after finally finishing my 3 ntgd tasks, i was still eager to make more graphics. luckily i had a request lined up

here's a spoiler for y'all

click to enlarge (its huge)
the reference was to DIE for and i loved making this. i really like how the face turned out

that's all i can say for now, but i'll reveal the big picture as soon as i get permission

i'll leave on a quote from one of my favourite drag queens of all time, which i want you ALL to remember

"you can take a garbage bag and be a fucking beauty queen!"


Pink Pastels & Grey Hues

I'm trying to come up with slightly more creative post titles, since most of mine consist of the title "new graphic" or "update" - somewhere inbetween those lines.

Also, since TGV has kind of been at a standstill lately, its a given that an update is a must.

I haven't made any graphics other than this one because I've been on a graphic hiatus...again. Sad, I know, but I just haven't been in a graphic mood lately. And yeah.

On another note, I love this graphic! I really feel like I'm improving on denim - for one. Additionally, I love how flowy and effortless the shirt looks, so that's another plus. My one concern would definitely be those shoes. Other than the colors, they look exactly like my own, so that's kind of cool. With that said, I'm addicted to wedges as of now.

The skin could be better, but I don't think it's too bad, either. Of course, your comments and critique would be very helpful.

And finally, the background is fabulous. At first, I wasn't sure about it, but now the more that I look at it, it gains attention, but doesn't pull away from the medoll, either. If you were wondering, either, I made the wood grain and seperate boards too. It was tricky at first to come up with a technique, but I think it came out great in the end.

Oh, and if you didn't notice, I couldn't resist but add ombre to my medoll's hair. Gosh, I'm still in love with that trend. Pretty much everything she's wearing is a trend I go all - what's the word? - crazy for. *laughs*

Comment, critique, rate, or whatever.
- Over and out -


Finger Movement!

Haha, no longer poking the keyboard:)

I can finally move parts of my index and middle finger after the first week of physical therapy! It hurts, but feels great to finally hold(as much as I could of) a pencil/pen. 
Because it's my right hand, I've been limited to doing book work(orally) in art and other classes, but now I can continue working on my portfolio for college(kinda:D)!:D

I am so amazingly super happy and I attempted doing a graphic today because of it! It's a little sloppy, but you understand why. I feel it's one of my finer pieces just because I really persevered to get it done and tried to do the best I could. Although, now I'm hopped up on pain meds and am resting in bed, I feel that it's worth it to have this ability again. 

This graphic is dedicated to everyone who's been so supportive of me and given best wishes to get better. 
Thank you!

The face was already edited from my fashion line and the earrings were from a previous graphic.
 The hair is also from my line, as is the model:


Baby, You've Got It

Want a sneak peek on the new Stardoll's Appearance Banner?
Well baby, you've got it. (What can I say, tonight's a glee night!)

Here you go:
For the most part I'm happy with the complete results...and must I say: finding a background that worked with the new theme was really difficult. Though you can't see the complete banner, I promise you guys it'll be up sooner than you think *hintful wink*

And, bust a move!

(not my graphic)

the apocalypse is near!!!

as most of you probably know, the ntgd final is edging closer and closer, which means i have tonnes of scrapped crap that i decided not to use; including this...

it is of course rick genest (aka "zombie boy"). i think he's so beautiful and an inspiration to a lot of people! he really doesn't give a fuck and i love him.

i dont think i did his face much justice, it looks very untidy and theres just gradients and mess everywhere. i scrapped it because the idea i was originally going to use for this soon wore off.

what do you think?
please leave a comment and/or tick a box, i'd love to get your feedback as i used a slightly different technique for this graphic too

ps: who are you rooting for to win ntgd? (it better be me)


The Lost Graphic

Thanks to Aislin, I found a graphic I had been working on before I got my brace put on.
I was going through my files to find one for her and I found this:

I won't write a lot because it hurts, but please tell me what you think!:)


from water to wine

i originally made this for my ntgd task, but then decided to scrap it

it was kind of rushed and not a lot of thought was put into it, but i do like it!
what do y'all think?
leave a comment! tick a box!

mwah xxxx

PS: the critics first themed party kicks off in just 4 hours! be sure to turn up in your fiercest diva look!

