An angel fell down

... and apparently, it landed on my graphic for the first task of SNTGD!

I worked quite hard on this graphic, due to time pressure, I even did some parts of it in the ICE (InterCity Express, the German high speed train) to get it finished! Definitely something I don't plan to do again ^.~

I am more than happy with the outcome of the graphic, it is by far the best one I did yet, I took a huge step forwards in hair& face shading and apart from a small chinese boy, this is my first male model. Although I am proud of the graphic, I didn't expect it to be ranked that good (so happy!).

Can anyone of you give me tips on how to use stardoll faces in graphics where the face is shown from the side (like the one above)? That would be really helpful!

xoxo Cathy


NTGD Task 1

The results of Task 1 were published not too long ago, so I can now show you my entry which I've been almost sying to publish for over a week!
{Click to enlarge - it's much bigger}
I was assigned Cycle 13 for my entry, and I chose a photo of Erin. Personally I found it quite easy to choose which photo to go for as it was difficult finding something I really liked and knew I could turn into a graphic. Also with this one I really wanted to do something different to my usual style and decided to draw the face - I kinda thought I would ruin the look of the image by putting on a Stardoll face, and I'm glad I took the decision and risk to draw it! It's actually the first real life face I've done, so I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.
The judges gave me good comments, and I agree with what they said about the depth in the hand, so I definitely have things to work on for next time if I manage to stay in past the elimination! 

Please give me your thoughts and comments!

Love K xxx

Taking a Ride Back in Time

First up in line for a graphic request was Kasey (Martusia_144)! I was more than pleased to make her something as she's one of my close friends on stardoll ;)

(click image to enlarge)

I really like how this came out, to be honest. In previous attempts, I've just used a brush for fur, but this time I tried to draw it. I don't think it came out as too much of a fail, but it kind of reminds me of my hair from late 2012... and I definitely think that was a major setback in the improvement department... I love the hair, and I'm really happy with the idea to add a feather to the headband. This is supposed to be a flapper-esque graphic, fyi.

I do realize that the hand is really small, but there is a good reason for that...

Interestingly, Kasey assigned me to a drawn reference picture. I was really uncertain of how I would take a hand drawn image and transform it into a graphic. I think it came out much better than I'd originally thought, and I'm happy I stuck to it. Now onto the reason the hand is small...: In the drawing, the model's hand was extraordinarily small in comparison to the remaining image, thus I wasn't sure exactly how to make it bigger without making Kasey look like she had a walrus attached to her arm. *chuckles*

Anyhow, please comment and rate the graphic! And please don't forget to check out my last post, as your blogger account may be at risk...

Adios! (and that's practice for when I start taking Spanish this year... lol)



Hey guys,
I have some unfortunate news. Today my blogger account was hacked and unlawfully went to the wrong hands. With that, the hacker deleted all of my blogs; those including Stardoll's Appearance, HAUTE magazine, and the likes.

Though, I was able to retrieve the account and restore everything deleted with it. I'm very fortunate to have been able to reclaim all as my own.

That, however, doesn't mean I'm safe online. The hacker may be able to access my profile, and easily be able to delete my blogs once more. That said, I wanted to warn you of the circumstances.

If you get strange messages from my account claiming of one thing or another, immediately ignore the message and report the account.

As for everyone else who may or may not be in danger or loosing their account, be warned of what links you click on, where you may fill out personal information, and anything similar to that. I've never given my password out to anyone, yet in my name, my account was abused by the wrong person/people.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay safe.

Reaching for the stars, we blind the sky

My first work after long long break. To be honest - I think that, it's not my 100%. I don't like hair and jacket, but i love legs shading!

What do you think?
In my opinion, the graphic is not the worst, but it's not the best too.




Just two of the graphics, the cover and an unfinished one, that were meant to be a part of Escape's summer issue. For the reasons stated here XXX I will skip the summer issue and go on with the Fall Issue. What do you think about the graphics above?

