We were born to die

I don't know but I just love this title, haha. I made graphic, so attention please (yeah, I'm 'attention seeker'). It's pretty simple, but still look nice, in my opinion. Tell me yours.


and music for the end: Lana Del Rey - Born To Die


Graphic Request

So yesterday I opened up requests on my blog, with a little trepidation actually! But I'm glad I did as it means I can use different dolls to practice with and not just my own =)
I got my first request in, and here is what I made:

For me, I don't think it's too bad :) The one here has the white background, which I prefer, but for the client we did a transparent background. You can see that on my graphic blog.

Love K xxx


I am in LOVE with this graphic to be honest. I've never used dyed hair before, or an Afro type hair. This is going to be my blogger picture, and I enjoyed making this so much!

What do you think? :)

EDIT: Updated version with darker hair below


Work on Previous Graphic

Ok, so this is the one I just posted:
And it was suggested the head was too small, so I decided to try a larger head and see:
I also slightly tilted the head.
Personally I think it does look better with the larger head, but what do you think?

Love K xxx

MiNaModa123 request a graphic :)

Hey guys!

here is my latest graphic, it was a request from MiNaModa123 (on stardoll)

what do you all think???????
i found the shading a bit harder to do on this one cuz of skin colour but oh well

Taylah xo :)

More Dress Practice

So I was working on another graphic all day today, and I'm pretty happy with it - the neck/head position is what I'm not sure about, so a second opinion is definitely needed there!

You can click on it to enlarge - it's pretty big!!! Ok, you can't here due to the Copyright thing, you can do it at my own graphics blog =D

So what do you all think, have I improved? I definitely think I have and hope I can keep doing so!

Lots of love,
K xxx

MissCeaaria Crime Scene Investigation

Model: Starminimon

I wanted to make the main focus the lips (I made them myself!). So I blurred the rest of the face, and left the lips with a smear of blood. DUN DUN DUUN!

Ignore the pixellation of the tape, my program's eraser is terrible!

My latest graphic

Hey, sorry for being kinda absent from this blog, but here's also a lot of other talented graphic designers so I guess you didn't really miss me. :)

Anyways, I'm here to show you my latest work, which is a header for my own graphics blog:

Click to enlarge
The pose was inspired by Natalia Kills, just in case you didn't know.

What do you think? Is the new header a hit or a miss?




MissCeaaria - Long time no post!

FINALLY! I found some time to do a graphic! I'm not to proud of it, but oh well.

Model: Chloe99
The top is the design I made for that stardoll Eco competition (That stardoll has probably forgotten about by now). I made 3 outfits, but didn't have time to do all three. I've also started watermarking my graphics, as I never did before and I could never be bothered, lol.
Can someone please tell me what's wrong with this graphic, cause I don't think its too great!?

Did any of you do a design? If so, what did you do?


Fearless's first collection has been released!


Click the image to go to the blog
I didn't want to post the actual line, because it's only one image. They Line is edgy, classy and sophisticated, and the graphics are absolutely stunning!
Owner xxlovexx


Another practice

So here's my practice for today:
I think it looks a quite retro and cute! I was inspired by a piece from the Alice + Olivia Spring 2012 RTW collection:

I decided to change the skirt into a more 'pencil' style, and I changed the colour of the shoes. I'm not really liking how I've done the hand on the shoulder - but I like the rest of it, so that can be something I will need to improve upon!
So that's my first(excl. Tidal, where I only did swimsuits and no custom posing or anything) full body pose with a full outfit, and I'm quite happy with it :)

Please let me know what you think :)

Love K xxx


Miscelanious Graphic.

Hello All, I know I said no graphics til Flora is done, but, I needed a break to let some stress slip off. So here is a new graphic, with the most stunning medoll of EugenieS. Now, I must say that I love the hair, and the dress, but I am unsure about the socks and shoes. So get your pens and paper out and start critiquing. Any Feed back will be heavily appreciated.
Love, Lige xx

Grey Dress

Hey, so I've been working away hard at improving, and this is what I've worked on now, it's most of a body, and I think it turned out pretty well for me! The only part I didn't do was the face and hair which were from Stardoll.

Please let me know what you think :)

Love K xxx

Blue Coat

Long time without posting, but I finally find some freetime for making graphic(s) and resoult is:


Am I the only one who think that I improve, lol?  I also made new blog few days ago, where I will post my latest graphics/art work:



New Writer

Hello, My name is Lige, and I am 13. I started Graphics late last year, (Well actual good ones :P) 
I do not yet do graphic requests, so please do not ask, and also, the reason for this is that I am working on graphics for my fashion label : FLORA. Which shall be premiering at either KFW or TTT-FW.
Enough about me, so here is some of my graphics.
Love Lige, xx 
 *Zoom In Pictures for more detail*


Graphics Practice

Thought I'd try something a bit different from my usual thing, and made some shoes :) They're based on a pair from Topshop.

