Dia de los Muertos - bid graphic

Hello once again. :) Today I share my work which is up for bidding. So if somebody will be interested there is a link at the end of post. ;D

Model was inspired by Mexican Dia de los Muertos festival. Really interesting one. I;m quite happy with hair and doll "mask of make-up". I don't really feel like my technique is good for b&w pictures.

That's how the work will look on blog which'll buy it.

What is your opinion? Will you try to buy it via' biding?


Not exactly what you expected...

I didn't have any time for graphics lately,  my five hours preparatory exams are keeping me too busy.  That's also why I dropped out at SNTGD.

But at least, I opened my graphic program again yesterday for a school project - we're programming a Tower defense game for computer science in a small group and I had to do the layout and I ended up creating some nice backgrounds. Just overlook the choppy edges in the desert one, I did it in a hurry. The quality isn't optimal since the image component in our computer program only accepts .bmp.


My personal favourite definitely has to be the matrix one.

xoxo Cathy

see ya

just a short post to let you all know my account on stardoll has been terminated. i had a lot of fun on this account and i cannot thank you all more for the support and positivity you have shared with me during my time. i will not be creating a new account nor will i be taking part in any more stardoll related projects

love y'all and thank you xxx



Old Work

I made it 2 months ago but didn't published here. I have changed my vision of this graphic a bunch of times but finally choosed this one. Model graphic:

I am really proud of dress pattern, it took a lot of time but in my opinion it was worth it. I also like necklace. I'm not a fan of coat though. I made one of hands no from photo but from my imagination, this one on front and i'm kinda proud of it. This was my first time to do hair that technique so I'll be really happy if somebody would tell me if they look good.

I've made graphic for contest on blog stardoll i my and I won it. Yey. :D

A small gif how I've made a header.

What do you think?
 Sorry for grammar and etc. mistakes, I don't have dictionary in this computer. :c

One more then I'll stop.

Hi everyone, I've been posting quite frequently lately so I'm going to cut down. Next time I post, the little collection I'm working on will be completed for you all to see, okay? Clearly a lot of you didn't like my previous look, but I would like to know why, and offer constructive criticism to help me develop creatively. 

Originally, this silhouette was completely white; very clean; very modern, but it wouldn't keep in theme with the rest of the collection, unless I offer a lot more minimal looks. As my reference is graphic artiest, lets not interrupt my influences with garments that have no story like the artist's work.  

So, let me know what you think of this look. I know it's a little slutty, but hey, what's street corners without sluts?