Ps.: There were more graphics -of course- but I've decided not to publish them.
Ps.1: I am aware of the horrifying shading on Jack's black dress.


surprise surprise i'm already working on the next issue of x. this issue is going to be very different, it's going to revolutionize the stardoll media scene and leave you dripping

moving on though

i made this graphic but it shall no longer feature in x, because it doesn't fit the new theme

it is of course the incredible natalia kills.
i really love the face , specifically the eyes, and i think the hair and fur aren't that bad compared to my previous attempts

what do you think?
leave a comment
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love you all xxx

ps: x is now accepting new models, and models who previously applied but didn't get their chance can re apply! click here to apply

One Down, Who-Knows-How-Many-More to Go

Here's a sneak peek to an up and coming graphic I've been working on:

I really love how the hair turned out, so I can't wait to show you guys the rest. Oh, and sorry for the small image, I didn't want it to come out blurry, so what you see is what you get.


Mode Magazine!

Sevillana94, Goodgal7, and I are collaborating to form a new magazine called Mode Magazine!
Check out the spoiler!

 I really love the shading, and the lips are so bold. They go very well with the dress.
Right now we're looking for writers and models so go apply
 and you may see yourself gracing the pages of this new magazine.
Just click the image to go to the site and apply under Write/ Model for Mode.


BEAUTY - My contribution

Now that BEAUTY has been released (check it out here), I can show you the two graphics I made for the issue:
 {You can click to enlarge - they're quite big!}
The backgrounds are just something random I added, I just sent the models themselves to the magazine and they were slotted into their pages =) I really like the first one, of Kociara074, it came out how I wanted it to, and I think it looks ok, it definitely got me into a good mindset for my NTGD task 1(which I'll publish here later in the week once the results are out!)! I quite like the second, with Katrian-G, but not as much as the first, I think the hair is sooo weak, so that's the main point which lets it down, I do quite like the trousers, but I think I could have done them better so they also give it a little let down - however overall I'm happy with my input of graphics to BEAUTY!
As well as graphics I helped with the text a lot and did some proof reading - I just made sure things made sense, I wasn't there to edit or change what Tolya had written, so it was important for me to go through the texts in a way that kept it natural - anyway, enough ranting!

Let me know what you think of not only my graphics, but the magazine as a whole - it was impressive wasn't it?!?! 

Oh, and the Royal Baby has been born! And it's a little boy! I was convinced it would be a girl, but as long as he's healthy, that's all that matters =D 

Love K xxx

The Graphics I Hate!

Over the past few weeks, I've only made a few graphics & if I'm being completely honest; I hate them all. I feel as though I work too hard on them which makes them look messy and un-kept. For example the two graphics to the left & below.

I started this graphic last night when I was almost asleep. It's from Chanel's Spring/Summer 2010 ad-campaign. From the beginning I thought it could have been the best graphic that I've made - but again, I've worked too hard on it causing it to look messy - and if I continue to work on it there is a 50% chance of my laptop out of my bedroom window. I just thought I should show you just to let you know what I've made.



It Didn't Make the Runway!

From success of my Spring/Summer 2013 collection, I've begun work on my Autumn/Winter 2014 collection that is due to be reveled in mid-September. But unfortunately the look to the left - that I love dearly didn't quite make the collection as it doesn't look cohesive with the remainder of the collection. What do you think of it? 

Eamonn Collins, x.


Just leaving home :D

I am about leave my home for a place without internet, mobile phones and radio (only religious stations). I'll be back in 1,5 week. Here is a doll (my model was a Rosahanaha, blog owner):
I used lighter shadows in this work. I like hands, hair and skirt.

Very simple background but I like it :D 

Inspiration song:

What do you think about graphic? What about song? I'll be glad to hear. I'm not sure if I made any mistakes in post but I must quickly shut down my computer. Bye :3


The Show Must Go On!

Obsessed with Queen<3
Lana Del Rey's got nothing on Freddie Mercury....

BUT, I do have to admit that she does great poses and that it why I used
 an image of her for the reference in this graphic I made.

The beautiful model in this graphic is Lindsey Le'Vogue!

