stardoll was recently cursed with my absence due to me attending a glorious night seeing lana del rey in concert. she was fucking flawless, and there are no words to describe the things i felt that night; it was incredible

but anyway im back now, and i wanted to pay respect to that wonderful night by doing what i do best and making a graphic

i found the reference for this in my exceptionally large lana archive, it's quite an old photo from around last year i think. i can't remember where/when it was taken. in the original photo she does have lighter hair, but i prefer her look with darker hair so i edited it slightly. and speaking of hair, this do took me HOURS to get right, and i'm still not 100% happy

as always, please leave your comments! i love to read them and i love hearing what you think of my work, also remember to tick a box!

mWAH xxx

2 Days

Over the past 2 days(hence the title) I was working on this request for Katrian-G, this is the graphic on its own, but I have sent over the header version for the blog =)
I think, although this is not perfect, that it shows improvement for me in both the skin and hair =) I do quite like the belt, and also the jacket, but I can't help but see little flaws!
Overall, I'm happy with it =)


Yesterday I fiished a graphic for 'Belleza magazine'. I was working for about 4 days or more. What do u think? I'd love to hear your opinions :)

                                                                        click for better quality


Risque Magazine

A new magazine callled Risque releashed its debut issue today. The magazine is owned by hilmy and you can visit it here. Feel free to leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Also, here are the graphics I made for the magazine:
(those were made 2 months ago)


Comfort zone + hand fail!

So I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone with this request - I've never really done a lot of stripes before, nor have I done any flowers, so the large floral decorations were a bit of a challenge, but I don't think they turned out too bad! Epic fail in the upper hand, it looks just dreadful, and I'm annoyed with myself for making it look so terrible! However here is the work, every fail I make can lead to improvement the next time =)
It was a request from kukipopoi =)

Love K xxx

Pregnant Kimmy

Hey Guys I've just been practising with techniques again ,
And I decided to make pregnant Kim Kardashian.

I know there are flaws, It's a practice graphic.

What do you think? 
Please comment and tick a box!
Khol X


Like who is that chick?

Long time, no see! I mean do you even remember I contribute to this blog? I haven't posted in such a long time, you'd say I stopped making graphics. However, I haven't. I've been very busy with finals and preparing the summer issue of Escape Magazine and only yesterday I found some spare time to draw something I could actually post here. I made my friend BestDamnFreak a banner for his new blog

What do you think?


Hysteria Header and Blog Opening!

Visit the blog at

Check out the new header at the link above!

And thanks!


 The following are graphics I made for the third task of Rafael's Next Top Model:

I honestly really like the second graphic (the headshot one), much better than the other, however I have a paticular fetish for the hair - It's most definitely one of my better ones. Speaking of which, I though I should mention that most always I do not use a reference picture for hair, including the hair above. Aside from my random babbling, I'm crossing my fingers that these graphics help me make it to the next round.

And if you're going to point it out, I was sort of inspired by Luisa's SNTGD entry for the final task (see it here), and wanted to try and make my own version of the face shadowing. Hopefully that's alright - I never did ask her if I could use the technique...

Anyhow, what's your comments on the graphics? Please, please, please (!!!) comment, I've noticed the amount of comments a single post here has been getting is much less than normal. We need to rise the number of comments again!

Like mentioned about five hundred times in the above paragraph, please comment. Vote, rate, or anything else while you're at it, too.

Thanks. *And...Publish*


Bow Down Bitches

Hey Guys!

I've Just been practising RL faces and Jack (QueenDetox) was kind enough to teach me his skin technique - I know it's not anywhere near as good as his but hopefully in time I will be just as amazing as he is!

Anyway, I know this is a verrrryyyy obvious face but hey ho GUESS WHO?

PS. I went to watch The Great Gatsby yesterday and I fell in love with the whole film. Here is my favourite song at the moment!

What do you think?

Khol X



as (hopefully) most of you know, i'm really busy with x's second issue right now, so i thought i would share some little snips

enjoy! that's all you're getting for now


A Super Sneaky Peek

Hello everyone! Summer is four days away and with nothing left to do, my days have been filled with beautiful graphics!

This is a foot.
It's for a blog-remodel I'm working on and the final product looks pretty good:)

Enjoy those toes.


KNGraphics.blogspot.com Re-vamp

It is almost summer time and the fact I can move my hand more now is even better news! I decided to change up the blog and show off my apparently better skills at graphics(many have told me when I make graphics wearing the brace, they are really good:P) in a brand new header!

So yeah, here is the graphic in the header
I honestly love it.

Tell me what you think. 
Check out the blog makeover at 


editorial epiphany

yesterday i decided i was going to begin collecting jeremy scott inspired items on stardoll, using my already quite large collection as a starting point.

today i was expanding my collection when i suddenly remembered making this graphic

it's a few weeks if not months old

i REALLY like the shoes and the hands, and the hair isn't all that bad either

i was originally going to use this for x, but i no longer need it for the issue

what do you think? tick a box and leave a comment! i ALWAYS love hearing your feedback!
mwah xxx


Back from a long break!

I was thinking for a better titile but as I am less creative this is what I've got. So I know its been long time since you people got a dose of my gross graphics....so I am here to give you now ;)
I had to move KSA back to India...that is the reason behind the break. And as many of you know India is not a very good country...and setting up a net connection was even harder and my dad is not even here. So.....here's the graphic without no more further story :-

Well The shading opacity is extremely low. I was just working out that. And its a new way of shading. You know with low opacity. I like the hair. Not bad but could have been better ;)
what do you think?