Get your tan

This is the first spoiler for Escape's summer issue that will probably be releashed in the first days of June. The model is kirsten/sparklewand12:

This is the original version, to see the actual spoiler click HERE

And here's my latest obsession:


Original Part of SDNTGD Task

This was originally Kim's portion of the SDNTGD task 6. I tried to finish it, but couldn't due to personal reasons. Today, after seeing the results of the task, I really regret not trying to finish it. It's really good compared to the one I turned in. 
To those who have requested a graphic from me, I apologize for the delay, but if you'll read at my blog(link on the right) Kasey's Graphics, I explain that my wrist is messed up badly. Like, I can barely type correctly, but of course I'm a Grammar Nazi so this is taking forever. Hopefully you guys understand why the graphics will be held off for a while, at least until I get the results from some tests the doctors did.
Either it's surgery or a brace and we're rooting for the brace.

Anyways, here is the finished part of Kim's side of the original SDNTGD task.Since we're the same skin color, I just replaced her doll with mine. I've edited the lips-a signature of mine that I've used in many previous graphics.  

I also changed the hair to something I've been working on. I haven't finished it, but oh well.
I really love the left hand and the shirt.  The bracelets consist of one from a SDNTGD task and just some super simple bangles. Of course the background was another small addition I made to the graphic today.

As I said before(or not) this will be my last graphic for a while, but if I get some good news about my wrist, It probably won't be that long until I start again.

Digital Art

Hey you guys, made my first finished digital art work today, (not a graphic) and I thought'd you enjoy.
Critique + Comments please, also, bought some of this paper from the art shop that when you draw, you can use either black or white, cause its grey :) So im very excited!
xo lige!


Nostalgia at it's Finest

For some reason I had a flashback to a graphic I made a while ago. I don't believe I ever posted it, but I remember when making it, I was rather fond of the graphic:
I just so happened to be a member of the Season 2 crew of Survivor - Fashion Edition on Underneath Stardoll. This task in particular asked us to make a pajama set of your favorite childhood book. If you weren't able to tell by the multiple clues, mine just so happened to be Go Dog Go!.

Now that's definitely nostalgia at it's finest.


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so i cba with capitalizations and stuff atm so i thought i should simply ask you whether you like what you see so far or not. i just see no point in finishing it, but i might do it if you'll express some positive thoughts towards what you're seeing right now unf
while the sweater and everything invisible yet might be unfinished as fuck, the legs, shoes, socks and the bit of skirt there are pretty much done, although i might add some overlapping shadows here and there but basically that's it.


take me back

remember when so many celebs used to be stick thin and it was in all the magazines and everyone soaked it all up. being skinny was so IN! and all the skinniest people were the ones who got the most attention. it's a shame that thin shaming is the new phenomena now, bones are apparently ugly.

all that inspired this graphic, it's nicole richie at her thinnest. i'm sure this photo was all over the gossip blogs

obviosuly i only began shading the bust, until realising i would probably have no use for this graphic had i have finished it

it kind of just looks messed up, i'm not sure what was going on but it doesn't really matter anyway.

bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Deciphering the Spring Season

About a month back, I was asked to complete the Spring banner for Underneath Stardoll. Being the exceptionally lazy person I am, put the task off, and when the time had risen, I realized I had a request to finish. First I wanted to add the three USD founders of the blog, but if you're a graphic designer, you'd realize some skin tones are extremely hard to work with--and that's what I found with the two remaining founders.

So with a bit more photo-searching, I found an easier reference to work with. None the less, I'm really quite happy with the results:

(click image to enlarge)

I think this is another one of my better graphics. While the skin is rather lightly shaded, and the dress is much darker, I think it transitions nicely. I also love the hair, and I find the shadows cast on the model's skin are really quite nice.

