Model Land Teaser

Hey, so I've been working on my new project Model Land and  here is a teaser for it,
Visit Model Land and please follow!

What do you think?

Random Graphic Seasonalhotbuys

Updated a million of times
I used a reference picture for this graphic

I wanted to see what it would look like if I colored it quickly . Its ok lawl aint even gonna finish it foeshoe
I prefer it w/o coloring, I'd like to do another one but actually take my time on it.

Just some fast doodling, I just thought you guys would like this even though its nothing special. The hair is complete crap Lol, I won't use it for anything. I did this all on mouse that's why its a bit shaky, You could give it a "it needs work" doesn't really bother me because I did this for a fun experiment. 

Thoughts?, Comments?, Suggestions?


Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer

Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer

This is a new competition brought to you by Princess_kiara1, xxlovexx and ciaraleanne. 8 contestants compete against each other to win the final prize (which is big!). So if any graphic designers think they have the talent, join up now! (Click the image to go to the website)



Dip-Dye Experiment/Note to Readers!

Recently, a popular trend going around is Dip-Dye.
Although I'm not a fan of it, I've had people ask if I'm able to do it for their graphics.
Well, I tried:

Here's a few special colors of my dip-dye venture.

The original is the last one(top right)
 My favorite it the Dark brown hair with the red streaks. Love it!


Also, here's a note to the readers:
READ THE POST! I've noticed most people don't read the post when commenting. I've had to correct four people and explain that when they said, has already been written in the post.
If you read the entire post, you might understand some things about the graphic, such as:
The idea behind it, the original(if it's just a preview), and the tools used.
You'll look smarter if you seen something that ISN'T already written in the post.
Just saying...
Just. Saying. 

Hair tutorial

Hi, girls ;3 I'm here again to post my video tutorial: there I'm showing my way to draw the hair. I made it 'cause few people asked me about that.
 So here it is:

And here is the final result:
Comment please ;]


Combination-By Accident

So I was finishing up a graphic a segment on Extravagance Stardoll, when I started shading the graphic using my dodge and burn tools.
Well, it was okay, considering the girl was wearing tights, but it wasn't really okay without the tights.
Bear in mind, a total accident right here:
Okay, I can't make it larger than small, don't as me why, but it wasn't like that this morning.
Just click to enlarge:)
I think it still looks like she's wearing tights, and the back is supposed to be like that, it's shadowing:)
The shoes are troublesome. I tried to get them to line up correctly, according to the original, but the sketch didn't turn out right.

Sketch or original:

Pay no attention to the smiley face. I used a template for the graphic's face.

I used this technique before, and it's been seen on Doinker_chic's popular graphics, so it isn't a bad method, but I still prefer mine over hers.
I love your words!

(nothing harsh please:))


Winner of Graphic Collage Contest!

Today's graphic is similar to one I did two days ago.

I tried the realistic face edit thing again, and it worked out somewhat better on this graphic than the other.
This is from a graphic collage contest, available on my graphics blog
It's a new weekly thing, and the winner who guesses correctly wins a graphic.
The winner of this week didn't guess everything correctly, but she did some things, so I thought she at least deserved a face edit, using my new technique!

Here is Aphiba(Faye)'s graphic:

I'm not a big fan of the neck/eyebrows. They need work, but I didn't feel it was necessary in this graphic. The lips are my favorite, along with the nose and hair. Please comment on what you think about this graphic.
 Again, it's only a prototype of a possible new face edit technique.

Also: Welcome to the new designer on this blog! I look forward to viewing your graphics!

More to come today!
Working like a steam engine on drugs:)


Out With The Old, In With The New

The original version of the graphic
I also did it in black I got a bit bored so this was the outcome of it.

Something I did a bit earlier this month, I didn't finish the hair just because the fact I'm not gonna use it.
I'd like to make a few graphics for TGV because the graphics I am working on a magazine atm. I'll probably do something spring inspired with mint green in it! One of my favorite colors.

Thoughts?, comments?, suggestions?


Model Land

Hey guys!, I'm Khol - Hollyoaksrocks* and I'm new to the team!

I've been working on a graphic for my upcoming project ModelLand 
here's the final graphic for the banner;

what do you think?


