To the hills...

Hello everyone! So, as you can notice, I am one of new writers and I'll try my best to impress everyone in the industry!

My name is Filip and I've been here for last 2 years which means A LOT of improvements (?) and hard work. I started from the bottom, all alone with zillions of tutorials from Youtube. But now, two years later, I am accepted as a graphic designer all around Stardoll and I've actually made several well payed graphic requests. I can say that I've improved a lot, worked hard on my techniques and got the details. And now, I think that The Graphic Vault is the highest limit I could get, as one song says ''used to tell that sky's a limit now the sky's our point of view...''. And I made it to the top.

Entry for the Task 4 in ''The Graphics Project''. I was pretty happy with this one because it turned out just as I wanted, details went good and my model rocked it.

One of my latest graphics. I've used my doll as a model and this was specially made as the Miss Stardoll World Promo. I am pretty happy with it.

So, there are few examples of my work, give your opinion down in comments and stay tuned until my entry for ''The Graphics Project'' Task 5! xo