Spoiler part 2

I can't wait to show the full graphic for you guys. 


Coral Christmas @ The Stardoll Lookbook

For the brand new header at The Stardoll Lookbook =) Not a perfect piece, but it brings a fresh vibe to the blog.


Courreges SS16

Made for my project TRENDMagazine, modelled by JanetteLow



Hey people. This last few weeks have been crazy for me! I got a big request to finish and I've been working on it nonstop.
Everybody that makes graphics knows that duplicating the pattern of clothes is not easy. But so far I think I'm doing a great job and that makes me so trilled to keep going. Not to mention that the amazing person who requested the graphics is loving it!

I can't wait to post the final product for you guys to see *-*
But that's it for now.