Post-Graduation Graphic

Hello, people of this blog that may or may not know me. 
I, like many others, was once apart of this league of extraordinary graphic artists on this blog and showcased my work for all to see. My only outlet of placing my work was here and kngraphics.blogspot.com(my graphics blog-you can still visit, but I don't.). Now, you can follow me on instagram at Kasey_Smiles where I post my real art and some real life pictures. But, I'm here to show you what I was able to do just picking up from where I left off...

Curvy girls are where it's at.

But here are some body graphics I've done with the sketches on top of them. The paler skinned model was my first in almost eight months, but the tanned model was done two weeks after the pale skinned one. Both were sketches I had made in photoshop before I quit doing graphics.

But anyways, I'm tired of stardoll. I only come one here in 
between filling out job applications so when I get one, this will stop:)


  1. they are amazing, I really love the shapes!!!