Lanvin + Happy New Year

Just finished what will be my last graphic and request of 2014! This was from AudreyHepburn. who sent me this amazing reference which I couldn't pass up making =) It's definitely not perfect, the left hand is pretty bad and the hair still needs work, but overall I'm pleased, especially with the dress - a Lanvin piece that I love! (Stardoll Chair and Background used - mastering interior objects is not in the near future for my graphics skills, haha!)

Constructive comments more than welcome =D


  1. *whispers*is it just me or are your graphics getting worse

    1. Honestly, when I saw the graphic I thought it was made by a newby. And I was like "Oh well.. it's not perfect but good job anyways". Then I saw the name of the person who posted it ...
      I was quite shocked because I remember Kirsten as one of the greatest graphic designers of Dollywood...