i decided to take a break from doing graphics for x and do something i've wanted to do for quite a while, so i created this graphic of the inevitably iconic lana del rey

now if you know me you'll know i am a MASSIVE lana fan (253 songs and counting), so i took it upon myself to pay extra attention to making this graphic as flawless as possible. i just love how the whole thing turned out.

i want to hear what you think!
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lots of love and chicken strips
jack xx

ps: here's a side by side comparison of my graphic against the reference image


Eamonn Collins A/W 2014 Collection

I'm not too sure if I've shared this with you before, but over the past few weeks I've been working on my upcoming collection. Personally, I believe this collection will become one of my best works. Clearly I'm not finished yet. There are able 20 looks still to come - yes 20! I also have shoes, bags and other accessories still to be added. As for now, I leave you with these nine looks. Let me know what you think and where improvements can be made! 

Oh, it's inspired by my home town, Derry (also known as Londonderry)


as ever when working on x, i always have a pile of outtakes that never end up making the final cut.
this is one of them

(certain parts of this graphic were blurred for secrecy purposes)

it's pretty obvious why this was an outtake - it's just such a dull graphic, it doesnt pop to me.

but i would like to hear your opinions on this piece
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lots of love xxx