To me is really cool to make requests. A lot of people see my graphics and other peoples graphics and want one with their dolls on it. Timelines are a challenge for me personally, because I like to feel the creativity flow when I make a graphic, and with a date to deliver, It feels more like an obligation.

I'm making this really cute, lookbook-ish graphic and is going really well so far.
Please don't think is anything near finished, i'm in the process of making it. Here you can see a small preview of it.


Upcoming graphic II

While I am finishing the graphic I posted earlier, I have already started the new one!

This year Santa has gifted me a little bit of patience and time earlier! I have this mood for making graphics since last week and it's not passing me! I am still working and have many things planned like upcoming project and five more stunning references which will hopefully turn into five stunning graphics! This is the first one I decided to do and I am still trying to figure out if I should put wool texture on it or leave it plain. This is how it looks with texture on:
Which one is better? Help me decide!


Body ody ody!

Hello everybody! I hope you're not sick of me yet xD

Is so hard for me to find good images to use for graphic. My patience level is below zero and i'm very ocd :/ So my images needs to be big enough, medium to high quality and can't have too many details (crazy amount of jewelry, messy hair, small prints on the clothes). I know, I know. I'm very picky! So you can understand my level of happiness when I find good images right? :)
I was dying to graphic a certain image I found, and when the doll Peypeylee asked me to make a graphic for her I saw the opportunity to use it.
This is the result.

The hair was drawn by a very medicated self (I was sick) and I'm definitely proud of the result.

My favorite part is her legs.

Oh! And I'm also in love with the face shading on the model. Here you can see the before and after of her face. She uses facemasks on her doll so I decided to draw the lips and nose on Photoshop but maintaining the shape she likes.

Did you like the graphic? If you did, please click on the good boxes and leave me a comment. If you think is not so good, mark the bad box and leave me a comment with a constructive criticism.

Feedback's are always appreciated. Thank you!


Soon to come

I am currently working on a graphic which will be done until the end of this week!  Here is one small part of it, blurred and unfinished without editing and other stuff...
I wasn't thinking to make a graphic, but then I found this reference and simply fell in love! I can say that I am having so much fun doing this and that I really like my work on this one!
I am so excited to see the final result!


White dress

Hello everyone! This graphic I made a few months ago. The model is PortocaliuSore who requested a graphic similar to one I had made for a friend of hers. This piece was fearly simple to make. The dress contrasts beautifuly with the skincolor of the doll.

(I updated the graphic a little bit, I removed the pattern of the dress)

Closeup time!

 Anyways, I almost never work with full body images (I hate it). They take a lot of time and patience. But I'm very pleased with the results here. I really worked the shading of the skin because I wanted to keep the shading of the dress at a minimum. White is very hard to shade, if you darken it too much it becomes gray.

Well, I hope you guys enjoy it. Leave your opinions about it! I'm open to constructive criticism but please be kind :3



A couple days ago the results for task 7 @ TGP were announced, having filip as a drop out for this cycle Rozalia and myself are the final two.

When Jack revealed that Task 7 was to do a fun kitshy editorial with Betsey Jhonsons fashions I decided I wanted something extra-fun, Betsey is known for having really themed runways and ad campaigns, so my first thought was to make something that I could see in a Betsey Jhonson store, and with the massive popularity of selfies in Pop-Culture something themed around it was the perfect idea for me.

Another thing I took into consideration is how popular Betsey Jhonson is for prom! So i decided that Jack and I were going to Stardoll Academy Senior Prom, mixing this different aspects I think I created a really fun editorial and the "Instaglam" inspiration fit perfectly with the prom-ish look I went for

I do realize I may have over-flitered (oops) but I'm really happy with the outcome, it youthful and fun which to me embodies all that Betsey is, now I've never worked with such a small reference, really it was super hard and I basically swinged everything in this photoshoot, I didnt have much reference as to were shadows and light went because of the size 

This was the original reference I used, normally I dont share but I feel like its appropiate this time around I had a crazy hard time making the phone and the bracelet but I think they came out good

So tell me what you think, did you like this photo? Do you think I'd have won top photo if this was for a previous task? Also don't forget to tick a box!!

Btw who else is SUPER excited to have Keshan posting here!

See ya ! Stay Beautiful. 


I'm new here!

Hello everyone! I'm a new designer here, and I want to tell you a little bit about me.
My name is D├ęborah (not many people knew about that before), i'm 20 years old and from Brazil. On stardoll you may know me as Keshan (keshanpartyboy). I've been using Photoshop for the last 7 maybe 8 years, but I only started doing graphics 3 years ago.
I'm always learning new things and perfecting my techniques. I really hope you guys enjoy my work, i'm really  happy to be given this opportunity.

Here is some example of my evolution :3



Unfinished, unreleased and forgotten graphics

So as I accidently opened my folder ''DO NOT OPEN'' I found so many graphics I literally forgot about. I don't even remember when I made some of them! But I also liked some. I actually found my first graphic ever, jesus!

This is the graphic I've made this summer! I see many things I would change now but it's fine enough, I guess.
Moschino Jacket I've also done this summer... And now I see how many things could've been done so much better lol
Bambi! This started so good, her face and the flower, Bambi itself... And then I sucked something about it.
When I remember that this was supposed to turn out as Andreja Pejic....
This was the first time I have done an amazing, detailed hair!And then my brother deleted it.
I am sure that I will edit and finish this one soon!
I simply forgot about this one. Just forgot.

