just wanted to say hi.
first graphic in month.
wanted to see if i still got skills.
3 hours of work.lost interest.
that's where I stopped.
no need to point out the flaws, nitpicker.
i see them.

my compensatory time-off is over.
ready to be eaten by my apprenticeship again.
don't expect me to post any more graphics any time soon.



Some Unseens

I'm too lazy to write the whole spiel, so here's the two latest and greatest(s):

UNDERNEATH STARDOLL, pretty straight forward in the sense I had to make the Fall '13 banner for USD. I think it's one of my best graphics to date . . . though I'm well aware the leg (one to the right, and model's left). Oh, and a big happy birthday to four years as Stardoll's biggest blog for all things Stardoll-related!

DESTINATION STARDOLL, my and Mia's (SuperMiaStar) latest project. It's filled with modeling and all that stuff. If you're interested in competing in Stardoll's biggest modeling competition yet, click { h e r e }. Hope to see you there.

Any comments on the graphics, leave it in the comments, xo




UPDATE: i noticed that the black background was affecting certain visual aspects of this graphic (arm on the right of the graphic seems to discontinue), image has been updated and now appears as it should.

i would like to start by saying thank you all so much for the wonderful response to the final issue of x! it was so nice to end on a high note, i cannot thank you enough!

moving on - i was browsing tumblr and came across an astounding collection that i seemed to overlook during fashion week; undercover. so i looked through the collection and found an adorable outfit that i just had to make into a graphic

i dont want to bore with you with endless details and thoughts, but i do think this is one of my stronger graphics and i love how the dress turned out.

be sure to check out the whole undercover collection!

what do you think??
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love ya xxxxxx


Wild Doll Chase

If anyone remembers those umpteen years ago (ok, ok, it was two years . . . ) that I created a modeling competition, that ended in going absolutely nowhere?

Yep, all hail Destination Stardoll . . .

But, why would you make a banner for a project-no-more?
Well, my friends, that's what I'd like to talk to you about . . .

It's back! With a little talk with my good friend, SuperMiaStar, we decided it'd be fun to make a stardoll modeling competition of our own - as we're both actively participating in RNTM. When searching for names, we didn't just want to go with the generic "Stardoll's Next Top Model," so I thought back to my abandoned project, and that's how Destination Stardoll was resurrected.

So, if you're interested in becoming a model (or judge), then simply click { h e r e }.

And on an off-note topic, what are your opinions on the banner? I personally think it's one of my best graphics - even I had to stop and stare at (especially) the eyes and lips. My only complaint is that I'm not a huge fan of the ear, but in the reference, it was rather blurred out, so I worked with what I could. I don't think I did too bad, though.

Comment and react, please, xo


Lana Del Rey


in case you didn't hear, the legend that is tylerisbold is back! and not only that, but he also brings to you an exceptional new project! styled by ambition is a brand spanking new, innovative stardoll style blog with many other added qualities! so what are you waiting for? follow now! 

you're probably wondering "why are you telling me this?" and it's because i, the current queen of banners, created the gorgeous banner for this equally gorgeous blog!

here is the banner

Styled by Ambition
click to enlarge

i want to start by saying this graphic was incredibly fun to make and it was an absolute pleasure to work with tyler.

i am in love with the whole graphic to be honest, the only things i could even slightly fault are the hair and the knee, but granted the time i had and the state of the reference, it was difficult to capture both.

what do you think?
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dont forget to follow styled by ambition!!

love you all xxx

ps: today is my birthday! i got an imac which means i could be creating higher quality graphics given i accustom myself to all the new tools etc. i have 

Eye See You

Just a little spoiler for your lens to fixate upon . . .
The entire image will be revealed on Wednesday; any guesses for what it's for?


Baroque splendor

What do you think? I'm waiting for your opinions.



Guess who

I made this today in a very short time and I love it (yeah, except from the flat nose...) ! Can you guess who it is?

More Graphics by Eamonn Collins...(:

So here is some more graphics I've done...The top one is just a snippet of the pose/model I use for my illustrations. I really hope you like my other new sketch. 



recently, the ever so lovely hilmy (aka emmahunt4) contacted asking me to make a new banner for risque . when i saw the reference, i was itching to start

this is the original finished graphic

and this is the official banner

it's obviously gaga from her incredible 2013 v magazine shoot, and i had so much fun making this! the hair took so long, and im not entirely happy with it, although i wanted to take a minimal approach as not draw attention away from the face (which i love)

what do you think?
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love y'all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



I just couldn't think of a title. Yes, for all of you who don't know, i have left stardoll. You guys have probably not noticed that i have been gone, but for all of you who have, i love you ;) I had done a graphic about four months ago... i have not finished it yet :') WOW! I'm so lazy!

 So here is the graphic .. Cara Delevingne.

Now, I am a bit rough around the edges since i haven't done a graphic in ages!

I just thought i should post, just to tell you guys im still alive :')!




Sorry, my face slide down on to my dress...

Over the summer I thought of this concept back on the graphic artiest, Malika Favre, and BOMB! Prada shows something very similar at their Spring/Summer 2014 collection and my heart sunk, but ah well...It's reputation, right? This illustration is part of my course work for my A-Level Art & Design A2 course work. 

I really hope you like it, and I want to know if you like the trend of having strangers faces on your clothes!


I just HAD to!!

This is for your, my dear Lindsey!! 

Trololololol!!! :D
Isn't she just sexy? And she really seems to LOVE chocolate cake!

xoxo Rafael