Title of my post refers to when I actually started this graphic! That's dreadful I know - I have this tendency to name graphics with the date when I'm making them, I have even older ones than this, but I was browsing through my terribly messy graphics folder and found this unfinished one (I had literally popped the head on the picture and put a few colour swatches in) and decided I wanted to finish it this weekend! So I did =) 
I wasn't even sure who the model was, so had to do more searching of my files to find out who - her doll doesn't belong to the same person now and also looks different so I hope she doesn't mind! 
Anyway, I am actually pretty happy with this apart from the shoes and the bottom shade on the dress. The hairline is questionable, but I'm pleased with the topknot. Considering I've been out of the graphics loop for so long, I don't think it's too bad - much better than the last one I did for The Stardoll Lookbook header! 

So let me know your thoughts! 

Love K xxx


  1. Wow! This is amazing! It's nice to see my doll featured in your graphic, even if it is with my old face. But actually I am the same person (the first owner of the doll) (I left stardoll for a few months and left the account to my cousin, but now I'm back (wow, that sounds complicated))

    1. Yeah, definitely confusing, I was just going by what was on your presentation - still glad you like it =) x

  2. I don't like anything from this graphic apart from the dress, which is incredibly nice. But, of course, that's normal. When you can't practice you start to lose what you already got too.

  3. I actually like this graphic, Like I am no big graphic designer myself but the techniques on the shading look amazing and omg the shoes and the dress and the hair like woah :O