LOVE Fashion Line

You can check out my first fashion line for LOVE Emporium at 


Here's a preview: 


Chanel Couture Throwback

Finally, it's me again! I've been working whole week on this, hour by hour each day. And it's finally over! I can say I'm pretty HAPPY with how it turned out. I am practising different shading techinques now, trying to find something own, I don't know.

I can also give you spoiler that there won't be much of my work from now on because I am working on a special project - Savage Beauty! So, expect a lot of detailed McQueen from me this summer!

Here's Chanel! I didn't like Spring Couture 2015, so I went to archives and... voila!



Look I created for the TSA. Did you guys liked it?

Look at this craziness I used as base lol:


Mikatsi Pink

Hello, yesterday I made a choice models in my official Facebook page, and I chose the doll Mikatsi, the chosen because it is a black model and I think the color black a great color to work with, the final result was so

With Effect          Without effect


With Edition

Whithou edition

Whats do you thing

Xoxo / julia



Hello everyone! This was requested as a gift for the darling Lullih.
It was my pleasure to do a graphic for her.

Here you can see the before and after of the face:



Today i decided to face then did Lana del Rey

What do you thing

Graphic Request : Anna-caroli

Hello people, yesterday Anna-caroli Doll asked me to do a Graphic for her 

The Face 

What Do you Thing ?

Xoxo / Julia 



Okay, I'm crying, this is graphic by me is so random. I just did it and I know it's NOT perfect, but I kinda like it. My favorite part is the nose. It's so cute. Hi hi. The clothes doesn't match, yes I am aware of that.
Well, that was all. Have a good evening. 

Smileybither Graphic + New Hair techinique

Hello, good people I finesh the graph that needed to model, I loved working with the face of Smiley.

Today started training a new technique for Hair, using palettes, a long time I tried to do this kind of hair and today I got it, what you think, want your opinions.


My new model : smileybither

Hello guys, how are you? 
You remember that image I posted and I needed models, I chose the model and the chosen model is smileybither, I loved her face and thought it would be cool her face.

Face of The Model

Graphical unfinished

In a few days I'll post the result Final OK




It's been apparent that I've not been posting here a lot lately, and I don't really have a reason as to why - but I'm going to make an effort to post here more often, now that I'm working on more things!

Recently, the gorgeous pilo7 contacted me to create a menswear runway graphic for him, I of course accepted and began brain storming which designer/look to go with. Then it hit me! Givenchy, duh!

Anyway, to cut the babble, here's the finished piece

pilo7 wears Givenchy menswear. Details below

I had a lot of fun making this graphic, I've never really dipped into the waters of doing menswear but it was a nice change. I love how the texture and look of the outfit turned out, and the print itself. I also took somewhat of a risk doing facial hair, which is something I've never attempted before.

I'm very happy with this graphic and so is the client; I'm satisfied 100%.

What do you think?
Leave a comment!
Tick a box!

PS: The Graphic Vault is up for 2 nominations at The Stardoll Awards! You can vote here.

Introduction - Plasticmeat

Hey there! I thought I could start by introducing myself. I am Rosa aka plasticmeat, almost 18 years old and I'm very, very creative. Not so long ago I started making stardoll graphics, (a wish from myself 6 years ago) because of my friend who showed me how to work with Photoshop. I am a fast learner but still a newbie, so please be kind. 

The graphic above was made yesterday in GIMP. That was the first time I did a Stardoll graphic in that program. And yes, I figured it out! (sort of, he he) Had some guides to help me. 

I appreciate constructive criticism. 

Here's a question for you: 
Are you making graphics? What program do you use? 

xoxo plasticmeat

Red Stripes

Hello everyone! So I did this graphic around christmas for my cute friend Roberta.
It was kind of Christmas themed. I really liked the hair on this one.
I don't have anything to talk so here is the graphic :)

Sorry I don't have the before and after of her face :/


Gypsy Princess

Hi Dear, I finished the graph of Lady GaGa, this was a difficult image for me, one of the hardest parts for me was the hair, but I just finished . 

The Graphic

Png file

I hope you enjoy

Xoxo *-* 


Beat Yo Face! (Part 1)

Hello everyone! Last month I posted the edited face of my friend Stephanie and you guys really enjoyed it. So I asked you guys to leave your names on the comments if you wanted to see how your face would look like edited by me. End/Start of the year is really busy for me so I decided to divide the post in two parts. Here is the first one, I hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer: I'm not doing everyone ok? Only I few chosen by me. 
The final edit is made to look like a more put together version of your doll. If you use face masks I'll use the face masks features as a guide and not your bare face.





RockinEllee was my favorite face, so I decided to give you a little something. Is nothing much really, I usually do those little graphics so I can use on my doll's facebook.
I hope you like the gift honey, your doll is gorgeous!

The second part is coming soon! If you're not here, just wait, maybe you will be on the next one.


Long time no see! Since the release of XIV, I've been very busy working on many other graphic related projects, and I thought I would deliver this little spoiler to keep you somewhat updated...

Full graphic is coming soon!

Until then...


Walk Walk coming Soon + I need models

Hello, I'm almost done my graphic inspired by Lady Gaga, you see

it lacks detail but still finish this week

And , I need model for This imagem

Put the name of your doll here in the comments, and January 10 will make the choice of models ok

XOXO / Kisses :*


Walk Walk !

Coming Soon Dears , the first graph that post here

and guess who is the inspiration ?


Hello !

Hello , My name is Gabriel , I'm 14 years old, live in Brazil , and I am new here .  My Doll is julia-changDiva. And I love Versace , Fashion , Arts and Lady Gaga hahahaha.

This is My Graphics ,  I hope you approve .

                                        I thank Jack for giving me this chance, and I hope you approve my work

XOXO , Gabriel / julia-changDiva


Lip Job - Giveaway

So recently I found that I really enjoy drawing lips, so I decided to put together a little collection of .Png lips, here I present you:

"Lip Job"

The "Wixson" lips - 30sd

The "Pouty" lips - 35sd

The "Powder" Lips - 30sd

The "Jagger" lips - 25sd

 The "Sweet Home Alabama" Lips - 38sd

                          Comment Below for a chance to win ALL of these lips in a raffle!



Happy new year people!
Today I bring you a graphic I did last month. 
Is just a simple, cute graphic for the dearest Evelynboneca;

 Final result with background.

Before and after of her face.

About the face editing. I chose a few of you guys and I'll be posting in two parts ok?
I already edited half of it. One or maybe two will be getting a small edit to use as a facebook profile pic or whatever. Is very simple but I hope you like it!