Model Land Teaser

Hey, so I've been working on my new project Model Land and  here is a teaser for it,
Visit Model Land and please follow!

What do you think?


  1. I dont like the burn in the legs. I use to like the graphics who edit their dolls with the burn tool, but now it looks bleh :/ Anyways I cant wait to see your new project come alive! ♥

  2. The leg is nicely shaped but I think its kind of to pink, to be honest.
    However, I love those shoes and that is an original kind of teaser, I must say. (no sarcasm is meant)

  3. Anonymous29/3/12 22:21

    Yes, I do agree with the two people above when it comes to the legs. I love love love the shoes though ♥. Oh and Model Land is the name of Tyra Bank's book.

  4. Woah i love this graphic! *.*