Hey guys, how are you?
So, I did this graphic for my dear friend Luiza (blinnes) and is the first time ever that I take a black & white photo as a request. Since this one was very simple I decided to do it.

I don't usually re-use any graphics because that's not fair to the person who paid for it, but I did a second version of this graphic (colored) because I intend to print it and put it on my bedroom wall. I thought it made more sense to have the face of my doll.


Miss Dior

It seems like I am really obsessed with Dior lately, most of my recent graphics were either Dior x JLaw ads or Chanel runways. So this time, I was totally STUNNED after seeing Dior's latest ads with Lawrence. I had to make it. And I had to save more pictures because... well, it's never enough. So, except more Dior from me. But the thing which is coming right after this is not Dior at all... is X Awards enough to say?


Face it

A little gift for the doll SoniaBellaStone :)

New Look!

The Graphic Vault proudly presents the new banner, by yours truly XxSophiie.LuvxX

The Banner should be a representation of the owners personal style, so I chose to make something quite extravagant but with a very simplistic style to it

I also loved the androgynous style of it! It's quite a demure statement but it should still be considered

There's not much to the graphic, I think its quite appealing to the eye and I fell in love with it! Plus after some recent event's it's nice to have a darker skin doll featured in the banner of this wonderful blog!

I'd also like to announce that from today on we will be renewing banners every 3-4 months, and the creator of the banner will be the contributor that has the most viewed post during this time period, designers don't forget in this blog we get hundreds of views a week, and it should be considered an honor to feature your work as the representation of our graphics community 

As always please leave a comment, thick a box! I'm really excited to know what you guys think!
xo. Pablo 



I had the pleasure of styling both myself and n1mka4eva for the Stardoll Fashion Week red carpet. It was such a fun event and the reception of my creations was overwhelming!

Let's start with Nimka's look, she wore customized Chanel with Meadham Kirchoff socks and shoes;

Head to toe look


The outfit took over 4 days to finish and consisted of over 1000 separately placed jewels. The end result was certainly some of my finest work.

I wore custom designed sweater, miniskirt, and glasses with Jeremy Scott FW11 shoes and bag.

Head to toe look

What do you think of these looks?
Leave a comment!
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LOVE S/S '15

"Literally Love"

For the spring collection of love I chose to take Love literally, featured at Stardoll Fashion Week as a surprise release LOVE features 19 pieces and 10 looks

As usual there are about 500 inspirations behind it but the main ones are:

-Visual Kei 
-Lolita (Both the book and the look)
-Mariah Carey 
-Social Media 
-Beauty Pageants 

Check out the full outfit by outfit disclosure @ Stardoll Fashion Week 

Click anywhere on this image to check out the collection


Oh man, it's been such a while since the last time I posted, right? I've been doing so many little references lately, specially some mini projects but something I was really focusing on was Stardoll Fashion Weeks!
No, I wasn't making a collection. I had three requests for it's opening cocktail party. I can say I am happy with how it turned out, with 5 days of hard work over details and trying to make customers happy with the final result - I did it! And here they are;

I've been planning to do a graphic from this Chanel collection for a while, but when kionikc requested it for SFW, I finally got  a chance for it! I am happy with this graphic! I love what I've done with details and I can say it took me a long time to finish, but I believe it was worth it.

At the very first sight, I wanted to scream and shout my sould out of my body. I hated this dress. But as the customer was my friend and he really liked the dress, I said why not give it a try. And I can not explain how much fun I've had doing it! I gave most of time to the glitter parts and I enjoyed making them. That was also worth of trying!

My last customer went for something more minimalistic. I personally love Alexander Wang and this dress, so I couldn't doubt making it. Most of time went in top part details but I am happy with the final result. I feel like I could have put more time into hair, but it's done now, and my customer is happy, so am I!


"And my jazz collection's rare..."

Hello! ˆ-ˆ
After all the hurry and craziness to make outfits for the Stardoll Fashion Week, I finally have time to post this graphic I finished on the beginning of the last week:

It was requested by Luiza (blinnes) and I felt in love with the reference she sent me for that graphic. It was so vintage and cute! I had a lot of ideas for the background in the moment I saw it. I personally love the overall result, but I'm still not sure about the colors. Well, the customer loved the work, so I'm happy with it.
What do you think? 
Leave a comment / tick a box cause I'm always open for good suggestions and critics. :)



Hey guys!!! It has been so long since I posted something here. How have you been?
So, I don't play stardoll anymore but I'm still around! I'm not going to stop making graphics, the only difference is that now I charge in RM (which sadly means I can only accept requests paid with my country's money) You guys can keep up with me on INSTAGRAM @deborah_aylanne (FOLLOW)
Ok, today I'm doing something different, this is a graphic I made of someone I know in real life.
I hope you guys enjoy it :)

PS: Yep, that's his number!


Latest graphic

This is the latest graphic I've done and it was an special request because it was like a gift from a girl to her best friend because of her birthday! This kind of requests got me so exited tbh! 
I'm kind of satisfied with the hair or at least with most of it. The shading of the hand is in my opinion just great lol.
The hardest part was trying to make the -believe it or not- flowers on her lap.. Some lasso tool here and there plus some photoshop's brushes.. 
I would appreciate if you leave a comment if you have some critics, say what you think about it or tick a box.



Back From The Dead

"Rafael Grant ... I've heard that name before I think."

Yeah, that Rafael dude used to be a designer and a contributor of this blog. He took a break from Stardoll because he was a flop towards the end he had some very personal issues going on.

Oh wait, did you say Rafael Grant?! ... that's me!

Yes, you heard right.

