Ella ella umbrella

Here are my two latest graphics. 
Hw do u think, which one is better? and why?
What can i do to make them better?
I'm waiting for ur advices ;)



Long time, no post huh? Well, as some of you know I've been very busy with Escape Magazine. I've left a lot of graphics on hold and others I just scrapped. Here are two unfinished graphics that I don't plan on finishing soon:

Not a great fan of the first one. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it look better when I get back to it. As for the second I'm very happy with what's been done. I'm definately going to to get back to it after Escape is releashed!

What do you think?



i know that i've been pretty much spamming the blog lately, but im currently updating my portfolio which means i need to be bulldozing through graphics at an exceptional rate

for a while i have wanted to do a piece of one of my favourite models, miss lindsey wixson! to me she is just so gorgeous and unique, i'm in love

without further ado, here is my first graphic of her

im pretty sure this image is from a vogue shoot, but i am not 100%

lindsey wears louis vuitton coat and pants, which were a pain in the ass too do! especially the flowers

i LOVE the face, probably the thing i love the most. im not a fan of how the shoes turned out, but granted they were difficult.

as a whole, this graphic was definitely one of the most challenging ones that i have ever actually completed. but i really love it (and yes, this is the hair that i posted yesterday)

what do you like/dislike??
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love u xxx

ps: it's in my best effort that i try to reply to ALL comments on my posts. i really appreciate the fact that someone would take the time out of their day to praise/critique my work, so thank you for commenting and know that i am very thankful!



(i just realised how strange this looks without the rest of the graphic, so if you're ticking "it's okay" because of the angle/shape of the hair, you're an idiot)

basically, all of you who pay attention to my hair are probably aware that i SUCK at it, and i still to this day dont know why


upon starting a new graphic today, a miracle occurred

i advise you click on this image to make it bigger 

now i know that it's still not incredibly amazing, but in my opinion it is a massive step up from my past attempts.

i just wanted to share this with you all as i felt it was somewhat of a milestone!

what do you think?
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i really want to hear your thoughts on this one

love y'all xxxxxxxxxx


Teeny tiny

Haven't abandoned quite yet, just been doing other things for a while and have been happy doing them =) The above is just a teeny tiny sneak peak of something I've been working on, it's not for anything specific, just a little something to keep the graphics part of my brain active while I read science articles and textbooks(the semester hasn't even started)! It's not finished yet, but I'm liking what I've done so far =D 


A Sad Serenade

Let's bid adios to the only graphic I've made for HAUTE so far (yeah, I know, such a procrastinator, and with only a month to finish the remaining graphics lined up in queue) as it is that ever so notorious reject.

 Model is Elle (rockinellee)..
I hate this one so much,  or at least from the sweater down. And the background sucks too. Not sure why I originally saw the appeal in it...
And why the hell did I not just make the image small, so you don't have to laugh at its hideousness.
Possibly the only thing I'm not hiding in shame of is the hair - I'm rather fond of it, tbh.
Also, you will probably notice the lighter skin shading - I almost feel as if this was too light. I've been practicing, though, so I guess that's all that matters.
The worst part of the graphic is those awful shoes; I'm cringing, literally.

Though, hopefully this will give you a semi-idea of what the theme of the Fall '13 issue of HAUTE will be...
And, just to let you guys in on a little secret, this was the original idea for the Spring '13 issue (which, was of course, never released)... but you didn't hear this from me, m'kay? ;)


i am certain that you have all been watching fashion week like hawks, and if you have, you will have seen the fabulous jeremy scott spring '14 collection (if not, i suggest you check it out right now)

i am a huge fan of jeremy scott, i have always admired his collections and his out of the box ideas. one piece from the ss14 collection really stood out to me, it was a one piece with the "tv bars" printed onto it; so naturally, i just had to make a graphic of it

click to enlarge 

ugh, perfect

i actually love this graphic, i think it's one of my best pieces in a while. i've been working with new, more elaborate techniques, but tried not to shy too far away from my shading style.

my favourite thing has to be the clavicle and the legs, i think they look amazing. i'm not too fond of the face, but i dont know why.

what do you like/dislike?
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love you all xxxxxxx

ps: you could count this as a little clue to my upcoming project, but im not saying another word...yet! 



One day I accepted an order for a blog, which need a graphic related with shopping, sd auctions etc. Unfortunately during making my graphic (large part was already done) Ms x changed her mind. 
In spite of all I've finished my work ;X 

I know it's not fantastic as well as I want it :P Heh it's in my own style (especially the way i shaded legs and dress) :P
Honestly I think that background and bags are quite well. 

What do u think about it? 



Are You Ready To Open The Gates?