I also did the cheekbones different from what I normally do, and I think this doesn't make the graphic as harsh-looking.

My only complaint is the mouth is a bit blurry.

The one thing I had the most difficult time with was the background. Believe it or not, but I couldn't really find anything that worked well with the model. The final background selection itself is a bit choppy, but I'm not sure if it'd look better if I blurred it.

All in all, I think this wasn't too bad of a fail. What do you guys think?


I Wear My Sunglasses at Night

So I can, So I can
Show you this graphic that I may-ade!

The sunglasses are Gucci S/S eyewear collection and are
 featured in my upcoming SDNTGD task.
The shirt is a design in my upcoming line, Hysteria.


Escape trash

Those graphics were just ew
Thank god my technique has improved a little

I'm sorry for not posting but the current graphics I'm working on are for magazines so they're top secret ;)

I got so high i did not recognize.

 I know its small, but was just practicing my angled faces ( need to edit the pointy cheek bone) 

Model- Pivovanya


New ;D

Mwaaaah ;*

About the model post

Now since I am on holidays, it will begin, but sadly, none of the models were perfect for the job. They needed to be cute and as light as fairyfloss - no darkness nor grunge. \
If you have this look PLEASE comment.


Here is something

that I intended to add to my last post, but I totally forgot when adding the pictures in - silly me!
This is more recent than the last ones (although it's not very recent at all, I think it's from January!)
Looking back now I don't really like the shorts too much, I wish I'd spent more time shading them carefully, but I do like the shirt and the scarf - the scarf turned out better than I had expected so I'm happy about that =)

In 3 weeks at this time I will be chilling and making graphics, for exams will be over - can't wait! 

Love K xxx


Back =)

Hey, I'm Kirsten/sparklewand12 - back for duty posting graphics =)
I've been busy with university, but we finish in a little over 3 weeks so I'll be all about the graphics then! But for now here's a few of my graphics, mostly from December or January:

Please let me know what you think - I know that my biggest weakness is hair, and I have been working on that, hopefully I'll master it soon!

Love K xxx

P.S. I've been re-watching the old episodes of Grey's Anatomy (it's great procrastination!) and watched the musical episode a few days ago, can't get this song out of my head at all!

More sneak peeks from ACID!

Hey Guys I've got more ACID spoiler's for you! 
It's not long to wait now though, so please carry on being patient haha.


Not long now!

follow follow follow HERE

Khol X




Graphic for Acid!

Hey Guys, 
Just completed the new banner for ACID and I'm quite proud to be honest!

click to enlarge! (i think)

What do you think?

please please please follow the blog HERE

Khol X

I Don't Wanna Close My Eyes..

I don't wanna fall asleep cause I'll miss you baby, and I don't wanna miss a thang...

Nah, just kidding. But that song has been stuck in my head all day along with 
Thriftshop by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
The Sax in it is killer!

Anyways...onto the two hours graphic I post-poned my fifteen chapter reading assignment to do!
Thank you graphics for once again risking the life of my grades for an addiction oh-so not healthy...




i scrapped the following things from x apparel


goodbye (for now)


Don't Make Me Wait Any Longer...

I'm on the edge of my seat for the results of the most recent SDNTGD task. I did the shading without a reference image(because I'm cool like that) because the outfit had to be incorporated into a graphic without it being a runway pose. So, at first, I did a super simple underwater pose, which you saw in a previous post.
The second one I almost turned in was this one:
The model is Mikel(seasonalhotbuys).

I really like this, but the knuckles have stumped me to the point of frustration. 
I really like the bracelet and necklace and the shading on the arms is something I'm pretty proud of. 
The hair is pretty good considering I made it without a reference image...

