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I was planning on dong a little lookbook style set of graphics from this collection, however I really won't have time sadly, and I started this so long ago that my desire to complete it is waning - so I've decided to publish what I did finish, even in it's unfinished form! The original size image is huge, but you can view it if you like. I'm very happy with the elements I did finish actually, which was everything apart from the coat!


Self edit

Hey my beautiful people! Some of you already know I don't play stardoll anymore.
I'm still taking requests, btw I just started 3 for this month, soon I'll be posting them here ok?
Today I just wanted to post the edit of my dolls face. Yeah I don't play but I still love my doll and I like to use her face as model sometimes.


Many of the designers on this blog rose from being a part of Cycle 1 of TGP - now it's your chance! If you're an aspiring graphic designer, or just think you have what it takes to win then apply now!

Info on the contest can be found on the blog.




Graphic requested by Pablo. When he showed me the references I was blown away and ofc I was terribly scary of doing this one specially, because there is so much skin! 
But well to be honest I kinda like it. I'm so satisfied with the chair.
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This was my outfit for the coveted X Awards Black Carpet event. Has to be one of my favourite Galiano looks to date, and it looks exquisite in all black.

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The title does nothing have to do with the post, but Nimka told me it doesn't matter soo....

Anyways, here's something I've recently been working on: a graphic of me, wearing nothing but a blazer and a cigarette in my hand.

xoxo Rafael


Street Style

Last week I did this graphic for blinnes and her friend, minaj131. I tried to finish it as fast as possible, so as you can see - or not - I used the same leg 4 times, cause we didn't want to make the dolls walking. Plus, both them have the same left arm, I just had to change the colour.

References: Left / Right

The most hard part were the bags, for sure. They weren't very clear on the picture but I'm kinda proud of them, specially the green one. I like the final result and the way the background contrasts with the clothes (Louis Vuitton btw). Guess that's all I have to say about this one. Hope you like it!
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