New beginnings (Owner)

As of today, I, Pablo will be the new owner of "The Graphic Vault"

A couple days ago I received the news that we will be saying farewell to Jack, after a lot of consideration he decided the best thing to do in his life is say goodbye to this world that we've created, I respect his decision and hope you all will do too. 

He handpicked me to continue the work on this wonderful site, which is an honor, at first I was overwhelmed about this, "What now?" I thought, "How will people react?" I asked him, as for the most part, he's been mentoring a lot of the moves I make on this industry.

Guess It's time to leave the training wheels aside. I ask all of you who follow this blog to continue to support it, as I will try to move on and make this little blog of ours as successful as it can be.

-The Changes

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As for what I will be changing there wont be much, I will carefully select who will continue to post here, and also I'll be presenting a new look for this blog, although, I chose to keep the current one for another good while.

I'm mesmerized by this opportunity and I will try my best to live up to the expectations jack had when he chose me for this. Also I will be adding a couple new posters and a "Heritage" page, showcasing some of the iconic work from previous contributors

This blog is dedicated to excellence when it comes to graphic making, and it will continue to be, thank you for reading this post and I love you all, thanks for supporting the little "Graphic Vault" Family



  1. It's sad and really unexpected to seen Jack leave the Stardoll world. Also is good to see that TGV will keep working with someone's as talented as Jack, which is you Pablo.
    One of the changes that I can't wait to see is the 'Heritage' page which is a great recognition to all of the uniquely amazing work that has been posted here. Welcome!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah I feel like so many big names and extremely talented people have contributed to this blog is important to shine a light on their work too so they won't be forgotten

  2. i guess maybe jack took a step to get real on his life and leave all this stardoll stuff away and someday most of us we do the same , what i am saying is good luck with what about you are about to do . and pablo i hope u do a great job here as you`re already doing and good luck to both of you

    1. I agree, I know jack will do perfectly fine, guess it all comes to an end sometime, Thanks so much! Your support really means alot

  3. So sad to see Jack leave but there couldn't be a better person to become the new owner of TGV than you! Good luck and I look forward to the new era of the graphic vault <3

  4. Congratulations Pablo! I am glad that you are the new owner of this blog. JACK ! I will miss you !