Tell me what you think.


and the award for best award graphic goes to

no just kidding

but here is a graphic made of jennifer lawrence holding an award for tsc (the stardoll critics)

i'm not really too excited about this one
it was slightly rushed, as mags needed it for the night

but anyway; opinions?

tick a box, leave a comment! i might buy you a car (i won't)


Punching Myself in the Face

The title says what I've been doing for the past two days trying to figure out who made this dress:
Sorry if it's blurry, it's the only picture I have of it.

My request of you beautiful, smart readers is that you tell me who the designer is and what year it is.
If you don't know, don't worry about it:)
But, if you do...I'll love you forever!

New start!

Hey everyone here at TGV, I'm sorry for using this blog for promotional purposes (lol) but doesn't everyone do that once in a while? Anyways, some of you might have noticed that my graphic blog, Nika's Graphics, has been closed down for a while. Well guess what, it has made it's return, kind of. I've started a new blog, which has more of a wider focus, not just strictly graphics, and it's called Moodwrecked. A pretty odd title but hey, isn't odd the new cool? Like seriously, lol. So basically yeah, I started the blog, made a quick header (for which I used & edited a part of the graphic I'm currently working on), and now I'm here, at TGV, begging for followers. If you've liked my past blog, you'll most likely find yourself interested in this one as well. I've already exported all my past posts and comments into Moodwrecked, now all I need is an audience to motivate myself, lol. The reason behind the closure of Nika's Graphics, and more info regarding the new blog, can be found here. So please follow, and don't be too harsh to the sloppy header, like I said it's just a temporary, quick one, and same goes for the layout, there's seriously sooo much more to be done. So yeah, please follow my new blog, lol

xo Nika


its finALLY HERE

after a painful wait, the sd critics party started with a bang this evening featuring me and holly (xeiv) lip syncing in drag which eventually reeled in a substantial audience (credit where credit's due)

anyway, here's the banner i made for the blog

The Critics

we all look so fab dont u think?

you can visit the blog here 
AND the tinychat is still going strong, click here to come!

love y'all xxxxxx

Sacrilege: Contest entry :D

At first I thought that whole graphic will much more pretty but I was trying too hard and I am not happy with the result. So here is the graphic judge it look yourself:

From myself I can say that I like hair and skin shading and the worst part is face. D:
I tried to make it look more pretty but result was even more awful.

I like template though and I think It is best one which I ever done. I was unable to choose which version looks best so I added all.

I wasn't going to make a header for stardoll i my contest but it is my tradition so I made it last minute. :D

Inspirational music:

Which version of header You like mostly? You see any mistakes in my english? 


ghetto baby

last night i got to such a point of boredom that i found myself browsing several out-of-my-price-range clothing sites. upon deciding this was not healthy, i instead made a graphic

the new le interior compliments this graphic so well! im glad i used it.
the model is the gorgeous khol, and i promised her i would make her look hot shit. i think i succeeded.
the shading under the sheer parts of the outfit were very difficult, but i managed. and the actual bustier and hotpants didnt turn out as well either.

but anyway i really like the hands and the hair (kind of) and of course the boobs, which are the key focus in every graphic i make

leave a comment! tick a box! maybe i'll reply with something really witty but probably not! 




with stardoll being drier than naomi campbells scalp, i was delighted when an old friend approached me in regards to being apart of her new project

this is my banner for the project (and also my blogger pic)

the banner was made by me of course, and i have to say, i really love it.

the whole project will kick off this saturday, at the official launch party!
so, it's my pleasure to say

i can do text things now wtf

this invite was also made by me, the font is so vogue

anyway all promoting aside, what do you think of the graphics?
love y'all xxx

My Contribution to DDL

I was recently hired to make a graphic for Aislin's blog, which turned out very well.
 She really liked it and it looks great on the blog!

Dirty Laundry
(I only did the graphic, not the text.)

I have to say, it was a lot of fun to make and I'm very proud of it. 
The hair and hands are my favorite parts of this graphic. 

What do you guys think?

Check out the blog by clicking HERE!