Practice in the Cold

Practicing my clothing skills!
and guess what? I made this 100% by myself, no reference picture whatsoever!
Which, in its self, is big, because clothing is something I struggle with.


Another Spoiler...

Hiya! Lets just say I've been working non-stop for the past few days with graphics, and one of the more recent ones I've finished I have decided to give you a sneak peek of!

Sorry its small, but the graphic itself is pretty small too. Anyhow, I hope this gives you the general idea of what the entire graphic looks like. I personally love it, and I hope you will too once HAUTE has been released ;)


Graphic Request

Lately, my dear friend Tania (cooldeer123) ordered a graphic. It's always a pleasure to work with her medoll + I was in sort of an artist's block and she saved me by sending a really nice reference picture (which I loved). Tania's medoll is gorgeous and I think the graphic turned out pretty good. Hope you like it :)

I know on the reference picture weren't the rings and the necklace but I wanted to add them. The necklace has the letter 'T' from Tania :3 And I really adore the 'BAD' ring. I have one myself so I kinda got inspired by it. I really hope you like the hairstyle.

So yeah, please leave your opinions in the comments section.
I haven't made graphics in a while so yeah..

P.S. Tania, if you want a version without snowflakes, let me know.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Here is a small gift to you!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy holiday!

Thank you for even looking at my graphics!
 I appreciate you all and hope your holidays are filled with joy and happiness!


Artist's block

I guess that's how I would describe my current state. I honestly don't know what reference picture to use and I am not really in the mood of making a custom pose. So if you know ANY nice web sites where I can find decent references, please let me know in comments.

I'm really sorry for not posting for so long. After my last graphic I've had a serious problem with my eyes and the client didn't even like the graphic. I was dissapointed. But right now I'm looking forward making new graphics and I need lots of references.

I hope no-graphics posts are allowed :3
Thank you in advance if you write some web sites in the comment section.
P.S. Other sites than flickrista please. Thanks.


I didn't posted anything for long time, but my computer is broken and I will get it back after christmas so I am using my mum's one, couse' of that right now I can post only this one old graphic which I have on my gmail. There are various versions:

I made them in September, maybe later. I'm really satisfied with the doll on right, but I think, that the left one could be prettier.

Any opinions? Someone find grammar or any other mistakes?


The winner of RNTM is...

Hey guys!! On Thursday was the finale of RNTM Cycle 5. And I've created a video split into three parts. This one is the last part where MandaMichalka is announced as the winner of RNTM.
She's really amazing, don't you think she looks gorgeous? :3

Anyway, here are some graphics of the Finale ...

What do you think of them? I know some of them are kinda blurry, and Manda's waist on the Cover looks kinda... too slim. I'll try to fix it for the finished RNTM backstage magazine issue :)

To see the full Finale, click here
xoxox Rafael


Sneak Peek?

I would feel guilty if I didn't make a new post, after (finally) being added back to The Vault. I'd like to thank Ceaara for giving me another chance, after Kirsten urged to remove a bunch of writers back in mid November.
However, it's nothing major (not yet), just a 1000% zoomed sneak peek of my new graphic. Which is going to be fully revealed on the 21st/22nd of December (End of the World - after party anyone?).

You can guess who's the model, but I'm 99% sure no one's gonna get it right anyways. ;-)



Something to Keep you Going

Hello All!
I know its been forever since I've last posted with a graphic, but there's a reason for that. I kind of have been slacking graphics, and on top of that I had to dig up my old photoshop codes to download onto my new laptop I got back in October. Anyhow, I'm going to speed through with HAUTE graphics, but not too fast, because I usually just trash a graphic that is short of at least somewhat decent looking. Hopefully I can deliver my promises and post just before the new year... but I'm not sure if I can make around 15 graphics and write a few articles before then, so you might have to wait until early January. But I promise the wait will be worth it... Which brings me to what I'm about to show you!

I guess you could call them HAUTE spoilers? One graphic I wasn't very pleased with, so I'm kind of ditching it, and it will not be featured in the issue. The other is just a snippet of an editorial photo. I can't tell you what its for, though. I personally like to be surprised.

So if you can't tell already, I absolutely hate this graphic... the shading is really blurry, which is not my personal style. I did at one point like the hair, but now... er, I guess you could call it somewhat of a fail. And I cannot stand the dress, either... its just awkward.
The only thing I can really say is decent (or at least just a little?) is maybe the collarbones. I know they may be a little heavy shaded, but personally I think it makes the graphic better looking(?)?

And this is hair I just finished for a graphic in the magazine. I think it came out pretty well. considering its one of my first times working with black hair. Even though I didn't use a ton of layers, it definitely doesn't look overdone, which is something you should never do (And my example of overdone would be the first graphic I showed you today). I am aware that it looks like the neck is really fat, but in the final image, the model is sitting down sideways, facing forwards. So simply put, don't judge D:

So, what are your opinions? First or second graphic? I love to hear from you all, so please comment!!

