did on the hair. :P

I know it's no masterpiece or anything, but I think it's nice... What do you think?


Hair practice with Chloe Sims

Hey Dolls! It's Nikhol,
Just showing you a graphic for hair practice,
I used the beautiful Chloe Sims from my favourite programme 'The Only Way Is Essex'.
I used her doll on stardoll and created the hair myself and edited the face.
If you want to see what she looks like in real life, google 'Chloe Sims'

I was only focusing on the hair, so please don't criticise anything else.

What do you think? 

La Mode

La Mode(French for Fashion)
Click to Enlarge

Transparent background:)
(Temperley London: Pre-Fall 2013)



I was eliminated this week, but I'm okay with that! Here's the graphic I entered:)
I love this:)
I know the background is fuzzy. It wasn't like that on Photoshop, but oh well! I really love the outfit. 
A Anonymous judge said I should of added blue to my outfit, but the theme is red, black and white.
 Do you guys think I should of added blue? I'm starting to doubt myself with this!

But oh well! :)


FUR? I'd rather go naked.

This is something i truly stand for, the graphic is entirely by me, It took approx 3 hours.
Btw the bag in the graphic is not leather.


A Cover of Sorts...

Okay so I got really bored and I decided to work with that hair I made a while ago. This is the result, it won't be used for anything, it's totally nothing special. Infact it's pretty crap. To be honest I only used Stardoll clothes because I knew it was for nothing and couldn't be bothered, ehe I'm lazy.

The magazine name is Eternity, becasue I was looking at past issues of the magazines earlier.. Shock of the century... *badummmm chhhh*

I AM AWARE it has hardly any shading or whatever, I just saw no point in shading it well if it had no purpose. The only thing I sort of like is the text, other than that it's a mess.

Gaw I'm so negative.
I'm working on the LE project now which is going somewhat okay, hit me up with all yo' criticisms...


New Graphic - Lige07

Hey Y'all
I decided to re-make my Modelling Portfolio
Here's the banner:
*Click to enlarge*

Comments, critiques, tips?
I'd love them all
Love Lige ,x


Digital art? UNFINISHED

As you can probably tell, this isn't a Stardoll graphic, it's more like a piece of digital art, and it's not even halfway done yet. You can see the nose is still missing, there's no shading done on her face, lips, there's no hair yet and only one eye is somewhat fully done. Everything is hand drawn aka no Lasso Tool or Bucket Fill Tool was used. I used a reference photo which I won't publish, it's too easy to find anyways, lol. 
Some of you might know who the woman on the graphic is, some of you might not, but she's definitely one of the most perfect women alive, plus she's been my favorite singer for a somewhat long period of time...
The graphic should be finished somewhere around June 20th or later, it really depends on my mood lol

But anyways...what do y'all think?
Got any clue who that woman is? ;)

New Header and Blog Makeover!

I made a new header for my blog,
because the much needed makeover took place today!

I'd also like to thank everyone,
 who has seen my blog and followed, for helping me reach 100 followers! 
The number, at the moment in 103 and I hope it keeps rising!
Okay, and now here's the header!

Of course, click to enlarge!

But anyways, about the graphic:
I really love it because of the 70's feel and that is one of my favorite decades right next to the 1950's:)
The hair is also a magnificent beauty I spent an hour on, so give me your opinion!
My medoll really works well here because it seems like such a straight pose and my medoll has a very serious face. 

So thanks again if you've followed and I look forward to your comments on this:)


Newwwww Yorkkkkk!


Supposed to be like a tourist picture
(*mom takes picture of Melanie in front of statue during their tour of NY*)

This was my original entry for SDNTGD and two days ago, I thought...wow....this sucks!
So I recreated a new graphic!(which I can't wait to show you!)
I love the hair in this graphic because it is so detailed. 
This hairstyle is actually based off a picture of my hair from the Sophomore dance last year! Imagine this hairstyle, but blonde, and you've got the original picture!

Give me your opinion, but understand that I already know this sucks.


Graphic for HYPE magazine

This is one of my favourite graphics i did for HYPE, i love the old photography effect on it(: 
Model: missceaaria 


Graphic Request

I had a request from the owner of Stardoll Glamorous Girls and here is the header I made:

I think it's an improvement for me, so am quite happy with my work for it, I also think I've definitely gotten better with hair =)

Practice Graphic

Just been trying out some new graphic skills, mainly to improve on clothes,
here's the final outcome;

What do you think? I love the t shirt and accessories!


Another Graphic - Lige07

This isnt a great one, I do not like the hair, but oh well, Comments? Critiques?
Model is my dearest friend Jelinna 


Tell Me What You Think...

Hey Everyone! I was practicing hair a week ago and have no use for it, but I still want to know what everyone thought of it. It took about 2 hours to "perfect" but I'm still not pleased.
Give me your opinion of it and comment please!
It's a little rough around the edges. 
Don't ask me why the back ground is blue. 


Banner For Underneath Stardoll

As you check your dashboard, your all like.... banner for Underneath Stardoll? Created by Lindsey? Why, this can't be?! But in fact, it is!

