Angelina | R E Q U E S T

{Click to enlarge - but I warn you it's massive, I totally didn't realise how huge it was until I previewed it here!}

I accepted this request in like February and I've only gotten around to putting the work in now (oops) but I'm sooo please with the outcome - it's a lot of skin for someone who has been out of practice, but it mostly ended up pretty well! Normally I don't keep the original background but this was pretty specialised and all the Stardoll chairs weren't quite right for it so it really does look best like this! I'm incredibly happy with this overall, can't stop smiling =D

Let me know what you think in either the check boxes or comments =D


  1. Thanks for this amazing graphic of my old dollie! You're an amazing graphic designer and thanks for keep working on it ♥

  2. Anonymous9/7/15 11:59

    Could you make me a graphic for my blog? Its called Scams Of Stardoll. My dolls name in ladystardoll17, I added you xoxo

  3. Hi , well I want you to bring forth out one my doubts its graphics are quite beautiful so I was wondering if I can get some ? and give credits ? or it is forbidden to catch all ?

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