New header =)

So I made a new header for Step Up In The Graphic World, I think it flows quite nicely as an image, and I'm pretty happy with the outcome:
Click to enlarge!

I can see so many mistakes in it now that I've finished, but oh well! And I know the hair is soooo spew-worthy, please don't eat me for it^^
I really like that earring though, I think it's my favourite part =) I don't think I really love any of the other parts, I mean there are bits of each part I like, but then there's always something that I don't - anyway, it's good to make errors sometimes to help you learn for next time!

Love K xxx


  1. Anonymous2/9/12 21:02

    The clothing is probably the best part of the graphic, but the rest definitely could use some work... But I love your graphics none the less :)

  2. I love that shirt! And the hair is actually very nice!

  3. Wow, that's so beautiful! :-o I can't see any faults!

  4. Anonymous4/9/12 07:59

    Need help with your graphics, or still a beginner?

    Don't worry! Just head over to:

    ..where you can find graphic tutorials to help you on your way! :)

    HelpfulStardoll xoxo