Graphic Request

Today I got a graphic request from MssUnitedStates. She didn't request something specifically so I took the liberty of making something I wanted to. That's why I liked her request: it was up to me to decide what to draw. I got a random idea of what to draw and this is the result:

To be honest, I'm not really a fan of the model's face (not trying to be offensive) and I didn't like the eyebrows specifically so that's why I changed them. I changed the eyes a little bit as well. Overall, the face is pleasant and lovely. I've had a lot of fun making the drawing. This skin tone is really nice and it was a pleasure for me.

The hair. I'm satisfied with the curls but I'm not sure about the upper part. Looks a little odd to me, even though when you zoom it in, it's really nice.

The dress was a pain in the neck for me, the ornaments particularly D: Won't do such designs for a while, that's for sure. However, the shading is really simple: one layer of highlight and one layer of shading. Looks simple but realistic to me.

The skin shading was my favorite part and I think it turned out pretty well. I especially love the hands. Best part of the graphic in my opinion.

The background in unappealing but I think it suits the dress quite well. Honestly I don't like the hair color but it fits the medoll's face nicely.

Now I'll just wait for the payment :L
What are you opinions on it? Constructive critz please.


  1. Never post before you get the payment! She could easily take it and you wont see the money.

    On another note, I only posted a few hours ago to make sure you label your posts with your username and it's already gone out the window!!!

    1. :L didn't see the post.
      will do the next time

  2. If I'm honest, this is probably the worst graphic i've ever seen from you, it literally looks like it took you 10 minutes on paint. I really dont want to sound like a horrible cow and insult you, but i feel harsh critcism really helps you improve. The hair is very spraypaint like and the shading/highlighting is weak.
    And you should never release a graphic request before being paid!!!
    Khol X

  3. like the dress, but the hair looks odd...

  4. I love the dress but the right lower leg looks a little skinny. Otherwise it's really cute

  5. I agree with Khol, the graphic looks rushed and the shading could use some work. The hair looks like it's done with paint, therefore it just looks ridiculous. But I really like the pattern of the dress, it looks very nice.
    I know next time you'll do better. ;)

  6. For some reason I actually like it. The shading is simple, in the end can sometimes help out and look more professional without having to go overboard and making it look crappy. Overall I agree with all the comments above, the hair could use some work, and the model's right leg looks a bit too skinny. I know this hasn't previously stated, but it looks a bit like something you'd find on i-dressup... idk

    1. thank you.
      it's actually inspired by nina dobrev.

  7. I like it, but please next time dont change my face, It doesnt look like me and I am the one who is paying.

    To make sonething cleae for EVERYBODY I have already paid for this, but I saw this post before paying and I didnt stole it or nothing, Im 100% trustable!

    Mary Ann^^