Summer Time Happiness!

Summer, boy, don't you love Summer? I'm overly excited about this summer, maybe due to the fact I've just completed all my years of High School or the fact I have so many bubbling ideas for upcoming projects, both in my personal and Stardoll life. For example, in a matter of days the World Cup begins. Frankly, I'm not excited about a munch of guys kicking a ball around. In a way, it's a huge festival for countries around the world to come together and have fun. I decided to join the "fun" and recreate designs inspired by the countries that are taking part in the festivities. 

I didn't want to take the literal approach and create 2D garments with matching colours. That's boring. So I decided to take their angles and shapes and create a stunning look from that. Take the look to the left for example. It's Brazil. At first glance you wouldn't have known because of the colours. At the waist, it has half the Brazilian flag decked out in diamonds and sparkles. 

I really hope you like this idea as I'll most likely be posting 2 a week throughout the course of the tournament. I will also keep you updating in coming projects.

OH, and comment below if you want to see tutorials on how I create my graphics.