Then I tried again with the Dior hair!
Somehow this one got deleted before I finished it like a year ago and I never got a chance to make it again or continue. This was my first real face drawing!
Just to show how bad I was more than two years ago... I am ashamed lol
My favourite old graphic! Idk why because it's so bad, but I had so much fun back then...
And my second favourite bad, old graphic.
Oh my god. This post was long! It could have been longer but let's stay with these!
Stay tuned for new graphics, improved and better ones, haha


Tips 'n Tricks

Since there are many other designers in this blog besides me, I figured why not share some things that really work for me while making a graphic, specially since I've been getting some pretty good feedback, So let's go!

Think it trough! 

As graphic designers we all know how hard it is to make a graphic feeling un-inspired, so one of my main advice would be to put a lot of thought into each and every piece you're making, why are you making it? Is it achievable according to your technique? What do you like most? What will be the most challenging part? This helps set a general outlook on how you're gonna feel while actually getting into it! 

Beat that face. 

Never, and by never I mean NEVER forget to shade the face, little details such as adding some contour even if it's rather minimal or some layers to add volume and texture to the lips will make a HUGE difference in your work, it just helps frame the face you're working on, also it will shed a light on the best features of the doll. 

Keep on a long lash 

Another thing to do while working on the face, in my opinion would be to take advice from drag queens and never forget your falsies, lashes will bring a decadent look to your doll's face, specially if they're the appropriate size, I'd recommend drawing them yourself to make sure they fit the doll's eyes, now this rule may not apply to every graphic, some may require no lash at all, but for your average graphic adding this little detail really helps.


It seems as if everyone believes theres only one way to shade.. NO! Being a graphic artist is all about developing your own technique, so next time you make a practice graphic, why not try different techniques? Use warm tones, burn & dodge whatever you want! This is the only way you will realize what works and doesn't work for you! 

Work it 

If you suck at something, WORK on it, you wont get nowhere whining over how bad you are, analize how other graphic designers do it, go to stardoll and check out the way the work, how they apply light and shadow, for example, heres a side to side comparison I was told in task 4 @TGP that my leather looked really bad, and honestly that was an understatement, so for task 5 I decided I wanted to show them how good I actually was, and after making the jacket a zillion times I figured out a way to make leather that fit my abilities.

Think Big

Use crazy big reference images, size does matter. 

Hot mess? 

Always reach for perfection, EVERY detail counts, not because it's a minor issue overlook it, this WILL take your work to a different level, and well, you're the only one who knows how high you want to reach. 

and finally...

It gets better (usually) 

Honestly, If anyone had reasons to give up was me LOL 

Its super easy to get discouraged while making a graphic, just because you got stuck on a hand, or the hair don't loosen the grip, practice makes perfect so only by succeeding and failing you're gonna develop a technique of your own, dont give up just because of a bad graphic, laugh it off, take a break and then go back in! .

So that's it from me! Please share any other tips you may have and tell me if you find this helpful in any way whatsoever! xx. 


Unfinished Graphics Haul + Giveaway!

Since I'm making a fashion line kinda thing in real life I haven't had much time to be active over here, but today I decided to revisit some graphics I've had to let aside because of the crazy schedule I have / The Graphics project tasks.

I wouldn't say these are scrapped graphics 'cause I do plan to revisit them sometime soon and finish them, but for now I decided to share with you where they're at right now.

Most of these are 1-3 months old (: 

Who else loves Marchesa ?

Just now I realize how many nude/ half nude editorials are here, guess sex really does sell 

Moving right along, as the Holidays are now approaching I decided to make a giveaway, so post a comment with your doll's username and I will randomly select 2 people to be featured in one of these graphics!

As usual I'd love it if you could tick a box, leave a comment, Tell me which of these is your favorite or which you totally hate! 

BTW would anybody like it if I made a post on my tips on graphics? 




I recently scrapped this Kate Moss headshot graphic;

I was going to use this for X but decided not to. I focused a lot on the details in the eyes and brows, I love how the whole face turned out.

I also recently shared this graphic on my Facebook page - where you can see many graphic spoilers + updates on my doll etc.

What are your thoughts on the graphic? 
Leave a comment! Tick a box!

PS: Signups for Cycle 2 of The Graphics Project are now open! You can apply for Cycle 2 by clicking here.


Scrapped ones

After a long time of doing actually nothing but studying for all the exams (which I still do) I finally got some sense and mood for graphics. I've built a team and guess what - we're working on a magazine! Yeah.

So while I am TRYING to finish TGP task (it's so hard, so, so, so hard) I am doing graphics for Christmas issue of my magazine too. I started with some faces editing but it's taking unnecessary time so I just scrapped two faces I edited and decided to add some quick shades and cheekbones on faces and focus more on clothes!

So those are Mikatsi and cia! I LOVE the thing I've done with Mikatsi (black model), specially her eyes. But this was unnecessary so yeah.. Now I am stuck with Givenchy dress! I will keep ou updated with small spoilers.. xo



These few Givenchy graphics were supposed to appear in X but were scrapped when the issue concept altered.

I love all of these graphics and I'm so upset that I won't be using them for anything. I put a lot of work into the rottweiler one (I drew the print myself) so perhaps I will find a use for that.
EDIT: I did find a use for it! Behold the new TGP banner. 

What do you think?
Leave a comment! Tick a box!

PS: I know the wait for X has been incredibly tedious but I can assure it is almost over, we will have a brand new issue of X Magazine before this year ends.