Made by the amazing Kim herself, I didnt even know she was gonna make this, so I thank her so much!

Spring graphic

Hi there, girls, I'm a new writer here ;3
It's a graphic I made for spring competition at SIC blog.
I like the hair & flowers very much, so what do you think about it?
Comment please ;]


Super-Duper Random!

Graduation Exams are finally OVER!
School year is ALMOST over, so guess what that means?

I have a billion requests!
But anyways, to kick off the new graphics season for me, I started with a super simple, burn and dodge tool face edit.
It's not anything serious, so please don't give me grief about the way it looks.
I'm just previewing it to showcase my work, which is the purpose of this blog:)
Her name is YO-Landa.
Don't pay attention to the crap hair, I just didn't want her being bald.
That's cruel.

Pay extra attention to the nose, eyes, and mouth.
The mouth took forever, but you can see the curvature of the lips compared to the original. style.
Her node looks kinda real, but could use some more shadowing.
The eyes are my favorite!

Comment please!


Spring Makeover!!

What do you think?

Jeffrey Campbell Litas + Update

I'm obsessed with these shoes!! So I did a graphic with the black ones and I also remade the hb's brown bag:
Model: Sary.Babyfayce

There are 3 stardoll versions (That I know of):

*Is anyone selling the space jam platforms?

UPDATE: New graphic designers are on their way! I cannot wait!

I'm still thinking..

.. what to write here. You know.. just another graphic.

I don't like dress that much, I totally fail. But this bag look good. Opinions? Anybody.


Orange Shift

This is what I've been working on today, yes I know there is not custom hair, but I'm still working on my technique for hair(So if you're commenting to complain about this, please don't). But I think the short hairstyle adds to the sixties vibe of the dress!

Love K xxx
P.S. You can see the transparent version on my graphics blog =)

Last graphic for a while

I know, I've been slacking, and I don't really have time for this stardoll anymore. I don't have time for the lookbook either, I'm so sorry! I'm thinking about adding some more writers to this blog soon, and maybe a make-over for the summer? idk, what do you think?

Headshot: The lips are inspired by Jessie J.
Model: Dubistdie



Half Shaved

This used to be half shaved hair, but now it look like half completed. How awkward can that be. Well, at first I wasn't souch a big fan of that hairstyle, but now I'm more and more into it. 


Comments are welcome.


Hair, Hair, Hair!

As I've been working on more and more graphics, I decided to do a little hair-research. And with that new information processed, I've improved on hair dramatically! I've created this hair for something I cannot tell just yet, but with time you'll be sure to know. That's why I'd like to show you my newest masterpiece!

Hope you enjoy!

The part I've most improved on is the shading, and how hair naturally styles itself. I'm very proud of the outcome, but it's up to you all to be the jury!

Comments, suggestions and criticism are greatly appreciated!


Just Graphics

I use them for banner, but I prefer 'single version' much more.

Blog Banner

So I'm not in much of the mood to write paragraphs about how I'm so proud of my new graphic. I'll just jump strait into showing you all my latest masterpiece. Enjoy!

(click to enlarge)

So, my little critique-er's, let me know what's up with this one. 
Also, I've been working on my modeling portfolio a bit, and have decided to redo my medoll's "With(out) makeup" photoshoot. I'll show you that too. Take a look:

I've added new hair to my medoll and also've touched up the skin that stardoll lacks their time into making. It's really time for them to update their graphics, don't you agree?

So, at last, comment below and let me know your thoughts! Critique and feedback is well appreciated. Thanks a bunch!



New Graphic!

This was originally supposed to be the new banner for Extravagance Stardoll, but I got side-tracked and too lazy to change the colors, so here it is!

I might put it as my graphics blog header, but I don't know.
It makes me cheerful inside:D

It is FULL of one of my favorite colors:
Forest Green.
The shoes and dress are a personal design, to be seen when KN Designs(formally Limit Magazine)
reopens in May!
Until then, here's the graphics:

click to enlarge
The medoll is Punky_lissy ( if you hadn't already known, Lissy gave it to me two weeks ago for comps. on the blog)
I changed her medoll to a similar style of mine, but I prefer this.
I Love the detailing and shading, and the messy bun is very similar to the type I wear.
Comments, Questions, Concerns, please post:D
I love your words!




