stardoll and we.

This graphic is for "Stardoll i My" - polish stardoll blog.


Designer Lookbook | TREND

And lastly from my recent TREND Magazine SD graphics, the 'DESIGNER LOOKBOOK' - these are by far my favourite recently completed graphics, so much love for them =)

for pragiatorium.

Hello everyone!
My name is MikoĊ‚aj. I'm 17 years old and I'm from Poland.
I'm interested in computer graphics for 4 years.

My graphic blog:

I done this graphic for Pragiatorium. 
Pragiatorium it is a blog about stardoll in polish language.

What do you think about this?


Celebrity Influence | TREND

Next up, the 'CELEBRITY INFLUENCE' graphics from TREND Magazine SD. These were some of my favourites to search for, I had fun picking out some great celebrities for a whole lot of different reasons =)