It's been quite a long time since I last posted something on TGV (my last post was on 27 June 2014 to be exact). But I broke out of my grave and I'm back to take back my crown and slay you and here to stay!

... and I've brought a new graphic with me as well!

Just a tiny headshot. Nothing too special.
But you can definitely expect something bigger for the Stardoll Fashion Week.

It's gonna be fancy!

That's all for now. See you on the red carpet at Stardoll Fashion Week!

Love y'all!
xoxo Rafael

Ps. Sorry for the gif overkill but I simply had to!


Welcome Me!

Well hello everyone! My name is Giselle, I'm from Argentina and I still can't believe that  I am in a blog like this! It's so exiting to be here, you don't have any idea of how it feels!
Well I've started working on graphics since finals of 2013 I think, but it started getting serious at 2014. 
These are some of my latest and I think favorites graphics that I've done: 

So that's all for now! See ya later ^-^

Big Eyes

Hello! :)
Last thursday I started making a real face. Can you guess who it is?

Hint: her pussy tastes like pepsi cola

I hope I can finish this soon cause I can't wait to show you the final result.
Have a nice sunday!


A New Age

Hello TGV! I'm so glad I'm finally here.
 I'm one of the new writers and my doll is Isabella8103.
I make graphics since the middle 2013 and before someone ask I use photoshop.
Here are my last graphics:

To see these and older ones just click here.
I guess that's it for now. I'm not that good in presentations, so I don't know what else I should write. See you soon!



New beginnings (Owner)

As of today, I, Pablo will be the new owner of "The Graphic Vault"

A couple days ago I received the news that we will be saying farewell to Jack, after a lot of consideration he decided the best thing to do in his life is say goodbye to this world that we've created, I respect his decision and hope you all will do too. 

He handpicked me to continue the work on this wonderful site, which is an honor, at first I was overwhelmed about this, "What now?" I thought, "How will people react?" I asked him, as for the most part, he's been mentoring a lot of the moves I make on this industry.

Guess It's time to leave the training wheels aside. I ask all of you who follow this blog to continue to support it, as I will try to move on and make this little blog of ours as successful as it can be.

-The Changes

*We are on facebook! Like @ facebook.com/thegraphicvaultsd " and never miss a post

As for what I will be changing there wont be much, I will carefully select who will continue to post here, and also I'll be presenting a new look for this blog, although, I chose to keep the current one for another good while.

I'm mesmerized by this opportunity and I will try my best to live up to the expectations jack had when he chose me for this. Also I will be adding a couple new posters and a "Heritage" page, showcasing some of the iconic work from previous contributors

This blog is dedicated to excellence when it comes to graphic making, and it will continue to be, thank you for reading this post and I love you all, thanks for supporting the little "Graphic Vault" Family



Creating clothes

I tried to create an outfit today and to be honest, I think it went pretty well. It has some flaws but that's not important. Credit to Jack (exodus27) that fixed with the basic mannequin. I think I got that right. 

I also wanted to show you this dress I made in 2014, they're almost the same, don't you think? The difference is that I made this one in Photoshop CS6 and the other one in GIMP. 

Okay, well.. That was all from me. Have a really nice day!! 



Hey there! It's been a while

I've been extremely overbooked this past month, plus lets not mention school which has been extremely overwhelming! Today I bring you a Haul of some of the graphics I've made in the month.

Lately I feel like the posts on the vault are lacking quality, wether its the graphic work itself or the way we describe I work, please everybody, remember this site is dedicated to excellence and STANDARDS. High ones, from the previous iconic graphic designers that were here to the current ones such as Jack, as new posters our responsibility is to live up to these standards, never forget.

Moving on from that here's the first graphic:

So I got a request by Stefan or Ana_Star14, we talked about what he wanted and he mentioned he wanted it to be magical, and y'all know me, I automatically went into full fairytale mode

I truthfully didn't picture it looking like Rapunzel but some people say it does look like so. From the extremely slinky body I felt more like it was a forest fairy, I took inspiration mostly from "Pan's Labyrinth" If you haven't watched this movie, DO IT. It's extremely beautiful as most of Guillermo Del Toro movies.

I experimented a lot with the lighting my fave part has to be of course, the hair, I love long hair and I feel I pulled off a very elegant looking technique for this one, im also quite proud of the dress, since flowy fabrics are so not my forte.

Second Graphic:

I must say this was a fairly rushed graphic, I did it to take a breathe from making LOVE Collection, since it was already becoming overwhelming I love the dress and the hair, The rest to me is meh but it fulfilled to purpose which was emptying my mind for a little bit, there wasnt much inspiration behind this, I mostly wanted my doll to look cute.

Third graphic:

Next we hace this graphic I made for Above Stardoll, when Scarlett and Lindsay contacted me I was quite excited since they sent me this stunning reference, I love the extremely chic style but still very feminine,  for once I enjoyed making black fabric. and the hair has to me some of my best work.

Fourth Graphic:

I made this banner for "The Stardoll Awards" It took multiple hours to draw all the details on the dress, but i feel quite happy with how it looks, for the graphic we chose to go with a neutral old hollywood glamour hair, hence the vintage hairstyle, it was my first time doing lips and i think they came out quite okay.

Im currently working along Pau.Cam.Arena in a project called  "Stardoll Fashion Week" or SFW as you may remember TTT Fashion weekend brought the most talented and creative minds together to showcase their work, well we're trying to bring that back so if you guys want to participate with a collection, magazine, etc feel free to comment down below or message me!

As always don't forget to thick a box and leave a comment! I love getting your feedback! Talk to you soon! 

Btw: How amazing was Keshan's last graphic?