The Start Graphics: Seasonalhotbuys

Don't Bunt. Aim out of the ballpark.
-David Ogilvy
One of my earlier graphics
One of my early graphics

        We all have to start somewhere, right? I thought I'd post this to show I've come a long way. You don't just become a "great" graphic designer over night it takes time. I did this back in 09-10 I then stopped making SD graphics because I lost interest. I still loose interest but I do SDgraphics here and there to keep improving. I use to use the burn and dodge tool! I look at it now and go xD I was sure lazy; Just put your time & efforts and people will see it in your work. Haha don't laugh at my old graphics to much! I'm not even embarrassed that I made these because these graphics show I've came a long way. One day You'll realize that you've improved drastically like I believe I have. 


  1. wow, you have improved loads. my old graphics are terrible, but without it i wouldn't have this blog!

    1. They aren't as bad as mine! I started graphics using paint! But here I am, one of possibly millions of artists doing something I love(not just graphics)