Okay this one is old but ... Balloons

The name of the graphic is "Balloons" because, well, it's about balloons O.o Anyways, the graphic is kind of old and I do realize how badly done is the skin shadings but that's it :L

But I still like the balloons :3 They remind me of lollipops. I also kind of like the dress but I'm not sure P:
The background is Stardoll obvious and I also tried that Friday Night effect we have on our cameras on Stardoll :3 But I'm not sure it turned out how I wanted it to.

Overall, I like the graphic.
Feedback? :L Thank you.

I also just finished this one P: How did it turn out?
I used a reference made by someone else so full credit goes to them.

I like her lips and hair but ... does the blush (which is supposed to be blush) look like a bruise? :|


  1. I personally really like the graphic, it's very cute ;)
    And the second one looks so pretty :3

  2. i really love the ballloon graphic. the balloons turned out amazing and with the effect - AMAZING!

  3. the graphics are amazing. even if the one with balloons could use some more work, i like it XD

    1. the graphic on your avatar is the one you were making yesterday? :O
      and thanks for the feedback.