In Spite of the Spring Air...

     So its time again for me to showcase my latest graphic, and in this case it happens to be that graphic that welcomes a breeze of the fresh spring air. I'd like to present to you my first side-view pose.

(click to enlarge)

     Graphic was requested by princesslicha, so obviously the model is her medoll. Although, I'm not quite sure if it quite looks like her medoll. Never the less, I am quite thrilled with the results, I've always wanted to try a side view, but I've never been able to put together all the elements (eyes, nose, etc.). What is your honest opinion on it?

Comment below!



  1. Her face looks like shes smelling something gross. No offence, I love the backround but maybe you need a little more work on the face..

  2. I think it's just the nose thats not quite right than the whole face. And there's not really much shading or any definition in the neck at all.

  3. i think the nose isnt right, it kinda distorts the whole face in a weird way :S

  4. The face doesn't exactly look well put together.The nose mostly.