I don't know if I'm supposed to post this here, but I thought since it contains lots of (new) graphics, why not.

I used to have this fashion label called "Spice Couture". I only released two collections but they were quite a flop considering all the critics and their mediocre/bad reviews.
That's why I decided that it's time to move on ...

I made this video so that you will understand why Spice Couture is no longer relevant.

Rafael xx


  1. Anonymous27/6/14 08:51

    No. Just no. It makes me upset that you dislike your previous SC collections, but I don't think you should be "ashamed" per say of your graphics. They aren't childish, they are works of art and if anything, you should be proud of what you've accomplished. So no, don't call it a joke. I know you are extremely talented, and if someone says they don't like your work, then screw them! You are completely free to make and design whatever you want, and if it's something that people

    1. Anonymous27/6/14 08:55

      (cont.) don't like, don't approve of, don't praise, it doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is if YOU are proud of what you made. Everyone is going to find fault in any and everything, and unfortunately, it's bound to happen, but that doesn't matter. Remember, just know if you are atill proud of what you'd labeled as "childish", then the influence of critics shouldn't weigh anything. And if you truly aren't proud of past SC collections, then that's okay too. But I think no matter what, it's not worth shaming anything you make, it just shows how amazing you truly are.

  2. I just love it !!! and I can't wait too see it O.o

  3. I'm so annoyed. At the beginning when I first started "designing" clothes, I was horrible. Trust me! My graphics were amateur. My vision was confused. And yeah, I too got horrible reviews even to this day. It's common, so you shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed. You should start from scratch by finding a new view point - Who will wear the clothes? What is their style? And what age are they? once you've answered those questions, find deeper inspiration that will set you apart from others and you're there. Please don't give up. Add me on Stardoll: FashionnGirl. (with the period) and we can talk! (: