A Message From Outer Space ...

What could this be?!
A misterious message from an alien??
Can you guess what this might be?

Stay tuned ...


A Change in Technique

A few snippets of the current graphic I'm working on. I took your guys advice and updated my skin shading technique; first being the base I use for shadowing is using a few shades darker than beige, and lowered the opacity. I know I get a bunch of comments saying my shading is always too dark, so I tried doing something more in between what I like and personally cringe at. For lack of better words, I'm actually really happy with the results so far (and more or less surprised!) - it's not too harsh, yet the definition is still there.

Hopefully you'll see the final products within a few days.

Please let me know what you think :)
And oh! I've been absent on stardoll for a few days, anyone miss me? lol 
also, I know I should go, but did anyone watch Tuesday's PLL? I seriously need to vent out with someone about A... omg *dies*


Head Shot: Ectazy

I everyone, sorry for not posting in so long, I've been really busy with family & other 
Stardoll projects. I was asked to create this head shot for Ectazy, and personally, I love it! 




i was sorting through my xcf files when i stumbled upon a fairly old graphic which i actually thought i'd lost!! the graphic was supposed to appear in issue 2 of x magazine, but failed to make the cut

here it is

as i mentioned the graphic is quite old, so please bare that in mind. 

i REALLY like the clavicle shading, i want to dig up that old technique again, it looks really good. the hair is shocking, as is the face shading. the arms are, quite obviously, untouched. 

leave a comment!!
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love y'all xxxxxxxxxxxx

ps: i'm thinking of doing some kind of graphics faq post soon? a lot of people ask me questions about my graphics and i'm always too busy to answer, so is an faq post something you think would be interesting to read? 

pps: XIII IN V


A New Focus

I've worked a lot on my real art these past few weeks and I think the small break has allowed my mind to open up more to new ideas and concepts when it comes to my graphics. I'm working a lot on portfolio(not stardoll-art) stuff and, when the time comes, I'll be applying to colleges and etc. 
But, right now, I'm just living.

Here is a "cut-out" from my line. (that's so punny;))

A few days ago I noticed the whole knee-thing going on between Lindsey and Jack and it made me think,"How good can I do knees?"
Well, here they are!
I love the legs and you can tell they are the focus in this graphics. I also love the shoes and hair because they're kinda out of the box for me.
The model is the gorgeous Froggy_Kannibal!
I love her doll so much.
 I wish she applied to my line;D(*wink, wink)

Again-this was cut from my line so that means I think the design and execution is crap
No need to tell me what I already know!

Comment and give me your opinion!


Which one?

I'm working on a very important piece right now and I need your opinion. Which version of the hand is better? Crisp or Smooth?

For Crisp (first image) tick 'Amazing'
For Smooth (second image) tick 'Not my style'

It only takes a few seconds but it will really help me so please tick a box to let me know.


Back again!

I was asked to do a blog makeover for a new magazine called Faze and as I rather like how the banner came out, I thought it was worth sharing. Let me know what you think!


Stay Strong

A motivational piece.

Difficult one

It wasn't an easy graphics to create. I'm happy with it :) I like everything except the hair.
what do you think? I'm waiting for your opinions


The Face!

Hey everyone!
Couldn't think of any better title. x)

Guess who is busily working on graphics again? Right, me!
And this is what I've been working on for the last 10 days ...

It's the banner graphic for Sparkle Model Management. The model is Catherine aka mathildamath who is the face of the management. I'm actually very proud of it, it took me quite a long time as it wanted to put more effort into detail. The hair probably took me the longest.

What do you think of it? Anything I can still improve?
And which version do you like better? 

xoxo Rafael

You Can't Spell Unique without U and I

Ok, so I have this random commercial for Homegoods (I think that's what it's called) - a furniture-esque store in the US - and just had to make their latest "slogan" of sorts the title of this post... yeah.

So I haven't made graphics for a while now, and I'm honestly not sure when I'm going to start picking back up on them. That said, I suppose you guys deserve an explanation (not that you'd care, anyways).

Over these past few days I've been crammed with non-stop packing sessions (I'm moving, again...). Fortunately, our next destination only happens to be fifteen minutes away (filled with an ocean view, heeyyy! lol), so nothing too major. Of course, there's going to be another move in about January, but the complication of the story is just... well... complicated.

On top of a realm of putting items next to the amount of nothing into cardboard boxes, I'm starting a new school next Monday, so with that, I'll have a lot less free time on my hands for graphics. And to be fair, I haven't really felt like making graphics all that much, either.

And just to annoy you, I just wanted to share I've been jam packed with catching up on an old show (anyone watched 24? Like seriously, it's so... amazing - for lack of better words). The action is so suspenseful, I can't describe the obsession. All I can tell you is once an episode finishes, you're on your feet, begging for more. That's how unbelievably addicting it is to me. Of course, if you don't exactly appreciate random terrorists dying every few seconds, then the show obviously isn't for you. Uh, yeah, I sorta feel sadistic, but what can I say? The plot is so deep... its just... ugh. Ok, if I keep up this random rant of sorts up, we'll be here until New Years...

Anyhow, lets just get to what I worked on last, and forgot to show you...

So I was tasked with making four different graphics for Rafael's Next Top Model. Which, in case, is the current modeling competition I've caught myself amongst. I finally feel like I stepped up my game (except for the last creepy graphic I showed you), and actually made stuff that I don't feel like puking up all over.

The first two were for a hair commercial I had to create, in which mine is for a faux hair product that my magazine HAUTE now "sells" ... I honestly don't have any complaints about them.