I really love this graphic mainly because it's the first time I've done lace(the shorts) and all the details that come with it. I also have two small tattoos on her. A heart on the bottom of the hand and an infinity symbol inside her left foot(which hurts like HELL to get). I love the color of the sweater, and it's pretty good, but I know I can do better.
I like the hair because it's a bit out of my zone. I went darker in the shading and I believe it worked for me. I love the messy style in the graphic. It kinda looks like she just hopped out of bed and is sitting on the couch just watching the sun rise. It also corresponds with the direction of sunlight from the window.

Well, that's that... Please comment and give me your opinion!


Risque shoot

You've might have seen these already, but having only made one post on this blog before (!!!), I couldn't deny the opportunity to post again - I was given the chance to make something for Risque magazine's second issue, a shoot of Jack as Lana Del Rey and my first completed graphic since "Meow" way back in November. That's an absurd length of time to go between graphics, but I digress - it was just really nice to work on something again, to have something featured in a a magazine again, and that's even without the fact the issue was released at TTT Fashion Week! Anyway, without further ado...

Click to expand.

A chance to model

Hey Guys I'm working on a secret project and need a bunch of models.
If you have a unique face feel free to apply. I'm really desperate for asian and black models but every other model is free to apply too as i want a mix of everyone!

Apply below;



blue dayz

i always find myself falling into a void of boredom after x, it's like i have nothing to do, so i just make random graphics

i recently made this blue dress

what really annoys me is that my doll will NEVER be able to wear this, because stardoll spends their whole time (quite literally) scribbling crappy outfits and expecting us to buy them.





but anyway back to the point; i drew this cute little dress and i like it.
leave your opinions in the comments! and dont forget to tick a box!!
love y'all so much xxxxx

Graphic Overhaul!

Has anyone checked out the surprise of TTT FW? That surprise happens to be the summer '13 issue of HAUTE! If you haven't already read it yet, view it here.

On another note, here are a few of the graphics from the magazine, those of which are my favorite, and I really wanted to share them:

Which pages from HAUTE are your favorite? Comment below!


Rafael Who?

Do you still remember me?
Yes, I'm still here. After what seems like a thousand years I decided to start making graphics again. I actually enjoyed my break from the graphic world, but now I enjoy it even more to be back.
My sort of "comeback project" was Spice Couture, which turned out to be okay. Some liked it, some didn't. I never expected people to go crazy for Spice, but I'm glad that quite a few people liked my haute couture collection, even if the majority of the 'important' ones weren't a fan of it.

Anyway, the reason why I'm writing to you is because I want to share something with you ...

Pick 720 to watch in HD

Finally, the fashion show video for the recent Haute Couture collection is done. Watch it, (hopefully) enjoy it and tell me what you think about it :3
By the way, do you have any good advice for me what I could do better next time so that it doesn't look like "cartoon"? 

xoxoxo Rafael


Sorted out

I know I haven't post for ages... that's just because I am busy with Strut. (btw, you can still apply as model. the bodies are still missing some faces!)
anyways, i just went through the finished ones - okay, they are not really finished, I wasn't turning to fine-tuning yet... so there are still some scruffy edges - and this one will not make it into the issue. But I just like it too much in order to let it go to waste... so here it is for you. Hope you like it as well :3



for those of you who have yet to see the summer mini issue of x magazine, click the image below to read!


Weird one :(

This is a sneak peek. I don't really know what to think about it...

Just weird


Oh, I Believe... in Yesterday...

 I'm currently obsessing with Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beatles, Queen, The Lumineers, One Republic, Shinedown, Family of the Year, and Walk Off the Earth.
 If you can recommend any good songs from those(besides the obvious ones) please let me know!

this is a scrapped dress from the Hysteria...bet you didn't know that, huh?
<3 those knees:)

One another note, I'm very excited for tomorrow because my line is being released in the middle of the day's activities! Please give me your feedback on the designs! The graphics(well, some of them) aren't very good, but I really like the designs...which is what the line is about. The designs.
Euphoria was beautiful! I absolutely loved the color pallet. It made me wanna hop online and try on the clothes! Not a big fan of dioguardi because I, for one, prefer curvier models and two, just wasn't feeling the designs. However, I really loved the details on some of the clothing towards the end. It looked like a lot of thought went into the designs! So...awesome! X was...well, X. It's got high expectations, and I think those were met with the mini issue. I was expecting a full issue, but I'm very happy to even see another! Many magazines now-a-days don't put out more than one or two issues. The stardesign collection, VIBE, was nice, but I couldn't really see the design on the clothes because of the effect of the "advertisement". However, I went and saw the line for myself and I absolutely ADORE the pants! Sooo, cute!