Last week I found out spectacular news by Fenia (M_Themis), that I am the new official graphic designer for USD! As shocked as I was, I quickly went to start the banner for the blog. I would've told you all earlier, but I thought it would be way better if I kept it a surprise. Anyhow, I'm sure your waiting for me to stop rambling and show the darn graphic to you all already.

So, here it is...:

(Click to Enlarge)

I'm really quite happy with the results, and I adore the color scheme in the graphic! Each minute I worked on the graphic, the thrill knowing that nearly 8000 people would be seeing my work increased dramatically. I'm so happy of this achievement that I was chosen out of 60 or so other talented graphic designers to do work for USD.

What is your thought on the graphic? Could it have been better? Let me know in the rating system and most importantly, COMMENT!

Better than ever

Hey dolls! Since I was eliminated from SNTGD, I decided to work on a new project, I've cancelled most of my projects like Rebelle Magazine etc. to focus on this one.

Enough of me talking, here's a graphic from the banner of my new fashion blog http://thestardollcloset.blogspot.co.uk/   Please follow?
I'm also looking for some fashionable writers and media partners, so follow and apply! X

Kirsten Aka 'Sparklewand12' created the arms and legs, I created the rest.

What do you think?
Mwah, Khol X


Entries For SDNTGD

I entered 3 graphics for Stardoll's Next Top Graphic designer and got second place. The only fault she really found was my messy text on the second graphic I sent in. Other than that, I got 9/10 and 10/10!
Here are the three entries I sent in.

The first is my least favorite, but I love the hair and bathing suit.

 The second is my second favorite, obviously why it's second. 
I love the pose, but the fonts aren't that great.

 This is my absolutely favorite for three reasons:
I love the shirt
I love the hair
and I love the colors.
Hopefully, you love it too:)

Here's the cut-cover that was my first and original choice for this task. I decided not to go with it because it lacked everything the judges were looking for.
You've seen the graphic before, but here it is again:)



Task 5 at SNTGD

I've just checked the SNTGD blog, and guess what?
I won the Top Photo of the Week! Happy about that ;)
I must say the other 3 girls have done great work, and I really love all the entries.
Here is my graphic:
Click to enlarge - it's pretty big
Honestly, I find this graphic my best ever - I like how it turned out. I think the bangles are the most attractive part of it.

Any thoughts? ;)

SNTGD Task 5

So looks like the results weren't very good, and I almost got eliminated... best of luck to Khol, your entry was amazing! And my oh my, you've got to see Kasey's entry especially, its amazing! I was devouring every second admiring her newest graphics-- they are suberb! No other word to describe it!

Anyways, now after reading the judge's critique, I can definitely see all the flaws in my graphic, though I'm still happy with it never the less.

Click to enlarge

What are your thoughts on it? I personally love the shades of blues, and that skirt, oh, if I had it, it'd probably be on my waist all summer long!

Graphic archive - Seasonalhotbuys

practice makes perfect well not this case only relaly worked on the skirt & legs for practice
the rest was just fastly done

just a random grahpic that happened to be my blog banner

just a portion of the whole banner 

old graphic unfinished
yeah since I've been gone all may I haven't done really much Some are just a portion some are just old and the others are current I have other news updates etc. on my blog about what I'm currently working on you can visit my blog if you're interested in hearing what I'm planning here  (to lazy to write a proper paragraph)  oh yeah i have alot to publish i have like several graphics but can't release them yet ;))


Themed Graphic!

Hey everyone! It seems that I have a theme for my graphics. Every graphic I've made within the week has been either 80's, 70's 90's or forties styled. I really like the whole decade thing going on so I finished a graphic up to show you what's been going on. This is inspired by the 50's themed Prada line out right now, going along with that style. The skin shading technique is different because I've had some help from my uncle(who's and artist) and suggested changing up my routine.
Hopefully you guys like it:)

Obviously click if you want it bigger:)
Going along with the decades theme, I think I incorporated some 70's style with the tucked in mechanics shirt. The old car is obviously from Stardoll, but edited to fit my color choice. I really like the legs, but the hair is horrible. I hate making ponytails. 
Give me your insight on this graphic and expect another probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

High-waisted shorts shading: Chloe-99
Car: Stardoll


And I am Back..

Hello Lige Here.
Yesterday my graphics blog re-opened with a new, fresh look.
 This is the full version of the banner.
Enjoy & Take a look at:

Black & White

Okay, It's been a good month since I made my last graphic and post it here. But oh, well I will try to be more active in this blog and make more graphics, if I could. But it will be a little harder, because I get part-time job and I'm starting next week, but as I said: I will try my best.
However, point of this post is this graphic. (I'm kinda proud of it, if you know what I mean :p)

I know, I know. Right hand (model left hand) look creepy. I want to hear some critics.

Retro Style Graphic

Hey Everyone.
 I feel kinda mediocre with this post because of Nika's amazing graphic. It's just amazing!. 

Here's a retro-style graphic I made, using a former pose from task 5 of SDNTGD:)

I really like the hair and the jewelry. 
I'm not so sure about the skirt, it looks too straight.

But anyways...
I'm one of the top four in SDNTGD!:D


Hope everyone likes my graphic. 
Also, congrats to Khol, Maria, and Lindsey! :D 
You're all awesome!