And btw, while your reading this, can I ask you a huge favor? Please visit my yearbook here, and click on my projects I've completed. Now click on the "Callie's Press Tour Part Three" and then click on the purple heart. Thank you all ;)


RNTM Spoiler & Catwalk Pose

Hey guys!! :)
I've been quite busy the last few days with making some graphics. I now want to share two of them with you. The first one is the spoiler for the finale of RNTM Cycle 5. It actually didn't take me very long and I'm very happy how it turned out. Have a look:


The dresses are taken from Stardoll, just edited them a bit. I really like how the hair turned out, especially of the hair of the right doll. I think I've really improved at making hair. :3
I'm also quite satisfied how I made the collarbone, I think I will keep it that way as it doesn't look too exaggerated. What do you think??
By the way, you can of course join the live-chat if you want and watch the finale with us! :)

The second one I'd like to show you is a catwalk graphic. I'll be using it for a project, won't tell you which one but maybe you can guess it... ;)

I think my skin shading turned out quite good although I still need to improve. Yes, I censored all parts which are inappropriate as well as the model's face. I'm so happy that I managed to make her look slim but not too skinny (like I did at Spice Couture).

What do you think? Please comment!
xoxo Rafi


Starlight Sparkles

Check this out!

I really love this! 
The shoes are Burberry and the dress is just something I made. 
I love the background because it has a really smooth, retro feel to it!

But yes, please comment!:)


Graphics for RNTM Backstage Magazine

Hey guys!
I've just released the latest issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine. (finally!!)
Have a look at the graphics and tell me what you think.

I guess you already know these two, eh? ;)

I really like both of the graphics, but I prefer the left one. Oooh and I hope you notice that I've improved my hair!! I'm so proud of it. :3

Make-Up Editorial with elisavetdella. I'm still not sure if I will keep doing the collarbone like this, but I still think it turned out quite good. I think it's one of the best I've ever created so far (doesn't mean they look good haha).

xoxo Rafael :*


Another sneek peak

I thought I'd treat you all to another sneek peak of my upcoming magazine Spirit,

Like it?

Khol X


For A Competition In School

Hey everyone!
I want to show you a graphic which I finished on Thursday. It was for a competition in my school. I gotta be honest, it didn't turn out as I wanted and now it looks kinda... I don't know. Maybe it's because I had to rush as I didn't have much time to do it and I had so much stress with learning for school and other projects. Anyway, have a look:

I made some parts (face, cap, hands and snowball) with my mouse, the rest was done with my tablet.
This ain't be my best graphic, but at least I tried. The girl looks like a thicker person although she was meant to be thin. *ehem*  I guess it's because the jacket turned out so fluffy plus the head is very round. 
The cap looks like a tortured jellyfish and I forgot about a shadow of the girl, so it also looks a bit 2D.

But still, I gave my best and I hope and I win something (hopefully I'll get 1st place but I doubt that).
What do you think?
xoxo Rafael

Blog Banner

I decided to re-vamp my graphics blog, so here, enjoy!

Comment & Critique!


Merry Chr- Kwanza-Ist-Hannukah-mas!

Happy Holidays!

I just used a basic runway pose I had made about 5 months ago (from my fashion line) and I just wanted to do something concerning Christmas without having to make a brand-new graphic...

Sooo, yeah...I love the sweater, candy cane, and hat!:D


Graphic Request

A week ago I got a graphic request from lula.l and she wanted a header for her blog Exclusive-SD. I was the one who picked the reference picture because I wanted to draw it for a while now and now I had the chance to. Honestly, my vision is really blurry now and my eyes are red :L But I love the result so I guess it's worth the time ;)

click to enlarge

If you enlarge it, you might notice the fact that I tried using a stardoll-like hair technique. I thought it would turn out ugly but I guess it turned out pretty :3 And you might have noticed that I used my magazine as I did on the last one :L That's because I probably won't publish it and that's a way for me to show some of the graphics I've been working on.

The word "Exclusive" I wrote with my hand, not using a font :3 and I like it. The background is pretty simple and yeah, I think overall the graphic is nice.

What are your opinions?

EDIT: Blog logo for cooldeer123

Tania, if you want a different one, let me know ;)


Spoiler Graphic

SPIRIT Magazine

Click the Image to go to the blog
Make sure to follow! 

Also, what do you think of the graphic? 

Khol X

Graphic/Modeling Project

Visit the world of POISE @ poisebyhaute.blogspot.com!



Hey Guys, if some of you didn't hear the good news, I won SNTGD!!
I'm so happy! All my hard work paid off :D

See the post and and my winning graphics here

Anyhow, I'm working on a practice graphic,
Everyone has seen this real life picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, well i hope you all have, It's beautiful.
So, here's my version and the original.

What do you think?

Khol X

New Project

A little graphic art project for your eye

*Click Picture*


Over-Exaggerating Curls!

I think I over-did it with the curls/loose waves.
 But I couldn't stop! 
One of my favorite things to make is the hair and this one style was just so addictive!:O

See what I mean by the curls? Their out of control!!:O
The neck/no neck is a little awkward, but that was from the reference photo. 
I made the legs, but not the arm and up.
All-in-all, I think this is a really good graphic!

Thanks for reading!