10 Days and 9 Days

Sorry about not posting yesterday or the day before.
Went on a driving lesson with my uncle and worked on my book report!
 I gotta get those things in before I get this in!
I registered for school early this morning and had nothing else to do, so I was looking through my older graphics and found my last-before I was eliminated- SDNTGD background and some old flowers I made. Enjoy!
Anyways, here is 10 and 9. Backgrounds and older images I made:)

On the tenth day till Kasey's 16th birthday, she looked at 10 types of Taxi's.

On the ninth day till Kasey's 16th birthday,she picked nine flowers for her mom.

-True Story-


11 Days

On the 11th day till Kasey's 16th birthday, I spent 11 minutes editing this old graphic:)

-Model is Elite-girl(Linda)
It was for an old header, but the idea was scratched.-

(true story!-I was lazy)


12 Days

On the twelfth day till Kasey's 16th birthday, she got the evil glare twelve times!( I counted...)

...true story...  :(


13 Days!

( Now I didn't say every day would be a medoll graphic;))

On the thirteenth day till Kasey's 16th birthday, she looked at thirteen pair of leather boots-online!

(god I love these boots)

(true story!)


14 Days!

On the fourteenth day till Kasey's 16th birthday, she bought 14 black, red, and blue ink pens for school!
(true story)


New graphic review blog!

It's only just started, but has reviewed 3 designers already, and in great detail and accuracy! The writer as anonymous, which is okay I guess as they seem to know their stuff!

Follow the link below to go to the blog:


Blog update

Update 1: There is a new media partners blogroll at the side bar, all inactive blogs have been removed as there really is no point in keeping them there.

Update 2: You can now sign up to write for this blog in the tab above called 'Join us'! I just need to figure out how to enable comments on there, any ideas?

EDIT;; Thanks to Musicalgirl, the sign ups are up and running!

Update 3: I'm considering to remove the 'Needs more work' button, because i feel that people are just pressing it to annoy us when they don't give any useful feedback, am i correct?


15 Days!

On the fifteenth day of Kasey's graphic birthday countdown, 
she bought 15 flowers for her room!:)

(True Story)



Marina and the Diamonds graphic FINISHED!

On the rainy 21st day of July 2012, Nika decided to finish her Marina and the Diamonds graphic...

And guess what, I actually did it, which doesn't occur often, but it did today. Okay that made no sense...Anyways, here's the graphic:  

The hair looked odd near the bottom of the graphic, and the tip of the nose was a bit flat, so I felt like cropping away the bottom half of the graphic was an amazing thing to do. lol

However....what do you think?

SNTGD task 1 entry

Hey guys, I'm back to show you my task 1 entry for SNTGD
I got 3rd best photo!

here, well I did 2 versions;

Before you say anything about how unrealistic the dolls shading is blah blah blah, It was supposed to be like a 2D  Andy Warhol screen print thingy.

What do you think?
If you're gonna tick 'needs more work', PLEASE say why!!!

Birthday Countdown Graphic Marathon!

Okay, I'm having a graphic countdown to my 16th birthday.
Today is 16 days until my 16th birthday, so I thought it best to be started now. I'll be posting a graphic everyday with a number! That number starting at 16:)

Here it is!

It's really big hair, but high quality.



Where I Stand

 I'm writing this post on this specific blog because it relates to graphics and my projects.


Alot of my projects have been on and off recently, and I feel as though I just want to start off fresh. I will obviously keep Today's Top Trends and Stardoll's Next Top Graphic Designer as my sole projects, but I've always wanted either a fashion line or magazine to keep me going, as SNTGD & TTT do not take overly much work. I've been planing a few things with TTT (makeover, a HUGE summer competition + some new writers) and SNTGD is just getting into it's second season.

Fearless & Loud are too projects I think that have had their day. They've been good, but it's time to move on now. Loud was established in August 2010, so it's had it's day, and although it had only 4 issues, I'm happy. Fearless had it's collections in TTT FW 2012, and maybe I'll make another collection but I'm calling it a day with both these projects.

The blogs do however have around 200 followers between them, so it would be ashame for them to go nowhere.

My current projects: TTT & SNTGD
Maybe I'll do LE PROJECT, maybe I wont. ;-)

And expect a new announcement from me soon!




Made this header last night for my graphics blog - the image is from the same campaign that I had been working on ages ago [here and here], and I think in comparison it shows improvement. My hair needs sooo much work still, and I need to work on clothes a bit more, I seem to have regressed a bit with them!

Love K xxx



Hey Lige here!
Anywho here's my entry:


TREND Graphics

Hey, so I was busy working on my magazine which is why I've not posted at all, but now that I've completed and released it I will show you a couple of my favourite graphics from the issue =)

This first one is from the "Sport Luxe" section, out of the 4 images there I did this one last so I think this gave me time to improve my work. This is the 2nd or 3rd image where a noted improvement of my hair is seen, it's still got a long way to go, but I'm happy with the stage I've gotten to right now. The bikini is pretty basic so it wasn't too much of a challenge, but that meant there was a lot of skin to perfect, I'd say skin-wise it's my favourite graphic of the issue!

These two images were a kind of filler to go between two different spreads, but I really love them both. They were the last two images I made for the magazine, so I think that naturally they show the most improvement. The clothing is pretty simple in both of the pictures, but I think it looks nice - you probably know by know that I'm like the biggest minimal/simplistic fan ever! I used a bit of a different technique for the clothing, but I'm still undecided on whether I prefer it over the other technique I use! The hair again is something which I've improved on, and although neither is amazing, for me, they are pretty good!

To see all the full magazine, click here - you can also take a look at the second version, which I am almost tempted to say I prefer more!!!
Love K xxx


New Graphic and Info About my Graphic Site

Hello everyone! I'm back with another graphic.
 I didn't get much reaction from my last one, so hopefully with this one, everyone will like it a bit more. Remember, I love your comments.
 Okay, so on to the graphic:

Of course, click to enlarge:)

*Enlargeth this-eth graphic-eth...eth...*

*Edit: I fixed what you guys noticed. I did not shade the face because I didn't have a shaded face for my medoll with not makeup on it, so I just shaded it lightly here. The shirt has been outlined for the sake of those who want an outline and if you don't like my face of head-tough noodles.
Better?:) Thanks for the tips!*

This is a design from my 2013 summer collection which will be debuted sometime in December. It'll only be a small line and I'm only doing it because I love to design clothes.
Okay, so anyways, the skirt is a high-waisted floral pattern with a chain-link belt to match. The crop top type shirt with a chain neck piece and a leather collar. The inspiration from this outfit, and most of the upcoming design was a vine of flowers on a run-down chain like fence in my town. It's gorgeous with many different flowers and wines running through the gaps in the metal and it looked very inspirational. I'll have to go take a picture to show you because it's gorgeous!

The model is myself, obviously and I was going for the high-fashion french look. Hopefully you can see the intended theme here, but if not, oh well.

On another note, I posted the form for those who are interested in requesting graphics at my blog, KNgraphics.blogspot.com
and the form is under the page PRICES. The requests that aren't accepted will be deleted for either time or difficulty reasons. More so time.
Okay, that's about it.
 Thank you so much for reading! Have a beautiful day:)