Ancient goddess

Hey, hey :) Here it's me again. I decided to publish another one of my latest graphics. 
Actually it's an old request. The things I like the most in this work is the shading of the robe & the majestic face. Lol. What do you guys think?


Angelina | R E Q U E S T

{Click to enlarge - but I warn you it's massive, I totally didn't realise how huge it was until I previewed it here!}

I accepted this request in like February and I've only gotten around to putting the work in now (oops) but I'm sooo please with the outcome - it's a lot of skin for someone who has been out of practice, but it mostly ended up pretty well! Normally I don't keep the original background but this was pretty specialised and all the Stardoll chairs weren't quite right for it so it really does look best like this! I'm incredibly happy with this overall, can't stop smiling =D

Let me know what you think in either the check boxes or comments =D


Blues | Practice

This weekend I put aside some time to make a graphic - and I hope to try this every weekend so I can stop getting rusty like I am already! Chose a model from my model call on facebook and Isabella8103 was perfect for the look of the image I had chosen:
I think it looks better at this smaller size than the full one, so this is what I'm publishing! It's not great, but I do like certain aspects of it - the shoes were silver and I have attempted some sort of effect, it's not there yet, but I think with some work it could get there! And the collar was some sort of angora fur I think and very light and fluffy which I found difficult to replicate. However getting to do a graphic is a joy in itself so I don't mind some small errors so much^

Let me know what you think in the comments =D

Brace yourselves summer is coming

Sorry for such a long break. During last time I was busy with... hmm.. nothing, so I decided to make some graphic and... Here it is, my latest work :) I love the face and the dress. I hate the hand. The rest part is average in my opinion.
What do you guys think? Leave a comment and see ya next time.