Remember to comment and give me your opinion on the graphic!

Listening to San Cisco - so hipster

I am not sure if I like the result of my work. I
didn't like picture which I was working on. 
I finally finished header for Mila Wu (my most patient client ever). She waited for it 7 months which is longest waiting time in my history. I felt guility so I lowered price for her. This is header and backgrounds:

I also used a part of legs as my template for Twitch graphic livestreams (in Polish).

What do you think about graphics? You see mistakes in post?

P.S. - I am accepting graphic requests on my blog. 


I'm feeling Aqua...Yep...That's Aqua...

 Does anyone remember this graphic?

If you don't, do not fret. You can see it again. Riiiight up there... This graphic was for the banner for Khol's The Stardoll Closet.
The blog was shut down a while ago, but today I was going through my old graphics(our Satellite TV went out and I was bored) and saw this one. I remembered how much I liked the reference image so I decided to go for it and here it is!

Watermarked because of recent graphic theft>:|

I think without the distraction of television, I was able to concentrate 100% on it.
The background is absolutely HORRIBLE! I hate it so much.
However, I love everything else, so that background doesn't really matter.
The model is the old version of Lovealwaystiara. I originally was going to use her doll in my line, Hysteria, but decided not to after designing the rest of the clothes.
This is making it up to her for not using her doll.

I made this graphic in about three hours and used a part of jack's technique(not using white) for most of it. I think that REALLY helped and I appreciate him posting those tips! So thank you, Jack!:D

I would really love it if you guys can point out some improvements and comments about the graphics. I'd also like to point out to those who ask about my technique to check out my blog, KNgraphics.blogspot.com, for tips and techniques that I use or have used. I'm trying to keep the page close to how I do them, but discreet enough that if you want to use that technique, you learn to do it in your own style. I think it's important for a GD to find their own style instead of copying someone else's. That way it's like an ID...people can point out your graphics out from everyone else.

Thanks for reading that enormous post!


If Yellow was an Emotion, That is What I Would Feel...

 This is my first graphic since finishing up Hysteria.

 Since it's finished up, I really wanted to continue experimenting. I did with hair techniques and I used that in this graphic. I also used a simpler style for the leg shading. I really like this graphic, soooo let me know what you think!



it seems stardoll designers, like all of us, can mess things up sometimes and along with transforming chanel items into dolly items, it's a recipe for disaster

chanel is an awful brand. it's very overrated and definitely needs to stop overshadowing MUCH better brands

anywhom, i decided to remake a tube top from the recent chanel tribute store!

left is mine, right is stardoll's/chanel's

i dont know why i felt this was necessary but i just felt like something must be done.
which one do you prefer?
leave a comment! tick a box!
i also just want to say thank you all so much for your lovely comments on my previous posts, im so thrilled that you're all excited for x!

mwah xxx

A Last Minute Thing

So I've neglected photoshop for like... the past month.

If you aren't already aware, I'm a contestant for Rafael's Next Top Model. With that, I decided to pick up where I last started and do the task five using graphics again (why is this coming out so awkward and weird to write, fyi?)

Without the big spiel, here's what I came up with:

Small? Yes, I know.

The task we were struck upon was creating a Japanese line with an outfit of choice. I decided to go for the more modern - yet maintaining elder aspects of the culture - approach. I'm fairly pleased with the results. I'm fully aware that this could be better, but I was in a rush when finishing it up.

Anyways, grace me with your words of pity. I'm wearing ear plugs... lol



i recently expunged this graphic from the upcoming issue of x so i thought why not just post it here?

this graphic originally fit with the theme, but upon changing said theme, it was no longer needed.

click a box!
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tell me what you think xxxxxxx
love y'all!

ps: x is out NEXT WEEK! buckle up bitches


Little sneak peek

First opinions what it'll be?