The title actually says all. This is an exclusive sneek peak for the RNTM Finale. If you haven't noticed yet, it will now take place next Tuesday* due to ... well, it's so much work and I just couldn't finish it :P

Here you can see how this year's runway will look like. For this cycle I've planned something very special:
The media walls are now huge gates that can open and close which makes the show a lot more exciting. The design is based on the outer space theme, but the appearance of the media walls will of course change for several occassions and performances.
Hmm, I wonder what is hidden behind those gates?

Find it out. Next Tuesday!*
xoxo Rafael



A bit of introduction

Hello. My stardoll username is MissRihanna1902 and I'm from Poland. I'm very glad that I can publish my graphics on this blog beside awesome graphic designers like you guys ;) 

Here are small pieces of my art^^

If you want to see more you can visit my blog



Final Countdown!

Only one day left!!

I already can't wait to get this show started. What do you think of these tiny little sneek peaks?
xoxo Rafael


The Finale

I have this really odd pronunciation of 'finale' stuck in my head - just thought you should know ;)

Anyhow, I finally finished the final task for RNTM yesterday, and had yet to post it over here at TGV. Thought it was about time, eh?

As you may or may of not seen from my post a few days ago, I hinted you guys with a little spoiler of sorts. Well, now that spoiler has been transformed into a full blown graphic.

That said, I was trying out a new technique since I've gotten quite a few complains regarding my heavy shading technique, and decided to give that a face lift. Though the following seems nothing like my (now) elder technique, I actually quite like the simplicity of the lesser opacity. As they say, less is better.

Well, we'll just have to put that saying to the test...:

 (click image to enlarge)

This has got to be one of my favorite graphics of all time. The skin shading - in my eyes - is near flawless (though I'm sure some of you would beg to differ). And I absolutely adore the dress - even though it's of particularly harsher shading... Couldn't part with that aspect, I must confess.

Anyhow, the task was basically to have your medoll an alien inspired by Katy Perry's E.T., and I wanted to do a mixture of all of her looks in the music video, and above is what I came up with. I love, love, love the background, it's so light and elegant and yet mysterious which makes it all the better. I did make the background (a little help on Deviantart's part, though), and quite happy with the results.

And yeah, I had to redo the upper body twice since the file corrupted the first time about... and four hours were basically for nothing. Just thought I'd vent out, right there :P

But, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new skin shading technique!
Honestly, I'm not a huge, huge fan of this piece, but it's still decent, none the less. The task was to create a Legend of Zelda's Light Spirits-esque (which I've never, if not, once, played) outfit, as will be featured on the RNTM runway. I know Rafi will do my design justice! ;)

I do love the overall flow of the dress, and it seems to maintain the realistic factor that I most certainly incorporate to each and every one of my graphics.

So, that's it for today! Comments, critique? Desperate need to hate on me? Don't hesitate to write up a comment in the you-know-what section. A reaction would be nice, too.

And before I go, I was weighing the possibility of creating another graphic tutorial - which I haven't done in well over a year. That, and my hair tutorial video just reached the 5.000 viewer mark (woohoo! lol, perverted remark on the sims 3 part...  ;D BTW, Anyone else play? We should talk about it some time haha) and I wanted to celebrate the milestone. So, do you have any suggestions on what I should make it about? I could do another hair tutorial, but I've already done one, and my current hair technique isn't too far off from the current one - maybe modified a bit - and I'd like to show you guys other things I can guide you with! That, or if you were just curious on how I did one thing or another. I may even do a background tutorial playing with some PS brushes, since that's fun... yeah...

... lol.


Flowing gold

So I am just like 9 hours before I start last year at High school. I am so stressed up that I can't sleep. Lol. Because of that sleep issues I decided to put up here my newest work which I finished yesterday. So here comes the doll:

I like the way I shaded dress and hair. I'm not big fan of legs.

I think it looks really original. I've made whole page look so if you're interested check here (link).

And a good old polish song which inspired me:

What do you think? You like header? what can I do better? Any language mistakes in post?

The Graphic Fault

Don't know where that idea came about, but I thought it was kinda clever... lol.
Anyhow, I've been quite busy this week - started a new school, moved to a new house, and had to finish a few graphics for miscellaneous projects. While I'm still no where near done in the graphics department, I somehow found time to make a promo for my ongoing series, A Forbidden Love.

I'm pretty happy with the results - and yes, it does include some elder graphics of mine (too lazy to make new ones... lol) so that's why I thought I'd post it here.

Without further ado:


it's coming...

The Message Is Revealed ...

Yesterday I've posted a little graphic, saying it was a misterious message from a far away galaxy. Well, the message will be revealed now ...

You are officially invaded invited to be part of the big Finale of Rafael's Next Topmodel Cycle 6!! It's gonna be a galactic show with many performances, walks and backstage views! I hope you'll attend this big event, don't miss it ;)

xoxo Rafael