Graphic dress

Hey everyone!

Now that the blog is back Id like to wish u all a Happy New Year, and show you my latest graphic which is of a beautiful dress i found on google.

And here is the image i copied it off:

What do you guys think?????

I am also looking for models for my blog: tay12099sgraphicblog.blogspot.com so if you are interested plz visit the link and comment on the latest post!

Taylah xo :D

Missceaaria - Graphics for Teen Stardoll Magazine

I don't think these have been seen before as much as my other graphics, so I thought I'd post them here just to start this blog off (again). My favourite is the last one :)
*I made these a few moths ago, my graphics have since improved and..

Happy New Year!

So sorry about the last blog, but this one is here to stay!
graphics will be up soon!