One more graphic:

I honestly have no idea what I was thinking when I was shading. Especially the face!!! I like the left part of the skirt and the top. The shading sucks at all the other parts :P


working hard or hardly working

i finally started work on the summer issue of x! im still toying with themes and concepts but a lot of the foundations for this issue are being laid

here is an ad i made for the issue today

any ideas? no? good.

the model is rockinellee and it was so much fun to turn her perfect porcelain face into snow white trash

what do you think? are you excited for x?
comment! tick a box! i'll give you hair products!

mwah xx


a sneak peek

this is a sneak peek for one of my models finally finished graphic ! 
another thing this is coltonattack.

 i thought this is my fav page of the magazine i think it's so sexy and awesome one.
what do you think?

Hello !

Hi everyone , my name is Elizabeth , preinss in stardoll , i'm the owner of the H-bazaar stardoll magazine.
just a regular stardoll member , never thought i would be accepted to be a writer here i'm really glad to be , example of my work the bazaar spoiler 

you can say i'm a level 5 maybe ? or higher or maybe lower give me your opinion 

 Eliza xoxo


A Third Year

Seen as today LoveGossip4life has reached three years on stardoll (still not sure if I should be happy about that yet...), I've thrown you guys another spoiler of a different graphic I'm working on:
Its zoomed in 400%, if you're going to complain about the pixel-y-ness. I actually think I like this one so far - as you may or not be able to tell, I've altered my face shading a bit (most prominent in the eye and nose). This is my medoll for anyone who's wondering, fyi.

I've only done the face, so no hair or body has been added yet. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it soon. Wish me luck on that *laughs*

Comment, critique, or whatever floats your boat.


Painting is Worth a Thousand Words in Itself

A pretty big sneak of a new graphic I'm working on. You'll figure what it's for in a few days. I'm pretty sure I like the whole results (which of course you can't see quite yet...oh I'm so mean). As you can tell I really enjoy posting snippets of graphics I've completed - don't ask why, though.

And before I go, I haven't yet posted this from my second entry of RNTM:
I hate it, so...My graphics are deteriorating *cries*
Feel free to give it about a thousand thumbs down.



My exams finished on Friday, so thats been a huuuuge weight off my shoulders! And that's me finished for summer, why hello there 4 month summer holiday^^
Over the weekend I worked on things for TREND, and today I worked on this new header for my blog, The Stardoll Lookbook =) I loved the old one, but it's been there since October and I was really up for a change, and something with a bit of colour!

Please let me know what you think!


Hi, my name is Paulina (paula450), I'm a new writter on graphicvault. I'm so glad and excited about it :) I don't know what to say - thanks for chance to being here. Here is an example of my works:

What do you think? Have any opinions about graphic? 


Alexander Wang

I just finished making those alexander wang sandals. They'll be featured on Escape as well. 

What do you think?



EDIT!: the facebook page has been removed and sttercat apologised. please still be aware of people stealing graphics as it is a growing issue on stardoll. always watermark or protect your published work!

i never watermark my graphics, mainly because i see it as a very over cautious and egotistical thing. but from now on, i probably will

it seems that some people still find it acceptable to STEAL the artwork of others. it appalls and disgusts me. i put 100% into all of my graphics, i work endless hours creating my pieces, and for people to just take them from under my nose is just foul

the thief in question is none other than

sttercat has a blog named STARDOLL MODELLINE  and the header of that blog is made by and credited to another use, all's fair. but not until you click her facebook page link, do you see why i'm upset

as soon as you click on the page you can see that both the header image and profile picture are of a graphic created by me which i posted on this very blog not so long ago. i can confirm that i did not give sttercat permission to use this graphic at all. if you continue to scroll down the page, you will see various  other graphics from designer such as myself, kasey, khol, mikel, nika and more. she does not credit ANY of the images to the original designers, nor do i expect she asked for permission to distribute any of the images.

i am disgusted by this girls acts, she should be ashamed. please do not turn a blind eye to this, as it affects many graphic designers and is a very frustrating experience! graphics are made to be enjoyed and admired by audiences, not stolen! if you want to support your favourite designers and blogs such as the graphic vault, please help us to stop people like sttercat by reporting her and any other people you see stealing graphics!  

thank you and always be careful


A Spoiler Gone Unspoiled

A quick-ish graphic I made for the upcoming "The Media Awards" at boutiquestardoll.blogspot.com. At the time of creation, I really hated the dress, but the more I look at it, the more I love it. If you can tell, I've added the train of another dress I've recently created. Can you guess?

I really like the skin shading, the collarbone could have been executed better, but its not too bad I suppose.

For some reason the face is really choppy and pixely, not sure how that happened. The original didn't look like that. Oh well.

Comment, critique, rate.


andrej pejic is one of my favourite models, he is truly incredible. hence why i granted him the honour to sit at the top of x and peer down on everything

click to enlarge, but beware as it is ridiculously huge
i actually love this graphic, apart from the fur, which i rushed but i dont really care because you can barely see it

i ADORE how the face turned out and how i managed to create that bleached brows look

tell me what YOU think! leave a comment/tick a box, i would love to hear your opinions

you can also, if you wish, see the full version of this graphic in its full form over at x magazine

love u all xxxxxxxxxx


I really like how this turned out! It was quite difficult drawing it myself but it sure looks better then lowering the opacity of a similar image to do the print. It's going to be worn by one of the models on Escape so I won't publish the finished graphic, you'll have to wait until June ;)

What do you think?