The third in the batch was a nude photoshoot I had to create. My theory was to create something that wasn't too revealing, yet didn't completely fail in the department of nudity. So, in the spirit of that, I did an inbetween. I don't think I did too much of a fail (maybe the skin could've been better, but whatever). I even made a side view, which if you've seen previous attempts (exhibit A / exhibit B) of mine, you'd know the result is equivalant of a polar bear being discovered in the Sahara. Uh, yeah, that painted an odd picture in my head... I also made my own background, which, if I say so myself, I'm fairly fond of.

And lastly, a piece of revolting leftovers. At first I'm like "yay, this is incredible" but now I really would prefer being one of those unlucky terrorists in 24 to die in a quite unfortunate way... and please do note the sarcasm.

Can't say too much more, so enjoy my graphics. See you soon.

Psssst, Carneval is coming!

Obviously, this is my entry for SNTGD task 2. 
Do you like it? What can I improve apart from the messy yellow things and the skin?

xoxo Cathy


Cara Say Whaaaaa...?

Okay, I was kidding.
THIS will be the last photo for a while.

This was originally a photo starring both Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora, but I cut Ora out and edited the back so it's bare. I really like the face and makeup because it's really simple.
I mainly picked this reference because in my real life drawings, I'm working on emotions, facial expressions, and dramatic features. Obviously, this is a combo of dramatic features and facial expressions. I really loved the lips(how shifty they are) and the eyes(how exaggerated they seem). 
The hair was an after-thought because my main focus was the face. I think it's okay, but not as good as it could be.


Hey, sorry for my long absence from the blog but did not add and created the graphics. But now I have something new for you. See for yourself.




(and yes this IS a graphic which i made, so i would appreciate your comments/thoughts! thank you xx)

Addicted to the shin dig

A graphics for FunOpler.
What do u think?

song for today :)


Just Waiting...

First personal graphic in a while...

Model: Mangunmeetan
 I like it, but I also am not so sure. I'm trying to make my shading more minimalistic, but still accurate. I don't like the sweater, but from afar, it doesn't look so bad. Most of the time spent on the graphic was with the hair and legs, and I believe they turned out the best. I also like how I shaded Mangunmeetan's face. I used a pair of lips I made previously because I felt they worked better than the one's I edited before. Mainly because it looks like a slight smirk and that's the look I was going for with this.

Last graphic for a while...


Lana Del Sale

Hi :D This time I prepared a work for contest called "Creative Talent". Something like your SNTGD but purely polish version. The task said to create your idol featured graphic so I create Lana Del Rey one - my totally favorite singer ever. Here comes the work:

I changed my technique of shading everything. XD I love her face, shoe and lion. Making it took me 7 days and here is a gif of day by day work:

If Somebody is interested in buying it as blog header here is LINK

 What do You think about my work? You like it? Will you try bidding price?


the second coming

i'm back!!

i was recently away visiting family but now i've returned with exciting news!; the next collection of x apparel has begun production!

one thing that bugged me about the previous collection is how small i had to make the pieces to fit on the mannequins i used, because they were also quite small. so, i decided to design my own mannequin

*click to enlarge, it's very big*

it's nothing special but i felt like it was necessary for me to make my own mannequins this time, i also wanted something bigger hence why this bitch is almost 2000px tall


what do you all think?
leave a comment!! tick a box!!
love u all xxxxx mwah


A Hairy Situation

Excuse the extremely lame title...

Anyhow, I've been working away with graphic requests and the likes. The following is something I've just finished, however, you won't be able to see it until possibly later this week. I promise, though, it's worth the wait.

I love the hair, which is the main feature of the graphic. At first I wasn't sure, but the further I worked on it, the more I fell for the overall product. I suppose that's a good thing, considering the hair took at least four hours to make. *Wipes brow*

Comments or critique? Comment please!


#4 Can u feel it?

This is a totally new technique of a skin shading and HAIR of course! To be honest - i love it. I like everything except the eyes. This is my first graphic I am so happy about. What do you think?
I think, it's my:


Something new

                                                                        new technique


2 Pieces

I worked on these two pieces a little while ago just after completing my NTGD Task 1 - they were for something that I was planning, but my personal circumstances have changed meaning I have had to change my plans - resulting in that I can show these graphics =) I do actually quite like them even though each has different flaws, so I am pretty pleased with my work (even though I don't think they're as good as my NTGD task 1 entry).
I don't like the hands in either of them - they just don't look good, which annoys me as I'm usually ok with hands! 
In the first one I think I messed up the hat a bit at the front, but I found when I looked at it from afar it didn't look so bad. I really like the rest of the skin though, and the dress is alright =)
In the second I think I got a bit lazy with parts of the blazer, it looks alright from the arms up, but terrible from the arms down. The skin is ok, I like the arms and the neck isn't too bad, but something is nagging me about the chest shadow, I think it's not quite right, maybe it's too dark?
Both of the hairs are ... well they're pretty poor, but reasonable for me, there's still a lot of work to be done in that area of graphics for me!

Let me know what you think, and please comment!

Love K xxx


Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek of upcoming big work. ;)

What You think?


Do it like a bro!

'Do it like a brother, do it like a dude'. That song can't get out of my head :( Jessie J is sooooooo beautiful...
But my graphic is not.
I'm very dissapointed, because when I was making hair and lips i was so happy, and now...
I don't like finish effect of this work.
What do you think?


so much rejection

in the planning stages of any x issue, i change my mind so many times on what or who i want in there

i made this graphic a while ago but realised i no longer need it, so enjoy

the outfit is from quite an early jeremy scott collection

i really like how some parts of the coat came out, it was a very weird material to do. i think the boots look quite good too

what do you think?
leave a comment/tick a box!!

love you all xxxxxxx

ps: model applications are now re-opened at x and the contract system has been abolished meaning models can now apply for free! click here to apply