Click to enlarge :)

Love K xxx


Writers banner

Heya guys!!!

My latest graphic is one for Supa_star4real on stardoll. She needed a writers banner for PSG and here it is :)

What do you think? 

Taylah xo :)


Missceaaria - The Banner that I made!

So I made about 6 different backgrounds for this banner as my transparent background made the graphic quality faded. The banner is for Everydaystardoll, but the blog owner hasn't used it yet! I'm proud of the hair, as I couldn't do blonde hair before, overall, i'm very happy about this! This is was second favorite: 

So what do you guys think?



Limit Magazine has been released!

The graphics are pretty stunning to be honest!! And the front cover is absolutely amazing! click the image to go to the blog.

Missceaaria - What i'm working on

Model is Cr.12345

It's not perfect, I can pick out about a million faults with it (shirt shading unfinished, blurry face etc). But it didn't take long either, (about 30 mins tops?) I wanted to do something with stardoll hair in a graphic. And my hands are getting much better now seeing as I used to always hide them in a graphic!

Also, the banner I was working on is now complete, but I need the blog owners consent before I can post it here, im pretty chuffed with the finished product!


Missceaaria- Graphic

So sorry for not posting in a long time, I've been busy!
I am also in the middle of making a banner for someone, here's a glimpse of what it will look like (so far!)

When I had finished designing this, it reminded me of a certain stardoll dress (this was not intentional!), I can't put my finger on it Hmm.. 

BTW: This is the only glimpse you will get of this banner before it is completed, so you may have a long wait!

Sta988 Model Graphic

Hey guys!

Another post and another graphic! This is my latest and the model in it is Sta988.

I also made a tutorial on how i made the hair, if you want to see it, click HERE!

What do you think? :D

Taylah xo :P


Rhfcjnrf model :D

Hey guys!

Here is my latest graphic, i even did the background (with brushes - credits in my blog) The model in this one is Rhfcjnrf.

What do you think?

Taylah xo :)


Missceaaria - Graphic, Sparklewand12

Graphic of Sparklewand12

Wearing a tweed coat with brown hair. I'm quite proud of this hair, it's the best I've done ;) I just wanted simple make-up, nothing too over the top!

Lilyqi- A Pair of Shoes

Heyy! :]
Since I'm not allowed to post the whole graphic, I made a deal and got to post the shoes!
I think they turned out good, what about you? I spent about an hour making them.


Graphic Of Starchild_2

Hey so its chloe-99 and on my graphics blog I ask people to apply to model in my graphics. Not to keep but just to add to portfolios and stuff.

I just finished this one of starchild_2:

And I also filmed myself doing it:

So yeah...

I'm always looking for models, and if you'd like to apply click HERE.

What do you think? If you have any constructive criticism tell me below


Missceaaria - Random graphic

I haven't made a graphic in weeks! I wanted to try something completely different to what I usually do, and this was the first thing that popped into my mind:

LOL, I know!! I didn't add any labels for copyright reasons.



Muse Magazine Debut

The First issue of Muse magazine has been released. The graphics are different and a completely new style. I hope throughout future issues this magazine will thrive and become something amazing!

Click the Image to go to the blog:

I need some models

I need some models again seeing as the last list has disappeared. Just sign your name under here as permission to use your doll, and I will try to get through them quickly, thankyou :)


Summer graphic - Chloe-99

Heyhey gurlies!

Today im just gonna post my most recent graphic, the model in it is Chloe-99.
Because it's summer in Australia (40 degrees Celsius yesterday!) i decided the model should wear bathers.

The hair isnt as good as i wanted it, cuz i didnt use my tablet, but oh well.

what do you think?

Taylah xx :D


Lilyqi- New Graphic

This is part of a banner I made for my friend, but I'm just going to show the graphic part of it. I didn't mean to exactly copy it, so that's why it's a bit different. The model is I_am_Gawjus.
Thank you, I hope you all like it! :)

I also filmed myself doing this.

New Writer + Samples

Hey! So I'm a new writer/graphic girl on this blog, and I just wanted to give a quick introduction!
So my name is Kirsten, and you'll find me as sparklewand12 on Stardoll, and this (<) is what my doll currently looks like.
I have been doing graphics for just over 6 months and I think I've improved a lot =)
I have my own graphics blog too, so everything here will also be there. I also run a swimwear line and The Stardoll Lookbook - I'm also opening up a few new model related projects soon!

So I also just wanted to show you some of my graphics just to give a little taster!

Tidal Swimwear

These are two pieces from my newly released line, to see them all, click here.

The Headshot Studio

These are a few samples from my headshot blog, to see more click here and to apply for a set of headshots click here.

That's all for now!
Love K xxx


Banner for TTT

You've probably seen this on my blog or on Today's Top Trends, but I'm posting it here anyways...
Whatcha think? :)