So I had been working on a graphic for one of my own projects yesterday, but this afternoon I decided to go with a different tact, so wanted to share what I'd made =) I really love it, so hope you do too!
 Please view the full size, I think it looks better and clearer, but it wouldn't fit in the width of the blog nicely!

Lots of love,
K xxx

Is stealing graphics the new "in" thing?

So we have recently experienced a bout of graphics being taken, as posted by Kasey below, just now I have come across - purely by chance - someone having taken my graphics! Which, I'm not gonna lie, I'm shocked at - I'm not that good!

So recognise this:

Well, this girl, akukula on Stardoll, has combined two of my graphics into a header. I made the poses and dresses, however she has added heads, and smudged the clothes a bit to make it less obvious - although she's done it rather badly on the blue dress, which she changed from pink. Another thing, with the one on the left, the skin tones of the head and body don't even match?!?!
These were the originals:

I've left her a polite GB message, so I'll keep you updated!

We had a chat, and I think she now understands that it's not alright just to take peoples graphics and alter them slightly! But I will be keeping an eye on her graphics page, just in case.

What are your thoughts on situations like these?

Love K xxx


Kharma Fashion Week

Kharma Fashion Week has arrived! I am not sure if it will carry on today or tomorrow, but one line and a magazine has been released. ( Echo fashion line and Muse Magazine) Click the picture to go to the blog.


Trying something new ...

Heya, I've been really busy all weekend with 5 horrible essays - I'm half way there though! But I decided to take a little break and try graphic hair! I chose to pick a "base" of a Stardoll hair, and just add to it, so I picked a pony-tail. I don't think it's good or anything, but it's definitely a start for me!

Lots of love,
K xxx

CopyCats...We Hate 'em.

 Evaki_11 has apologized for her writers stealing the graphics. I'm hoping for her to contact her writers and make them apologize for their theft.
I'm glad this kinda worked out;/

Writers, have you recently made a graphic that has been posted here or on another graphics blog?

This post is to inform you of a major copying scheme created by Shakira.2001
Most graphics on her "graphics" blog were originally created by myself, or another talented graphic designer.
She changes the colors(color manipulation) and adds her face, selling it off as her graphic.

She's had mulitple sales, using graphics from myself, chloe-99, and many more.
Here's an example of her "graphics"

banner for extravagance stardoll. Made it two weeks ago and posted here.
dress from original.
My banner logo
if your gonna have a medoll replace mine, at least make her pretty.
this is kinda pathetic.
A graphic I made for chloe-99 turned evil...
created BY chloe-99

created by chloe-99 originally.
There are so many more and to see her copies of our graphics, click:

Help stop this scamming!

(I understand alot of the graphics on the blog are mine, but it's still scamming. Many more people have had their graphics copied the deeper you go into the blog.)


In Spite of the Spring Air...

     So its time again for me to showcase my latest graphic, and in this case it happens to be that graphic that welcomes a breeze of the fresh spring air. I'd like to present to you my first side-view pose.

(click to enlarge)

     Graphic was requested by princesslicha, so obviously the model is her medoll. Although, I'm not quite sure if it quite looks like her medoll. Never the less, I am quite thrilled with the results, I've always wanted to try a side view, but I've never been able to put together all the elements (eyes, nose, etc.). What is your honest opinion on it?

Comment below!


Rebelle Graphics

So Rebelle Magazine was released this evening, and I was one of the graphics designers of the magazine! Here are the two that I made - note, this is them before Khol did the hair or makeup, to see the final product, check them out at the magazine!

You can click on them to see the full size images =)

Lots of love,
K xxx

Update On Graphics

Hey, so I've been working on graphics for a new magazine - Rebelle Magazine - which is going to be released in an hours time!
It would be great if you checked it out - there are some fab articles about lots of different trends, and also some fab graphics by the wonderful Khol(hollyoaksrocks*)!

Inspired by Lana Del Ray - chloe-99

Just finished my latest graphic, it's inspired of this picture of Lana Del Ray:

I'm obsessed with her aha

My doll. And if you have Gimp I recommend the ink tool for hair shading. It's AMAZINGGGG!